Secrets of house conservation for the winter

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At the end of summer all the housewives are busy filling their bins with supplies for the winter. After all, how pleasant it is in the cold season to get and put on the table a piece of sunny summer! Preservation and harvesting - a good opportunity to preserve the taste and benefits of vegetables and fruits throughout the winter.


  1. Dishes and preservatives
  2. Secrets of tasty preservation for the winter
  3. Vegetable conservation details

It seems that due to the abundance on the shelves of stores this good tradition gradually goes back to the past. But already now many people understand that purchased blanks will never be compared with homemade lecho cans, salads and cucumbers to taste and useful qualities.

In order to produce quality workpieces that will last until spring and all this time will please the family, you should know some useful secrets that the older generation is happy to share.

What is needed for domestic workpieces for the winter

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For the creation of preserves, you should prepare dishes and tools, they must be sterilized beforehand:

  • glass containers of different volume;
  • covers;
  • sealing machine;
  • enameled pots, basins;
  • food processor or set of teals and knives;
  • seasoning set.

Useful advice and conservation secrets

  • For billets it is more advisable to use sea salt. It contains many useful elements.
  • The addition of horseradish, oak, cherry, black currant leaves to cans with pickled vegetables allows not only to improve the taste, but also to keep cucumbers crispy, tomatoes strong for a long time.
  • All ingredients, including herbs and leaves, are thoroughly washed with cold running water.
  • For billets, table vinegar or essence is used.

Vegetable jars for the winter

When preserving vegetables, you should remember some points that will make tasty and useful billets:

  • Pepper in billets is an important and valuable product. He from all vegetables stores most of all useful substances. In order to make the preserves look attractive and tasty, choose pepper of red color. To complement the amazing taste of pepper allows the addition of cloves.
  • When preserving tomatoes, it is customary to add spicy herbs - parsley, sprig of dill, green pepper, as well as garlic cloves and horseradish leaves. For marinating tomatoes of different colors are used - red, yellow, green, black and pink, but not early varieties.
  • Cucumbers for billets are better to choose fresh, small size, with black pimples. Be sure to remove them from the garden a day, when the blanks are planned, you can first soak for several hours, so that they stay in the pot strong.
  • Cucumbers are not accepted to be filled with boiling marinade, its temperature should not exceed 90 degrees. Otherwise, the vegetables will be soft, they will lose a pleasant crunch.
  • When harvesting cauliflower, the vegetable is selected in a dense, white color. Well with it is combined a laurel leaf, twigs of tarragon, and cinnamon successfully supplements taste.
  • For conservation of young patissons, spicy herbs - mint leaves and celery, are used, they are perfectly combined with this vegetable.
Blanks for the winter
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