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Depressant medications for depression, designed to slow down the course of mental and physiological processes in the human body, help alleviate oppressed patients.

Because depression is a serious enough mental disorder, it needs to be treated under the supervision of a specialist - a doctor-psychotherapist. Only he is able to objectively assess the severity of the patient's condition and designate a whole range of measures aimed at improving it.

Only after a full consultation with a psychotherapist, a patient can undertake depression treatment at home, because in addition to the prescription for a medicine for depression and stress, he will acquire the skills of emotional self-regulation. Thanks to these skills, he will later be more able to get out of crisis situations without falling into this difficult state.

What is depression, symptoms - in video:

Tablets from depression

Patients who have decided to treat depression medically, should distinguish sedatives and antidepressants. The action of the former is based on the calming of the nervous system and the simple relaxation of the strained musculature, in contrast to the second, intended to normalize the production in the human body of substances capable of improving the mood.

To prevent a depressive condition from becoming chronic, it is recommended that patients who are often stressors receive psychotropic drugs.

There are two types of tablets from depression.

1. Plant-based tablets.

Incorporating biologically active extracts of medicinal plants, these inexpensive drugs have a mild and perfectly safe effect on the patient's body.

The risk of side effects in the treatment of tablets of this type is minimal. To completely get rid of depression, you can not interrupt the already begun course of treatment.

2. Preparations of synthetic origin.

Means of this type have a more effective and pronounced effect than medicines on herbs. In most pharmacies, such pills can be purchased without a prescription, but without prior consultation with a specialist, they should not be purchased. Acting on instinct, instead of the expected relief, the patient can aggravate an already grave condition with depression and neurosis.

Treatment of depression with folk remedies

As with the state of depression, mankind has come across throughout its history, folk medicine has developed a truly inexhaustible arsenal of effective tools to help overcome depression.

Folk remedies with invigorating effect

  • Invigorating tea.
  1. Mixing yarrow, thyme, St. John's wort, cats and berries of lemongrass( taking a teaspoon of dry raw materials).
  2. The resulting mixture is poured into 0.5 l of boiling water and, after covering the container with infusion with a canvas napkin, it is insisted for at least one hour.
  3. Stretching, in a warm form take half the glass at the time of breakfast and in the evening hours. Such a drink is able to add strength.
  • Toning cocktail.

Nutritionists consider breakfast to be the main meal of the day. They argue that, even if it is very satisfying, it will be perfectly absorbed without affecting the figure. Therefore, you can complete it with such a nutritious drink.

  1. Chopping one banana, add to it a teaspoon of chopped wheat germ, lemon juice, ground walnuts( or cedar) nuts and 200 ml of milk.
  2. Mix thoroughly, drink, enjoy and keep vivacity for the whole coming day.
  • Energy Salad.
  1. After chopping a ripe banana, a large spoonful of honey is added to it, the juice squeezed out of half a lean lemon and a tablespoon of wheat germ.
  2. Beat the mixture with a fork, add a small pinch of cinnamon.

This salad is an excellent dish for breakfast, as it is nutritious, low in calories, rich in vitamins and excellently relieves thirst and hunger. And he also gives courage and strength. Porridge from stress.

  1. First prepare the flour from two tablespoons of buckwheat groats, grind them in a coffee grinder.
  2. Then, the same amount of oat flakes is poured into water( 250 ml) and cooked for ten minutes with intermittent stirring.
  3. Gradually introducing buckwheat flour, continue cooking for another two minutes.
  4. After turning off the flame, add a handful of your favorite nuts and two small spoons of linen or sesame seeds to the pan.
  5. Mix well the porridge, cover it tightly and give it a good grip( 8 minutes is enough).
  • How to cheer up for one minute?

With this simple massage you can quickly put yourself in order, even if you can not get enough sleep.

  1. First, the fingers and hands are rubbed with vigorous movements.
  2. Then the cheeks are massaged with warmed fingers.
  3. Clutching his hand into his fist, vigorously rubs the forearm of the second hand.
  4. After that, the hands are changed.
  5. With light movements of the pads of the fingers, they are drumming on the vertex, after which both ears are rubbed.

The execution time of each reception is five seconds.

Treatment with herbs

How to treat depression at home? Traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes for herbal medicine.

  • An infusion of angelica rhizomes is an excellent remedy for depression and nervous exhaustion.

A small spoonful of roots are brewed with a glass of boiling water. After an hour of insisting, the drug is taken half the tea cup four times a day.

  • Good results in the treatment of depression gives tincture from the leaves or roots of ginseng.

Roots are filled with 60-degree alcohol from the calculation of 1:10.If leaves are used, the alcohol concentration will be slightly different( 1.5: 10).The infusion time is 30 days. Dosage - three-time intake( 20 drops each).

If you do not want to mess with the preparation of a drug, a similar medicine for depression( tincture of ginseng) can be bought at a pharmacy kiosk.
  • You can prepare yourself tincture from aralia Manchurian.

Roots of aralia, chopped, pour 70-degree alcohol( 1: 5).Dosage - 15 drops in the morning and evening hours.

  • Infusion from the mountaineer bird is used to overcome lethargy and inhibition - inalienable companions of depression.

To prepare this product, a tablespoon of dried medicinal raw material is brewed in 200 ml of boiling water and insisted for 30 minutes. Drink before meals( for ½ cup) every 4 hours.

  • For the treatment of depression, the following - very effective - collection is often used.

