With what to wear women's braids in 2016

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It's a long time ago when a leather jacket with a zip fastener was worn only by girlfriends of bikers or desperate women of fashion. Now, on its basis, you can create any, even business, image. Let's see what the stylists recommend this year. How to preserve the habitual style, add to it the latest fashion trends and do not offend at the same time against the flawless taste?

The new elegance of

If you like the casual manner of dressing, but at work you are forced to maintain the image of a business woman, pay attention to the spring-summer collections of Saint Loran. Designers of this fashion house strongly suggest that the business woman wear a long, almost mid-thigh and with a belt at the waist, a suede leather jacket with a light gray business suit. The unmistakable options in this case are:

  • Undressed on a pair of upper buttons a white cambric or silk shirt of a shirt cut.
  • A fitted jacket, waistcoat and classic trousers. Brown oxford or suede brogues.
  • Bag-briefcase on the belt.
  • Several thin gold chains with pendants made of matt stones in the decollete zone.
No less stylish, bold and business-like elegant short kosuha of brown, rubbed-groomed, shiny, like water, skin.
The designers of the aforementioned brand left the traditional cut, removed numerous rivets and recommend the resultant jacket to be worn instead of the jacket. This model is perfect for a woman of any age. So, wishing to emphasize your creativity, firm character and remain feminine, you can wear with it:
  • Chocolate, marsh or dark gray dress-dress, graceful boats on a hairpin in the tone of a dress, only flesh-colored pantyhose and an underlined-business briefcase. If desired, the waist can be designated by a leather thin strap with a gold buckle.
  • Beige, creamy or khaki color blouse with a small collar-stand. A pencil skirt or men's trousers on a standard width strap. Shoes or closed sandals with high steady heels.
  • A short waistcoat with a V-neck, slightly flared below the collarbones, a slightly flared maxi skirt with an overstated waist.

The undoubted advantage in favor of wearing a leather jacket permanently employed by a woman is the possibility of rapid metamorphosis from an iron lady into a stylish sexual lady. For example, what can you do, going, as they say, from the ship to the ball:

  1. Remove the blouse, leaving only the vest with a satin back, emphasizing the figure, trousers and a jacket of thin suede casually thrown over his shoulders.
    Wanting to hide a bulging tummy and excess centimeters on the thighs, wear a shirt on the go, do not fasten the waistcoat, jacket and crook - you will get a fashionable sloppy-elegant multilayeredness.
  2. Unzip the sleeves of the jacket, tuck them, decorate the wrist with a massive clock on the leather strap.
  3. Stress your lips with coral lipstick.

When choosing suitable ornaments for pearls, pearls and sparkling stones, leave for another image. Also, do not abuse makeup: bright shadows, arrows and plenty of black mascara will be inappropriate even at a party. Remember that the jacket even from the thinnest skin is an application for brutality.

Evening image

Are you going to have fun in a nightclub, have a dinner in a restaurant or just take a walk around the city with a visit to your favorite cafe? Think about what to wear a scythe is appropriate in this or that case? Let's start with the first option.

The brave girl Moschino designers in 2017 recommend to abandon the image of "Barbie in pink", preferring the newfangled style of "glamorous military."With what is proposed to combine decorated with numerous golden lightning bolts, rivets and rhinestones short blobs of bright red, green, brown or black color:

  • A short dress slit from the waist with a narrow bodice and open shoulders. In this case, the trend will be the colors for camouflage on crepe de cine. Add to this along the boots a la carta, a small backpack and a watch-pilot.
  • Narrowed blue jeans with rhinestones decorated with rhinestones, a light gray top-bando or a simple cotton T-shirt. Finish the image will help botillions, closed sandals with high heels or daring leather snickers.

To go to a restaurant it is better to choose more reserved bows. For example, dressing up for a romantic dinner together or for a celebration in a company of friends, give preference to a leather jacket from matte white and black leather without special "bloat" in the form of rivets and other shiny details. Immaculate images with such a model can be seen on the cruise shows Kenzo and Versace:

  • Krepdeshinovoy pritalennoe dress with a cut-off skirt-the length of midi and print in black and white peas or a thin strip. Cheerful brightness and sexuality will add ornaments from this year's trendy turquoise or coral, stylish sandals or boats on a hairpin in tone accessories and a voluminous handbag on a short handle in the spirit of the 70's.
  • Lovers of style total bow will be pleased with the opportunity to wear a Jacquard dress with a dry jacket. So, special glamor will be put on embroidered in the "Christmas tree", an extremely simple style with a cutout "boat" mini-dress, transparent black tights and high boots on a flat move. From jewelry in this case it is better to completely abandon.

For a walk in the evening park and a visit to a favorite café, it's better to choose less pretentious options, for good, fashion bows with a leather jacket is plenty.

Convenient Casual and Boso

If your wardrobe already has a classic cut and has a trendy appearance you do not intend to, pay attention to how you can refresh the boring image from last year:

  1. Women of any age and physique fit battered boyfriend jeans,sneakers and a white hoodie.
    Decorate the torn jeans with soft colored applications in the style of the patchwork, add a leather bag-backpack-made in the same spirit-and the fashionable image is ready.
  2. Lovers of dresses will like to dilute the stern style of biker's variety of neck neckerchiefs and scarves - they will be style-building elements.

At the last point, we will stop and consider the possible options in more detail. For example, how to design the most popular among girls and women of elegant age, a long knitted dress-shirt:

  • Bind a voluminous scarf with a pattern from Louis Vuitton around your neck, decorate your hands with graceful thin bracelets or watch on a leather strap, put on high bootson a comfortable heel and take the bag on short pens.
  • The casual style of the boho will be supported by a carelessly tied neckerchief with a paisley pattern, gladiator sandals, plentiful costume jewelry made of natural materials and a bulk bag over the shoulder.

Possible options for what to wear with a scythe in 2017, a lot. However, there are also fashionable taboos. So, categorically not recommended flared from the knee pants, artificial fabrics, large floral print, shining stones costume jewelery and underlined-elegant clutches. Give preference to styles close to the military, the aforementioned boho, kezhual or city safari - and you will not lose.

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