Black and white manicure - simple and spectacular

  • Ideas for a black and white jacket
  • Original drawings on black and white nails
  • Festive manicure using black and white scales

Modern nail art designers offer their clients so many options for manicure that sometimes girls just run their eyes. However, the simple classic of black and white manicure is sometimes more attractive and brighter than any, even the most masterly, experiments.

Ideas for a black and white jacket

Nail design very often involves the use of a variety of rhinestones, stickers and intricate designs, which only adds to the image of the girl's personality. However, the most popular way of decorating is to remain a jacket, because it fits optimally for any image and looks interesting on the nails of a lady of any age. What are the options for such a jacket with the use of two colors you can think of?

  1. The simplest version is the black and white holes that surround the upper and lower borders of the nail.
  2. A girl can give preference to a white classic French jacket, in which one or several nails will be painted with an intricate ligature with black lacquer( you can use both imitation under lace and abstract drawings).
  3. A white jacket with an animalistic pattern( for example, with the image of traces of animal legs or color under a zebra) is popular.
  4. Excellent option - the French manicure, in which the uppermost border of the nail is applied a black and white pattern.

The final choice of design depends only on the preferences of the lady herself. For example, if she needs an extremely modest, low-key image, then it's worth thinking about a classic jacket with a white edging of nails, in which the pattern will only be on a few fingers. As a painting it is necessary to choose intricate patterns that will add to the whole image of mystery.

Black and white drawings on nails rarely ignore the existing trend - animalistic motifs. For example, a girl can draw on several fingers traces of cat's legs or imitation of tiger color, using only two colors. To put such drawing it is possible both on the upper border of the nail, adding varieties to the classic French manicure, and on the whole plate, which will look quite bright.

Sam black and white manicure looks impressive, so usually does not require additional decoration with rhinestones and stickers.

Original drawings on black and white nails

Many ladies are sure that the design of nails, made using two classic colors, simply can not be bright and original, but it is not. Wishing to satisfy the demands of modern women, the masters come up with so extravagant design solutions that it is simply impossible not to be in the center of attention, possessing such a manicure. If the girl dreams of a really unusual black and white design, then she should pay attention to the following options:

  • a popular cracks coating that helps create a cracked varnish effect, looks very interesting when combined with white and black;
  • is another great way to make your manicure bright - it's a gradient color transition from dark to light and vice versa;
  • a combination of matte and glossy varnishes - a way to make the manicure original, while retaining its classic motifs;
  • incredibly in demand now and geometric drawings, with which you can make black-and-white nails very bright.

The enumerated ways to decorate your nails involve a long and rather painstaking work, that's why you should treat these professionals with real wishes.

Two textures of

The easiest is to work with matte and glossy coatings. As the main color, the girl should choose black. Matte dark varnish must be applied to all nails, waiting for the complete drying of the coating. Further the girl costs to put on white varnish a white glossy drawing. The figure itself depends on the preferences: it can be chaotically located points, and imitation patterns, and plant elements.

A similar combination of matte and glossy, and even in black and white is a win-win option, which is suitable for both a gala event and a daily routine. With the help of matte and glossy varnishes, you can create a French manicure, dying the plates alternately with one color, then another.


It will be much more difficult to work with a gradient manicure, because it is quite possible that a woman will need several shades of black and white. So the lady can paint the main surface of the nail black color, which will gradually become lighter and lighter due to its wetting with a foam sponge, until the tip turns into a white shade. Such a manicure itself looks bright, so it does not need additional decorative elements or drawings.

The gradient may not be horizontal, but vertical, and recreating a similar design is even more difficult. To do this, you need to paint one half of the nail in white, and the other - in black, passing between them a vertical line. Next, you have to work on the blurring of the border with a sponge so that the colors organically spill over into each other. Such decor looks very interesting, and most importantly - it looks expensive and not pretentious at the same time.

Festive manicure using the black and white gamut

Many ladies prefer this simple range when creating an unusual holiday manicure. If it is a wedding, then with the design of nail plates you can show all the rampage of your imagination.

For example, a manicure is suitable, in which one of the fingers will be drawn a wedding dress, and on the other - a black male tuxedo. All other nails will be decorated with a jacket, so as not to overload the image.

What other options for a holiday manicure can be safely used?

  1. Look great black and white marigold in combination with golden or gray sparkles.
  2. Simulation of a chess cell is an excellent option for a festive nail art.
  3. Just and festively look black stripes on top of the classic French manicure, which can be diluted with a few more rhinestones.
  4. Very beautiful manicure can be created by drawing attention to black and white drawings of flowers and plants.
  5. Extremely bright black nails, covered with a layer of white sequins. Coverage can be chaotic or imitate any drawing.

The main difference between a festive manicure and everyday is that in the first case the overload with details does not look vulgar, but on the contrary, allows the girl to supplement an already interesting evening bow.

  • If a lady stands for restraint even in the framework of a festive appearance, she should stop at the unusual decoration of the classic French manicure. For example, a white jacket can be covered with a layer of black sequins imitating a floral pattern. The manicure looks very original, but it does not get out of the restrained image.
  • If a woman wants to create a truly unforgettable image, then you should decide to experiment. For example, a black and white gradient, supplemented by a strip of gold sequins that will frame the transition from two shades, is a very bright design, and it will not look cheap. On the contrary, he will further emphasize the flawless taste of a woman. Under a similar design it is necessary to choose a similar black and white pedicure, which will make the image complete.
Black and white manicure can be both bright, and classic, and even original, if you know how to do it. It is important not only to have the skill, but also the taste, so as not to overload the design with details. Having once estimated all the advantages of this simple but multifaceted gamma, the girl will no longer want to give it up!


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