Unloading day on vegetables

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Vegetables, as we all know, are very useful for the body. They contain a huge amount of useful vitamins and minerals. In addition, vegetables have a rich supply of fiber, which helps to remove from the intestine a variety of toxins. And the juice with which these products are rich, improves the metabolism in the body, while stimulating the work of the diuretic device.

All this means that after a day of relieving, based on vegetables, you can "clean" your gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. In addition, dishes from vegetables are easy enough to prepare.

The day of full vegetarianism is useful not only for those who sit on a variety of diets, but also for people who have any problems associated with the genitourinary system and joints.

Types of Vegetable Unloading Days

The basic vitamins a person receives from raw vegetables. Of course, baked, boiled or fried also retain their useful properties, but in a smaller amount. For a fasting day, a diet based on a single product and on a variety of products is suitable. The latter has a more favorable effect on the body, and even from eating people will get more pleasure.

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On a fasting day, vegetables can be cooked by any means, excluding the use of oil. Potatoes are not suitable from the products because of their caloric content and the abundance of carbohydrates. The best dish for the body can be a variety of vegetable soups. First, the abundance of liquid in them brings a feeling of satiety to man. Secondly, they are easiest to cook. But do not forget that when preparing soup, you should avoid adding flour to it.


But such a diet has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended for diseases of the stomach and intestines: gastritis, colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases. To this list should be added and diabetes.

In cases where a person has recently suffered inflammatory diseases, a vegetarian day should also be moved to a later date. The body is still at the stage of restoration of immunity, so it needs a lot of calories than vegetables can not boast.

In general, all of the above problems can be reduced to the following rule: recently there was a disease - the discharge day is postponed for another period.

Rules for a fasting day on vegetables

But when all the products are prepared, the body is not weakened, a person who intends to spend a day off for himself should remember several rules.

  • First: water should drink at least two liters.
  • The second: do not forget about physical activities, but do not overload yourself on this day.
  • Third: the next day you should not overeat, especially with "heavy" products.
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