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Women's tunics are very popular today. Fashion tunics of 2017 are distinguished by original design and stylish cut. This feminine outfit is able to emphasize the dignity of the figure and give the whole image sophistication.

When and where should I wear it?

Fashionable styles of these products are created for:

  • work in the office;
  • outdoor activities;
  • walks around the city.

Of great importance in this case is the selected material, color, pattern, cut of the product, as well as decoration methods. The tunic for spring is made of light thin material. Popular models of products will help look beautiful and stylish. This clothes pleases bright and original appearance, design and decoration.

The stylists recommend wearing bright and exquisite tunics also on vacation near the sea. They look good in combination with a hat, bag, sandals, sandals.

As clothes for every day, you can buy fashion tunics of large sizes for women, which are of magnificent shape. Blouse of knitted material, or knitted model, can be purchased for cool days.

Fashionable summer tunics are made in a variety of styles, in different colors and styles. Some products are fitted, others - free cut, others - fitting figure.

Fashion tunics 2017goda - a wide variety of models and styles. Elegant tunics with short sleeves perfectly fit as an evening outfit, to work in an office, a cafe.

What should I wear?

The most relevant model is the Victorian style, which assumes the presence of such elements as different lace inserts, draperies, expensive materials. You can buy your favorite model, decorated with inserts of organza or lace fabric.

  • Fashionable summer tunics are recommended to wear with different shoes, some models - with sandals, ballet shoes, sandals, shoes. A tunic with long sleeves will perfectly match with ankle boots.
  • If you wear a white product that is finished in black lace with a pattern of the same shade, this option is most suitable for office work if you put it on with narrow trousers. Your individual style will help to emphasize exquisite leather shoes. The material from which the tunic is made is of great importance when choosing a product.
  • In the summer you can combine a silk tunic with the original image, it will look great with black trousers, with sandals. Stylish tunics are sewn from materials on a natural basis, which allow the skin to breathe, they are safe for the body. Feminine fashionable styles will help create an elegant image in clothes that will be refined and stylish.
  • Women's tunics with long sleeves blend harmoniously with classic clothes, they are suitable for office, look good with elegant trousers for every day.

Women's Fashion Tunics 2017

A fashionable tunic, crocheted and made in a modern classic style, is a loose-cut openwork product. She will go for a walk, for a party, a cafe, as a beachwear. These models will help create a stylish fashion image, they are suitable for women of any age. They can be worn separately and in combination:

  • with trousers;
  • with short capri;
  • with jeans.
If you choose a model with a bright image and color - this is just the trend of 2017, you can look extravagant and exquisite.

This outfit is best for summer days:

  1. A product in ethnic style, with prints, embroideries or patterns, decorative trim will perfectly blend in with classic trousers or jeans.
  2. The tunic can be worn as a mini dress. This mini dress is perfect for young girls and will look charming and romantic. If you wear a tunic just like a dress, you will get a mysterious, refined image. This option is suitable for going to a cafe, to work, for a walk.

If you wear a beautiful costume jewelry to your clothes or belt, you can emphasize the merits of the figure, focusing on the waistline.

Tunic for every day

To create a stylish, seasoned image, you need to consider some elements. Many models are made from different fabrics, they are multifaceted. In this case, leather, lace, silk, chiffon, knitwear, wool and other materials are used for sewing. Decorative elements in these models will help create an easy, unique image for any time of the year.

  • Classic style will perfectly complement the tunics of black, white, peach or pink, cream, blue, red. Models of metal shade items complete with trousers or skirts of neutral colors will look great. Coffee, white or creamy colors will suit them best.
  • Fashionable products with an animalistic or geometric pattern are very popular in modern fashion.
  • A thin or wide belt in combination with a tunic will be an important element for creating an individual image. Extended elbows complete with such clothes look stylish and elegant.

Modelers have developed a variety of models of products from various fabrics with patterns and prints. Any girl in this season will be able to choose a style to her taste, in which she can look stylish and fashionable, feel confident and comfortable.

