How to use and use sesame seeds

Many of us have met sesame seeds in various pastries, salads or rolls, yet they produce excellent oil. From sesame you can make halva, and you can use it just like that, washing down with water. Few know that sesame contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other useful trace elements. How better to use sesame, and what of it to cook?

Raw sesame - the most useful

It is important to know that when heat-treated, sesame seeds lose up to 95% of useful properties. Therefore it is better to use it in its raw form. Fill the sesame with water for several hours, and then the swollen seeds can be eaten simply or add to different salads. In addition, sesame very quickly saturates the stomach, which is important for those who want to reduce appetite.

You can sprout sesame and get a very useful product - the record holder for calcium content. Make it simple. Rinse seeds with cool water and put in a bowl with a straight bottom. Cover the top with a thin gauze and pour warm water so that it covers the seeds. Place the dishes in a warm and dark place. Check that the gauze is always in a wet condition, if necessary, pour warm water. The sprouts will be ready in one to three days, be sure to rinse them with water and eat to your health!

Sesame is able to remove toxins from the body. To do this, every day for 1-2 weeks to eat on an empty stomach a tablespoon of sesame, washed down with water.

How to use sesame seeds in cooking

Use sesame as a powder for bread or other baking.

In sesame seeds, you can even fry fish or meat. Simply roll the product in a whipped egg, then in seeds, and fry on both sides.

Sesame oil is very healthy, it can be used instead of olive and sunflower oil. They are good at filling salads and can even be used when rinsing the mouth or as a mask for the hair.

Recipes of tasty and useful dishes from sesame

From sesame it is possible to prepare tasty yogurt. For this, it is required to soak a glass of sesame in the water from the evening. In the morning add to them another 300 ml of water and mix everything with a mixer or whisk. Then strain the resulting mixture through gauze in a glassware and put in heat, covered with gauze or a thin cloth. Kefir from sesame seeds can be eaten in ten hours. Remember, the more time it costs, the more aggravated it becomes. You can put honey, jam or lemon juice in the prepared yogurt.

Milk from sesame seeds is also very useful for our body. To make it, you need to soak a glass of sunflower seeds in two glasses of water and leave it overnight. In the morning add one tablespoon of honey and three dates without pits. If desired, you can put a little salt. Then mix everything with a mixer and strain through gauze.

Sesame is a very useful product, do not forget about its wonderful properties and use it as often as possible when preparing various dishes.

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