All you need to know about Piyavit: readings, instructions, reviews

piety Piyavit is a drug from the group of direct-acting anticoagulants that directly affects the process of hematopoiesis, slowing the hematopoiesis process and increasing its duration.

The medicament has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes, dilates blood vessels and normalizes blood circulation.

The composition of the drug includes biologically active substances from the salivary glands of medical leeches. It is these natural components that have an intense thrombose-up effect on the bloodstream. Due to its unique properties, Piyavit is recommended for the treatment and prevention of various diseases of veins and vessels, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, as well as varicose veins.


  • Composition and Form of Release
  • Mechanism of Action and Pharmacological Properties
  • When
  • is used A number of limitations and cautions
  • Scheme of therapy and recommended dosages
  • Overdose and special instructions
  • Integrated opinion of doctors and ordinary people
  • Price Issue

Composition and Form of Release

Medicinalthe drug is available in pharmacological form capsules. Capsules are packaged in contoured cell packs and medical leech carton packs. In one package there may be 30, 60, 120, 300, 600, 1200 capsules.

The main active ingredient that is a part of the medicament is the leech powder, which in laboratory conditions is obtained from the salivary fluid of medical leeches.

In one capsule, there may be 150 or 300 mg of active ingredient - that is, leech powder.

Mechanism of action and pharmacological properties of

Pharmacological action of the drug is based on direct effects on the process of blood formation and blood clotting. The drug actively slows down the attack and increases the duration of the hematopoiesis process.

Piyavit is able to completely block hemostasis - both its plasma and platelet links. Also, the drug is used to prevent the growth of intravascular thrombi, efficient resorption of blood clots, and decrease blood viscosity.

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The composition of the drug has a significant similarity with collagen fibers, it reduces the level of adhesion of platelets in the subendothelium, which provides maximum protection of the endothelium.

In most cases, when the drug is used, the expected thrombolytic result develops at a slow rate, so do not expect an immediate effect from the treatment.

When ingested, the capsule of the drug begins to rapidly absorb from the stomach, getting into the liver, where the complete cleavage of all active components of the drug occurs. The maximum concentration of active substances is reached after about 3-4 hours, lasting at least 11-12 hours. From the body the drug is excreted by the kidneys with the products of decay.

When drug

is used The drug is indicated for use in various disorders of blood circulation: phlebitis of superficial veins

  • is recommended for the prevention and treatment of phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of superficial veins;
  • swelling, bruising, traumatic hematomas;
  • is an effective drug for the treatment of varicose veins, including severe forms of varicose veins complicated by trophic ulcers;
  • as part of the complex drug therapy of diabetic macroangiopathy and microangiopathy.

A number of limitations and caveats

There are a number of contraindications to the use of the drug, which must be remembered before starting the course of drug therapy:

  • the drug is not used if the patient has increased bleeding of the mucous tissues;
  • contraindication to the use of the remedy is peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • medication is not used to treat varicose veins in patients who have various pathologies of blood clotting;
  • from taking the drug should be discarded if the person has an increased sensitivity to the active components of the drug.

Scheme of therapy and recommended dosages

Capsules from leeches Piyavit is not allowed on its own - it should be prescribed only by the attending physician, who also determines the optimal dosage.

In the majority of cases it is recommended to take one capsule with a dosage of 300 mg or two capsules 150 mg 2-3 times a day.

The required dose of the drug is determined on an individual basis and depends entirely on the complete clinical picture - the degree of severity and neglect of the disease, the age of the patient, and the presence of concomitant chronic diseases.

In most cases, the duration of treatment is from 10 to 21 days. After this, a pause is made for 30 days, after which the course of treatment with the drug can be repeated.

In case the drug is used for preventive purposes, it is recommended to take 300 mg of medication per day. It can be two capsules of 150 mg, or one capsule with a dosage of 300 mg of the active ingredient.

Overdose and special instructions

An overdose of a medicine is possible if you take a single dose of Piyavit, which exceeds the maximum allowable daily allowance of the drug - that is, 600-900 mg.

When an overdose of a medicine in a person may appear a feeling of nausea, discomfort in the abdomen, vomiting, severe headache and dizziness. In this case, it is recommended to take the medicine from a group of sorbents and wash the stomach.

If after this symptoms of an overdose do not disappear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

When a medicinal product is used as a component of medicinal therapy or prevention of varicose veins, phlebitis or thrombophlebitis, the drug may cause side effects, which include nausea, stomach pain, vomiting. vomiting reflex

Also in some cases, the occurrence of local allergic reactions - redness, rash, itching on the skin.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the use of Piyavit is strictly prohibited. The active components present in the composition of the drug easily penetrate into the fetal blood flow, causing the most unfavorable consequences.

The use of medication should not be combined with the intake of alcoholic beverages. Ethyl alcohol in any form can significantly aggravate the manifestation of side effects of the drug and make them more pronounced.

For the same reason, the drug is not allowed to be used for the treatment of children.

Comprehensive opinion of doctors and ordinary people

Interesting and important information can be learned from reviews about Piyavit.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "
After pregnancy, he began to worry about varicose veins - it was just scary to look at his feet. The doctor prescribed Piyavit - a medicine with an extract of medical leeches, which by its action completely replaces the legendary hirudotherapy.

I drank capsules for 3 months, after each month of admission I did 30 days of rest. Today I can say with certainty that there is no trace of varicose veins.

Victoria, 28 years old

Piyavit is an excellent tool for the normalization of blood circulation. I am convinced that this drug effectively fights with many pathologies of blood circulation, vascular diseases.

The full course of treatment allows patients to improve the condition of blood vessels, minimize the risk of blood clots, and increase blood circulation.

Jeanne, 39, vascular surgeon

Capsules Piyavit, which contains an extract of salivary glands of medical leeches, intended for the treatment of thrombophlebitis, really helped a month to feel much better.

This agent was prescribed to me by a phlebologist, after ECG.I applied the drug simultaneously with other gels and ointments, the result is satisfied.

Elena, 32 years old

Remedy for leeches

Price question

The medicinal preparation is available in the form of capsules that can be bought in the pharmacy network if there is a doctor's prescription, the average price of Piyavit is 900-1100 rubles.

The drug should be stored in a dark and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

The only drug with a similar principle of action is Muravivit.

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