Tunics. Autumn-Winter 2017

An amazing and versatile element in women's wardrobe has acquired great importance in everyday clothes. The tunic is like a sweater, a dress or a T-shirt.

The product can be perfectly combined with leggings, capri pants, classic style trousers.

They can be worn also as home clothes. Convenient, practical products are made of knitwear, cotton, silk, satin.

All products are made from natural fabrics. Bright and exquisite models of products will fill your day with a wonderful mood. Multi-layer products made of several layers of material are designed in a sporty, classic and elegant style.

On the fashion podiums the products are demonstrated:

  • in a sporty style;
  • decorated with lace, braid, pockets.

These models are great for wearing every day and are practical products. The tunic with long sleeves is well combined with sports trousers, breeches, capri in a fashionable style.

Various models of

The elongated tunics, which have an external resemblance to the dress, are feminine, popular models to date. Lightweight, airy products with sleeves of different sizes are sewn in a variety of patterns and colors. The sleeves are 3/4, elongated, and also with cuffs on the wrists. If you choose a tunic in a fashionable style, then your image will turn out exquisite and romantic. Some styles of products - with a variety of design, they have a flared shape with a round neck.

  • Long models of products can be made to the knees or slightly higher, they usually have an image, embroidery, original patterns that give them a special charm and charm.
  • products with large print, bright, original colors will help create an elegant style in the clothes of girls.
  • Tunics from transparent materials are considered a hit of the autumn-winter period of this year. Despite the thin and transparent fabric, they are in demand this fall season. These tunics are chosen by those girls who tend to look fashionable and luxurious.
  • Warm, cozy tunics, made of knitted material, and also knitted, are offered by fashion designers. In such models it's warm, in autumn it's cozy, they look homely. Warm tunics have a large collar and are of sufficient length.

Original design of

If you choose a darker shade, black or dark blue, brown, then you will be able to emphasize your elegant image in clothes. Lightweight tunics made of silk are the opposite of knitted products, they are also in demand in modern fashion. These tunics are decorated with ornaments, rhinestones, stones, ribbons. This gives them a special charm, they are part of the girls' evening wardrobe.

  • Oriental style in clothes, drawings, beautiful patterns will prevail on tunics of this autumn-winter period.
  • One frequently used print is a strip. A horizontal or vertical strip in clothes you can choose according to your desire. But do not forget that the horizontal gives volume, it is better to be cautious: full girls this model may not be suitable. The vertical strip lengthens all your silhouette.
  • Yellow, burgundy, green, violet shades are considered the most popular color solutions this season. Pastel shades of pink, beige, gray are also relevant this year.

Fashion trends

Animal print is also trendy this year. Images of animals, photos will be most relevant. Designers have developed the latest collections with a large number of free models.

Tunic is considered universal and practical, it is perfectly combined with various clothes, with leggings, skirt, trousers.
  1. The shapes with rounded collars are similar to a stretched sweater. Knitted, knitted products are relevant for today.
  2. Sports tunics with a hood, pockets like many women of fashion. Products are perfectly combined with clothing in a classic style, jeans, shorts, skirts.
  3. Shattered style of products, mini-length, bright color solutions are most characteristic for tunics in a fashionable style. With the help of them you can create a unique image.
  4. For a summer period of time, the perfect option are models that resemble mini-dresses. They are good as a separate element of the wardrobe and perfectly fit to tight jeans, elk, leggings.

The tunic is a versatile garment, and depending on the cut, the material and accessories are used for different occasions. Autumn-winter dresses for each day can be of different lengths.

Some models are made with a length of midi, and some - with a mini. Midi dresses end below the knees, at the calf muscles level. Sports models options will help to look stylish, they are designed for outdoor activities for every day.

Designers pay great attention to collections of models that do not constrain movement, dresses that meet the requirements of modern fashion.

Tunic dresses are very popular with girls. Such products resemble elongated t-shirts, which open slender legs. In order to supplement the tunic, you can wear leggings or elongated boots.

Models designed for beach recreation, always differed from others in appearance, material and colors. They will give the fashionista lightness and airiness, confidence in her attractiveness.


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