The correct way out of the diet

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Sooner or later a person who adheres to a certain diet will want to return to the normal diet. However, serious dangers await him here.

Having achieved the desired result and stopping to follow a diet, very many people return to the previous weight and even gain over it. In addition, when exiting the diet, metabolic processes can be disrupted. Assimilation of certain trace elements can occur worse, which will affect the overall functionality of the body.

To prevent this from happening, one should know the rules and ways of getting out of diets.

Actually, every diet has its own way out. But there are general patterns.

How to get out of the diet: the laws of

First, you should gradually return to the usual diet. Add to the food vegetables, fruits, other foods prohibited by your diet should be very carefully. You can not immediately start eating all that was forbidden. Adhere to the rule: every day for 1, a maximum of 2 new products.

Do not abuse the amount of food. This will lead to the return of weight. The amount and caloric content of the diet should be added very gradually

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During the meal, do not distract from this process, it helps to satisfy hunger faster.

It will be good if you exit the diet and take multivitamins.

And, of course, you can not give up physical exertion. When you leave the diet, the sport will help maintain the figure. But remember that loads should bring pleasure.

The time to exit the diet is usually about two weeks, during which the body must fully restore its functions.

Rules for exiting some diets

When you exit a low-calorie diet, you can gradually increase the number of calories in consumed food, or switch to the periodic application of unloading days, whose diet is similar to the diet that you used.

When you exit the low-carbohydrate diet, it is sufficient to increase the amount of incoming carbohydrates. But this should be done smoothly and gradually, and at the same time it is necessary to monitor the health, and especially, for sugar in the blood.

When you exit fasting( a very harmful way of losing weight, which can irreparably damage the body), go to a fractional diet.

It is necessary to get out of the liquid diet gradually. First go to boiled vegetables, then to raw vegetables and fruits, and then to hard food.

A brief summary of

When exiting diets, you need to follow a diet for a certain time, gradually adding certain foods to the diet, gradually increasing its volume and calorie content. Do not forget that the body needs a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients to recover.

In addition to all this, the main thing is to believe in the result. If you are confident in yourself, your opportunities, then positive changes will come soon.

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