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tips and recommendations Manicure is the hallmark of any beauty that wants to look perfect from the top to the tips of the nails. No woman, watching his appearance, will not allow himself to come to an important event with untidy nails or cracked varnish. But sometimes because of excessive employment, you have to postpone the visit to the master and do a manicure at home. This article will tell you how to quickly dry the nail polish in such a way that the manicure keeps its impeccable and neat appearance for a long time.

Who looks more helpless and defenseless than a woman who has just painted marigolds with lacquer? Especially uncomfortable, if you have to do a manicure a few minutes before you leave the house, when any foreign object can in one touch spoil all the efforts. But there is a way out. We tell!

About proper nail painting

Before using helpers or professional tools, we recommend that you pay attention to the basic rules for staining the nails at home. Thanks to these tips, the varnish will "grasp" much faster, and the manicure made will last much longer to preserve the original appearance. Small tricks you can easily master yourself, if you take note of the following:

  1. To ensure that the varnish coating remains unharmed as long as possible unscathed, it is necessary to degrease the nail plate first. As a rule, before painting the girls make a special hygienic manicure to remove the cuticles and give each nail a beautiful natural shape. For moisturizing and nourishing the skin, various creams and useful oils are used, which create a thin film on the upper layer of the nail plates. If you immediately apply a colored varnish on top of it, then the resulting coating will turn out to be of poor quality, and the product will be flaked the next day or covered with ugly cracks. To avoid this, the nail plates degrease a special tool or just rinse your hands with water and soap.
  2. It is much easier to take the right time for manicure if you understand how long a coating dries. In contrast to light shades, dark saturated colors of varnish freeze much longer, respectively, need more prolonged drying. In addition, a certain role is played by the consistency of the composition: a thick varnish will freeze longer than a liquid-based agent. The coating with glitter dries the longest, so before you choose the right composition, consider all these important points.
  3. A high-quality color lacquer should create a uniform coating the first time. For convenient application, experts recommend using a short brush with tightly fitting villi.
  4. Do not make the cover too thick. If you paint your nails with a varnish of a dark hue, then there will be enough one layer. If possible, do not apply more than two layers of varnish. Do not rush, and after the first coat, allow the material to dry for a while.
  5. To strengthen the nail plates, use a special protective enamel, which is applied before making a color coating.

The above cunning will help to dry the painted nails as soon as possible without damaging the created decorative design. Next, we will talk about professional and improvised methods, which are used by many women at home.

Professional tools for fast drying

Now in specialized stores you can purchase various products for a quality home manicure. Modern manufacturers offer the following:

  • Quick-drying varnish. Such a tool will solve the annoying problem of long drying of varnish in a flash. To prevent the result, the masters are advised to purchase cosmetics of well-known manufacturers who managed to win the trust of consumers. Included in the composition of UV filters create a durable, wear-resistant coating that instantly dries and does not deteriorate from the sun's rays.
  • Special drying for varnish. Most often, such a product is sold complete with a small pipette for convenient application of the formulation. The liquid is easily applied to the nails, however, because of its consistency, it can spread and dirty your hands, causing certain inconveniences.
  • Spray. In the store you can buy a spray for instant drying of varnish, which is a small spray can with a built-in sprayer. By its action the reminder resembles a quick-drying aerosol for engineering, used as a keyboard cleaner or computer screen. The spray instantly grasps on the nails, thereby allowing the dried nail plate to dry in minutes. The main disadvantage of this remedy is that at the time of spraying the substance is applied not only to the nails, but also to the sensitive skin of the hands.
  • Oil with a brush. In addition to accelerating drying, special oil has one more effect: it creates a stable coating on top of the decorated nails, which has a protective effect. However, such a remedy can not be used immediately after applying a varnish, otherwise the oily solution will ruin the finished coating.
  • Lacquer drying machine. Many girls are wondering whether it is possible to dry the usual nail polish in a UV lamp. Opinions on this score are the most controversial, but most beauties claim that after drying under ultraviolet, the manicure retains its presentable appearance up to 5-7 days.
    If more recently the device was used exclusively for nail plate build-up, now the ultraviolet lamp is suitable for drying of usual varnish, shellac and special gel-varnish.

handwriting methods To prevent a careless touch from corrupting nail polish, we offer you the most effective ways of drying at home.

  • Drying with cold. The easiest method that most girls use. It is necessary to place in a small container pre-prepared ice cubes and pour them with a small amount of water.
  • Once the coating on the nails after the application of the varnish a little dry, the fingertips are gently immersed in the ice liquid. If you are experiencing unpleasant pain because of the low water temperature, then try to dry the varnish into several approaches, the duration of the approaches is not more than ten seconds. If the house does not have prepared ice cubes, then you can speed up the drying process by putting your hands under a stream of ordinary cold water from the tap. This method is less effective, however, if necessary, when every minute is expensive, it can save a lot of precious time.

    Drying with a hairdryer. Another popular method that will help quickly dry the painted nails. If you do not want to spoil the device, damage the nail plates and worsen the appearance of the coating, then you should abandon the hot air. Drying with a hairdryer will be effective and useful only if the device you are using has a cold mode. Hot air copes much faster with the drying of varnish, but this method can provoke burns and harm the health of nails.

Tips and advice from

  1. In the hope of quickly drying the lacquer, girls start swiftly and actively swinging their arms, especially if there were not any improvised means for drying nearby. Such a method will not have the proper effect and will only spoil the uniform coating of the material, provoking the formation of bubbles and irregularities.
  2. Professional masters do not recommend to dry the manicure with a hair dryer. Hot mode, on the contrary, will make the coating softer, and cold air will affect the quality of the pattern and the richness of the hues.
  3. If the varnish dries very long, most likely the product has expired. Very often the girls for a certain period of time accumulate a large number of jars of varnish, which is a pity to throw. Return the life of the old cosmetics will help a special liquid for diluting the varnish. In its composition, there are no artificial perfumes and fatty oils, which provoke further damage to the product. Do not try to replace the special liquid with conventional acetone, otherwise you will permanently damage the varnish, resulting in an uneven coating of the nail plates.

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