In the same amount mixed leaves of lemon balm, St. John's wort, rosemary and blueberry. A tablespoon of the obtained herbal collection is poured with steep boiling water( 250 ml).After 20 minutes of insisting drink instead of tea, having filtered and sweetened with a spoonful of natural honey.

  • A drink prepared from a whole bouquet of herbs helps a lot from depression and severe overfatigue.

Taking the same amount of St. John's wort, Melissa leaflets, hawthorn and chamomile inflorescences, hop cones, heather flowers and lavender, angelica roots and lovage, they are well mixed and then poured with boiled water cooled to room temperature.

Put the mixture on a weak fire, it is brought to a boil and boiled for a quarter of an hour. Remove from the plate, cover the drink and leave for ten minutes. After filtering it can be drunk.

Take a healing drink better three times a day: before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recipes for delicacies against depression

Depressant sedatives can be not only useful, but also very tasty.

  • The best antidepressant is hot chocolate with cinnamon.
  1. Boil 250 ml of milk, it is cooled and a large spoon of whipped cream is injected.
  2. Put the mixture on the fire, begin to gently heat it, gradually adding pieces of dark chocolate( two 100-gram tiles).
  3. When the chocolate is completely dispensed, the drink is poured over small cups, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • A citrus elixir with melissa leaves has a good relaxing effect.

Squeezing juice from four oranges, they pour a handful of finely chopped Leaflets of Melissa. In the process of mixing the drink, the greens of lemon balm is recommended to be pounded additionally.

Adding ice cubes will give the elixir a more original taste.
  • A warming drink.
  1. An excellent remedy for seasonal depression is tea, prepared in the following way. Taking a sheet of ordinary black tea, pour them with boiling water and, after adding a little cinnamon, leave for 6-7 minutes for brewing.
  2. After pouring the brewed drink into a small saucepan, add a small amount of rum, cherry juice, sugar and lemon zest, put on the fire and lightly warm up the tonic product.

Are antidepressant baths effective?

Spring depression is a good reason for taking special toning baths.

  1. After chopping coniferous lapnik( bumps, twigs and needles), cut from young pines, it is poured with several liters of cold water and cooked for 40 minutes on a moderate flame in a pan with a closed lid.
  2. After 12 hours of infusion, a concentrated product is obtained that can be added to the bath.
Coniferous and lavender baths for body and soul - recipes in video:

Music from depression

For some people who are depressed, the influence of a musical piece is much more effective than the help of a therapist. Such people are not too many, but they are.

For most depressed patients, listening to music is a way to disrupt them, remove them from the state of immersion in themselves, awaken in them the desire to return to a full life.

What do those who are going to wrest themselves from the grip of depression with music?

  • Music lovers need to listen to their favorite songs as often as possible, since they are the ones that can return the will to the person, lost because of the influence of a stressful situation. You can listen to music everywhere and everywhere: going to work, walking in the park, going home or being at an incredibly boring meeting, because advanced technologies make it almost unnoticeable.
  • In addition to simply listening to music to a depressed patient, experts advise you to sing as much as possible. This is explained simply: the breathing of the singing person, involving all the departments of the lungs, becomes deep and correct. Due to the normalization of respiration, there is an increase in the flow of oxygen to each cell of the human body. All its systems and organs begin to work better( in particular the brain).
Healing music Reiki, harmonization of consciousness - audio and video:
  • The most beneficial effect on the human psyche is provided by classical music. Scientists have established that the vibrations present in Mozart's music are identical to the vibrations of healthy cells in the human body. Thus, listening to good music, a person unconsciously undergoes a course of treatment for depression.

Shock helping to get out of depression

To overcome depression, it is sometimes useful to apply a kind of shock therapy, the main purpose of which is a powerful shake-up of the whole organism.

A flurry of positive energy provoked by an unconventional situation, out of the ordinary action, the realization of a long-cherished dream will inevitably end with the release of serotonin and endorphins, the basic substances that regulate the mood of a person and are called "happiness hormones."

Shock, designed to lead a patient out of the inhibited state, must necessarily be positive, capable of spurring both the brain and his whole body.

What situations and actions can play the role of such a positive shock?

  • Skydiving.
  • Bungee jumping - an unusually popular attraction, in Russia called "tarzanka."
  • Diving - scuba diving.
  • A round-the-world cruise or a trip to a particularly important place.
  • Party in the environment of informal( ready, rockers, fans of heavy rock).

Shock therapy as a means of indicating a way out of depression is used by psychotherapists throughout the civilized world.

Life-affirming films from depression

Treatment of depression is often accompanied by watching movies with a pronounced life-affirming beginning.

The main goal of such screenings is to inspire a depressed patient with the idea that his situation is surmountable, and the golden key of luck is in his own hands.

An example of numerous movie heroes who have gone through difficult life tests, teaches viewers that one should never despair and give up.

As the practice of most psychotherapists shows, the desire to fight for their lives appeared in patients precisely after watching movies that shocked them to the core.

Example motivating film - 10 steps to success, look online:

It's time to take stock. We found that:

  • Treatment for depression should be done only under the supervision of a doctor who prescribes medications to the patient, based on the severity of his condition.
Uncontrolled and irregular reception of psychotropic substances is unacceptable, since it is capable of causing irreparable harm to the health of patients.
  • For the normalization of the condition of people who fell into depression, it is possible to successfully apply popular methods of treatment.
  • Sometimes you can get out of depression thanks to the methods of shock therapy.
Successful treatment of depression is facilitated by listening to good music and watching life-affirming films.


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