Fashionable haircuts for long hair

  • In the first place - grooming and naturalness of hair
  • Stylish cascade and its variations
  • In the fashion long curls and curvy curls
  • Bang and long hair
  • Make a stylish parting

With regard to female haircuts in 2017, the fashion remains loyal. You can cut your hair short and stylish or leave luxurious long curls. At fashion shows barbers give vent to fantasies, but at the same time the tendency to more naturalness in hairstyles remains. Different options for the length of hair and haircuts, new types of fuses, all kinds of waving and styling are interesting in their own way and worthy of attention. Let's talk about how to choose a hairstyle for long hair, emphasizing at the same time its beauty and awareness in fashionable novelties.

In the first place - the well-groomed and natural hair of

Hairdressers are generous in inventions, and their creations are sometimes shocked by the unusual and skill of execution. But pompous wigs in the baroque style and modern geometric shapes of haircuts this year will remain on the sidelines. At the top of the style now is a natural look of hair and grooming, never inferior to positions in fashion.

On healthy, shimmering shimmering long hair is always nice to look at. It is on this beauty that barbers make emphasis in fashion shows. So make every effort to maintain a healthy and flowering look of your curls. Vitamin masks at home or professional procedures for restoring the structure of the hair will be an invaluable service in this matter.

As for the haircuts, every girl has the right to decide whether to update the image year after year. Hairdressers are nevertheless advised to contact them for qualified help, because each haircut procedure not only beautifies, but also heals hair.

Naturalness in the female form as a trend of coming seasons is expressed in colors and shapes of haircuts for long hair.
  • Warm brownish shades of the shaten, copper gleams of red, luxurious wheat tones can be considered a priority. The golden blond and the color of milk chocolate are also very relevant.
  • Ombre - is not losing its fashionable technique of coloring hair - it takes on a new look. It is becoming popular not only to lighten the tips of dark hair, but also to darken the light hair. Smooth transitions of such gradients perfectly fit into the current concept of naturalness.

Hair tends to grow unevenly. Therefore, when creating a haircut in the style natyurel for hair of any length, a careful thinning is done. For those who are far from the hairdresser's terminology, we give an explanation: the thinning is when the hair is cut by length with scissors, cutting them vertically so that the transitions look smooth. However, in this case, do not forget to periodically re-mimic the tips, so that they are updated and look healthy, and not visited.

Smooth cut of hair, too, looks stylish, but it can afford only owners of fairly thick and thick hair.
On a hair with weakened and sparse hairs, devoid of volume, such a clear geometric solution will look out of harmony. It only emphasizes the lack of splendor, while the filing that gives the volume will visually fix it.

Stylish cascade and its variations

Fashionable women's haircuts are pleasing with a variety of shapes, and the cascade is among the obvious favorites. It can be applied on medium and long hair. And on a longer hair, the number of unusual solutions for cascading haircut is much higher, so our review will be even more interesting. Especially as hairdressing art does not stand still, there is always something new, or the stylish hairstyle solutions forgotten for a while appear.

So, according to which principles to choose a cascading haircut:

  • if your hair is painted in the ombre technique, then the cascade is an excellent option for designing such a color solution;
  • for lovers of changing the hairstyle cascading haircut is also a good solution, because there are a lot of ways of its laying;The
  • cascade allows you to keep chic, overgrown hair and at the same time to make the right variety, making the usual long locks more interesting and alive;
When there is neither the time nor the inspiration to make a trendy styling, the cascade will look neat and presentable in a natural way.
  • from the cascade, if necessary, you can create a light daytime hairstyle, and elegant festive, evening.

This haircut can be applied to any shape of face, making different punches and combining the bangs competently with it or by completely discarding the latter and opening a beautiful forehead. For the oval face, it is best to perform a cascade with a thick long bang. It is desirable to make it medium or slightly longer so that it can close the eyebrow line.

In general, the combination of a cascade and a bang is one of the most fashionable trends of the year. Feel free to vary the types of bangs with this haircut.

How can I install the cascade?

Consider stylish ways of laying:

  1. If you want to make a gentle and airy image, then slightly twist the tips, and on top, at the roots, make a small hair. An image of a quivering and romantic young lady will turn out, with which any date will turn into a fairy tale.
  2. The opposite of the first image is the image of a daring girl. To embody a bright disco look, treat the cascade strands with the use of wax or foam. Do not disregard the top of the styling: whip the locks from the roots, fixing the result with the same styling tools.
  3. Graduated strands will add to the hair of the density and splendor. Thanks to the created effect of the waterfall, you can be proud of beautiful hair and adequately show them. If you diversify the hair color with strands of different shades, then the result will be absolutely stunning.

