Wedding anniversary. Gift Ideas for the Wife

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  • What else to please his wife on the anniversary of the wedding?

The anniversary of a joint life is a special holiday in every family. Every time a man faces a difficult question: what to give to his wife on the anniversary of the wedding? Our article details how to choose the best gift.

Every family birthday has its name. The most famous of them - a silver and gold wedding, but in fact there are many more names.

Each anniversary got its name for a reason. The relationship between spouses on this or that year of living together is experiencing different stages of development, which are associated with different materials: wood, porcelain, leather, etc.

For example, the day of marriage is called a green wedding, which symbolizes the birth of something new, purity andthe youth of the bride and groom. Therefore, on this day it is customary for young people to give flowers, and in the boutonniere of the groom and the bouquet of the bride, there must certainly be green leaves.

What to give to his wife on the anniversary?

One of the criteria for choosing a gift for his wife on the anniversary of the wedding is the period of his life together, or rather, the name of this milestone. Here are some examples of how to choose a presentation.

The first

The anniversary is called calico. An excellent gift option for his wife will be:

  1. A beautiful robe, pajamas or a nightdress.
  2. Creative bed linen. For example, pads with unusual embroidery: the names of spouses, the inscriptions "husband" and "wife", the separation of the sheets into "his" and "her" territory.
  3. Fashionable apron, if the wife likes to cook, otherwise the gift will be perceived as an insulting hint.


Paper. This material symbolizes the fragility and at the same time compliance of the relationship between the spouses. You can please your wife:

  1. An interesting book, a collector's edition of her favorite work or a brand new bestseller.
  2. Portrait.
  3. Photo frame filled with joint photos.
  4. Certificate in a spa or lingerie store, concert tickets, etc.


Leather, as a relatively durable material, is the symbol of the third anniversary of the wedding. As a gift you can choose:

  1. Handbag, clutch or purse.
  2. Belt.
  3. Leather jacket or coat.
  4. Leather ornaments - bracelets, brooches and so on.


This anniversary is called linen or rope. You can give:

  1. Beautiful linen tablecloth. Dress or dress. Embroidered shirt or shirt.


Tree is a symbol of five years of a joint life, therefore as a gift choose:

  1. Jewelery from a tree - earrings, bracelets.
  2. Wooden caskets.
  3. Small trees in a pot.

Many wedding anniversaries bear the names of different metals, but despite this, it is better to refrain from such gifts as:

  • frying pan, pan, various kitchen utensils;
  • simulators and dumbbells;
  • irons, kettles and other household electrical appliances.

It is better not to buy such items for holidays.

Best gift ideas for wedding anniversaries

Round dates are a special occasion to please your wife and thank her for your love, care and co-lived years.

10 years of life together

This milestone is called a pink or tin wedding. The wife is best presented:

  1. A bouquet of roses - white, red or soft pink.
  2. Jewelry with pink stones.
  3. New gadget pink color: phone, tablet, player, sports device, flash drive.

15 years

On the fifteenth, the crystal wedding is given:

  1. Jewelry with rhinestone or precious stones.
  2. Crystal floor vases for flowers or other decoration items.
  3. Jewelry boxes.
  4. Favorite toilet water.

20 years

The twenty-year anniversary is called porcelain. You can give:

  1. Table or coffee set.
  2. Chinese vase.
  3. Beautiful mug.

25 years

The twenty-fifth anniversary is called silver, so it's time for:

  1. Jewelery from silver: bracelets, chains, rings.
  2. Silver cutlery.
  3. Coulomb, divided in half, for example, in the form of a heart.

30 years

This is a pearl wedding. A wonderful gift to his wife will be:

  1. Jewelry with pearls: earrings, rings, pendants.
  2. Lamps in the form of a pearl shell.
  3. Caskets for storing jewelry, decorated with shells and pearls.

35th anniversary of

In linen or coral, a thirty-five year anniversary is given:

  1. Portraits in oil on canvas.
  2. Embroidered tablecloths and napkins. For example, you can order embroidery with the initials or family name.
  3. Earrings and rings with coral.

40 years of joint life

Symbol of the anniversary is the ruby. To the wife give:

  1. Ornaments with a red ruby.
  2. Articles made of fur or red velvet.
  3. Packages for a joint holiday.

The 45th anniversary of the wedding

It is called sapphire, associating it with water, so besides jewelery with precious stones, you can give:

  1. Subscription to the spa.
  2. Tickets to the Dolphinarium.
  3. Subscription to the pool.
  4. Trip to the sea or lake.

50 years

The 50th anniversary is golden, in which it is common to exchange rings again.

Old rings are passed to unmarried grandchildren.

What a surprise to cook for his wife on the anniversary of the wedding?

The family's birthday is an excellent occasion not only for a gift. A well-prepared surprise will help to diversify everyday life. For example, you can organize:

  1. Romantic dinner in a restaurant. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive place in the city. It can be just a cozy cafe or a place where meetings were held before the wedding.
  2. Dinner on the roof. Candles in glass candlesticks, wine, fruits, plaids allow you to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the night city.
  3. Joint vacation or weekend tour. If financial opportunities permit, you can go to tropical islands or to a country that your spouse has long wanted to visit. More budget option - a trip on an excursion to the ancient temple, the castle, just a beautiful city.
  4. Tickets for a concert of her favorite musical group. An alternative is theater, circus, cinema and so on.
  5. Joint parachute jump.
  6. Flight in a hot air balloon.
  7. A joint trip to the master class. For example, in drawing, cooking, creating objects of the interior with the help of various techniques.
  8. Launching Chinese paper lanterns. Rafting on the river in kayaks.
  9. Joint shopping.
On a round date, you can arrange a repeat, gaming ceremony of marriage.
To do this, you need to collect friends in a suitable place - in the camp site or in a restaurant, prepare rings, a bridal bouquet, a veil and necessarily - the theme of the party. For example, you can arrange a wedding by the pool. It is important not to forget about the leading ceremony and a new, comic marriage certificate.

Recently it is very fashionable to go to tropical islands and there to re-conduct the wedding ceremony. For example, you can fly to the Maldives. A visa is not required for this, and pre-booked tickets and hotel rooms will save you a lot.

What else to please his wife on the anniversary of the wedding?

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a present for the anniversary of the wedding. There are many options to make a gift to a spouse without big expenses:

  • flowers are a must;
  • a box of chewing gum "love is. ..";
  • chocolate or candy with her name and photo on the package;
  • soft toy or handmade doll;
  • family photo album.

You can make a gift yourself:

  • pour a silver ring;
  • cut wooden coasters under the cups;
  • draw a poster on which to write warm words and compliments( you can complement it with different sweets, attaching them with a double-sided tape).

A popular gift to your wife, which does not require any expenses, is a certificate for the fulfillment of desires. It can be as any wishes of the spouse, which the husband undertakes unquestioningly to perform, and a list of pleasant trifles: massage, cleaning, washing dishes, coffee in bed, cooking dinner, etc.

To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding is a wonderful family tradition. A pompous surprise, an expensive gift or just a bouquet - they must be presented with all your heart and love.

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