With the help of "ladder" haircuts, you can skillfully emphasize beautiful features. The main thing is to choose the right length of flowing curls:

  • if you consider facial features ideal, then a strongly graded small ladder will suit you: from the very bangs to the tips there will be a uniformly cut cascade;
  • owners of beautiful cheekbones need to make a sharp transition of the strands on this line of the face;
  • ask the hairdresser to make a deep ladder on the line of the chin to highlight this harmonious area on the face.

In the fashion of long curls and curvy curls

As an echo of the trend towards natural hairstyles, light wavy strands become popular. In this sense, lucky for those women who have slightly curly hair. It is enough to make small changes to this gift of nature: to divide the hair into well-defined strands, for reliability and effectiveness use wax.

Owners of straight hair will also be able to join the fashion wave. They should go to bed with a washed and not completely dried hair. The next morning, even the most straight hair is necessarily a little twisted. Then you can make disheveled hair more neat, ready for a fashionable appearance in the light.

Fine curls on long hair - also beautiful, and fashionable. Even famous hairdressers do not shy away from such a natural way of creating curls: to put damp hair on the braids for the night, dissolve them in the morning.

Curlers and professional curling iron do not stay away. With their help elegant light waves and daring playful curls are created. Delicate flowing curls with light waves perfectly match the oblique graded and straightened bangs.

Smaller curls can be made very unusual. The lower part of the long straight hair is wound, and the upper one remains in a natural smooth form. Or, on the contrary, curled curls straighten closer to the tips of curls. Two incredibly stylish solutions will make you an icon of style.

Fringe and long hair

A haircut with a bang is a matter of taste. But stylists say that this small element of the hairstyle is a very important component, relevant in this and future seasons. In fashion, a thick straight fringe remains. She is sheared strictly in a straight line or cut in a semicircle, softening her facial features and adding an accent to the cheekbones.
  • You can no longer worry about the need to trim your bang every time it grows below your eyebrows. Now such length is actual, it sees all the same fashionable naturalness and lightness. Such a simple option was already liked by many secular lionesses.
  • Another fashionable bang - short. Quite extravagant with long hair looks shortened chelochka, trimmed smoothly or with a ragged effect. For even greater exclusivity, add dyed strands of saturated blue to it.
  • Female haircuts with oblique bangs on long hair look most harmoniously. Asymmetric long bangs gently flow into the main length of the strands, framing the face and making an accent on it. This haircut is feminine and looks very natural.
  • Shaggy bangs - unexpected opening of stylists. Wavy and randomly arranged on the forehead curls look just brilliant. Now there is no need to straighten out the wavy hair from nature daily.
    Whirlwinds and waves in the hair are the hot trend of this season.

The elongated bangs can be laid like a male haircut, in the form of a coca. Such a magnificent hairdress looks original and perfectly combined with a ladder.

Make a stylish parting

Do not remain without due attention in the new fashion year and parting. Progressive hairdressers make it even, in the center of the head. Such an uncompromising and clear solution is combined with freely loose curls, and with assembled intricate stylings.

To create a strong image for parting, closer to the roots, a layer of gel is applied. It is important to observe the measure and accuracy, so as not to overdo it with the styling product and not to change the stylish look to the effect of dirty hair. Try to combine a smooth oblique parting with contrasting lush head of hair - and will be on top.

There is a clear tendency towards a sloping part: it is carried away from the center of the head, and not a couple of centimeters from it. It is ideal to choose a cardinally sloping parting - near the ear. Try combing all the hair on one side, let such a bang slightly frame the forehead and be stabbed invisible by the temple. There will be a trend parting, and hair will not interfere with you, falling on eyes.

With different types of haircuts, combine pro-selections to personal taste. Direct cuts, gradual graduation or sharp steps of the cascade are very fashionable solutions in 2016.You can stay at the braid braid - single or from the entire volume of hair. In general, wind, braid, straighten and style fashion haircut long hair - all this only benefits your image.

Do not skimp on the help of a professional hairdresser, on good styling tools and find time to view stylish reviews. Then your curls will always remain healthy, shining and attracting admiring looks.

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