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Every year the sphere of nail design surprises women of fashion with interesting novelties, one of which is the gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye".This is a unique cosmetic product for creating a fascinating manicure with the imitation of the jewelry of the same name. The rules of application, pluses and minuses, methods of preserving gel varnish on the nails will be discussed later.

Feature of the "Cat's Eye" manicure

This manicure was named from chrysoberyl, which is popularly called a cat's eye. This mineral has a specific light effect in the form of a narrow vertical strip of light concentrated in the middle. When you turn, it moves and flickers, and therefore the visibility of the cat's eye is created, which closely watches you.3D 3D drawing - this is the main feature of this manicure.

The three-dimensional pattern is obtained due to the metal particles that make up the main coating and move under the influence of magnetic fields. In the kit there is a magnet for the gel-varnish, with which the drawing is created. All you need is to bring the magnetic plate to the painted nail and wait until the metal shavings display the desired pattern.

The same pattern can be displayed in different ways, just change the location of the magnet relative to the nail. A narrow vertical strip is the main and the first design of this kind. Now the nails can be decorated with stars, waves, diagonals, spirals. Additional magnets need to be purchased separately.

Pearlescent varnishes from this series have a dense and plastic texture, bright and diverse shades, rich color pigments. This is a resistant coating that will stay on the nails for at least 3 weeks. As for color, the best "Cat's Eye" looks on varnishes of dark, deep shades, as it will simply be invisible to light ones. This design looks great with matte lacquer, in addition it can be combined with drawings on one or two fingers.

The magnet can not be stored next to the gel-varnish, as it can be demagnetized, and the pattern will no longer work. Put them in separate boxes or cosmetic bags.

Application rules

How to apply gel varnish, so that the nails look beautiful, and the pattern turned out to be clear? To do this, you need to stock up on the necessary tools and materials:

  • Ultraviolet lamp( power 35 W).
  • A small abrasive blade.
  • Lint-free( fabric) napkins for manicure.
  • Antibacterial spray for cleansing.
  • Means for degreasing and removing the adhesive layer from the nail plate.
  • Transparent varnish( base).
  • Magnetic gel varnish.
  • Finish gel.
  • Magnetic plates.
  • The usual set for manicure.

This is enough to create a beautiful nail design. As additional accessories, use rhinestones, appliqués, velvet sand, liquid stones, etc. But then, first you need to master the art of applying the magnetic varnish perfectly, for this, perform the following actions:

  1. Erase the old varnish with a special remedy, remove the cuticles, sculpt the nails so that they have the necessary shape. Take a nail file with medium stiffness and remove the top layer of the plates, so that the coating is better meshed with them. Do not press on the nail, do everything neatly and gradually. Remove dust from the surface of the nail, then treat it with antibacterial spray and degreaser.
  2. To a manicure pleased you as long as possible, cleaned nails should be covered with a transparent or black lacquer base. Make sure that the layer is thin, and there are no outflows, because they will be visible even through the finish layer. Dry nails under an ultraviolet lamp, the drying time is 30-60 seconds( if the lamp power is low, then dry the nails 3 minutes).
  3. After this, the nails are covered with colored varnish. Make sure that the layer is thin, so it will dry faster. Although the thick consistency of some varnishes does not allow them to be applied thinly, in this case only one layer will suffice. Make three neat strokes with a brush from the bottom to the bottom. Do not drive with a brush back and forth, so the manicure will look sloppy. If any inconsistencies and irregularities are present, correct them before drying. In other cases, apply 2 thin layers. Dry the first layer 3-5 minutes.
  4. This stage is the most responsible. After applying the second layer of colored gel varnish, bring the magnetic plate to the nail. Make sure that the magnet does not touch fresh varnish, the optimal distance is from 3 to 5 mm. The coating in the magnetic interaction site will begin to acquire a pearlescent hue, which means that the metal particles rise to form a pattern. Count to 10, remove the magnet, hold the finger under the ultraviolet lamp until it dries completely. To make the drawing as clear as possible, work with each nail individually.
  5. At the final stage, finish the nails with the finish gel, which will make the manicure glossy, shiny and more resistant to mechanical damage. Necessarily tint the butt of nails, so that the varnish does not exfoliate. Dry each finger under the lamp, remove the sticky layer with degreaser. Delicious shimmering manicure is ready!


This product is a Chinese manufacturer that has the following advantages:

  • Has in the composition of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails. And therefore, if they often break down or break down, the Bluesky is the ideal way out.
  • Has a wide range of colors.
  • Thanks to natural ingredients, the composition is considered to be hypoallergenic.
  • Gel varnish with the effect of the cat's eye is resistant to aggressive mechanical action, and therefore the coating lasts for about 20 days.
  • Degrease the nails and wipe the old manicure with the help of special tools from the same series.
  • High quality and low price.

Manicure can even be done by beginners, the main thing is to follow instructions clearly.

Products Lianail( LIANAIL)

These are varnishes from the German manufacturer, which are very popular among professionals of nail design. Gel-lacquer "Lianel" has such properties:

  • Due to the correct consistency, the lacquer perfectly covers the nail.
  • Natural pigments that make the color saturated and deep even after applying one layer.
  • The shades of the can be combined, as they perfectly match.
  • Includes degreaser and nail polish remover.
  • Manicure with Lianail resistant to mechanical damage.
  • The effect lasts about 20 days.

Magnet from Tatneil( TNL MAGNET)

Popular gel varnishes of the Korean manufacturer have the following advantages:

  • Product quality is at the highest level, as the technological process is constantly monitored.
  • The varnish is dense and saturated with natural pigments, and therefore one layer will be enough to achieve a bright and deep color.
  • "Magnet" gel can be combined with base and finish coating of other brands.
  • The color palette is small, but from the existing shades you can create excellent combinations.
  • A beautiful manicure will last for at least 15 days, it is difficult to damage or scratch it.

Perfect manicure with "Cody"( Kodi)

These are products of the American manufacturer, which has the following advantages:

  • Gel-lacquer "Cody" based on rubber is quite elastic and durable.
  • This is ideal for those who have thin or brittle nails. Strengthens the nail plate, suitable for prevention of delamination.
  • Varnish consists of natural ingredients, and therefore does not cause an allergic reaction and does not have a characteristic odor of acetone.
  • Thanks to the perfect consistency and pigmentation, even a thin layer of varnish creates a bright, rich manicure.
  • Wide range of colors, glossy glow.
  • The gel varnish of the firm "Cody" is kept for 20 days.


  • Popular magnetic gel with the effect of "Cat's Eye" does not contain aggressive chemicals, it has natural pigments, thanks to which the color turns out to be bright, deep and saturated. This effect persists for 3 weeks.
  • In addition, the lacquer has the right consistency, one layer is enough to make the Cat's Eye shine. A huge variety of shades, resistance to aggressive effects are the best qualities of gel varnish.
  • The procedure for applying gel-varnish does not harm nails, unlike the popular build-up. The product does not aggravate, does not injure or weaken the nail plate.
  • Most varnishes in this series have a liquid texture, which requires an obligatory alignment with a special brush to obtain a perfectly even coating.
    The plus is that there is no need to rush, because the varnish does not dry out without the UV lamp. You can calmly correct the result and fix it under the UV rays.
  • The composition dries quickly, after which you can safely perform routine tasks and do not be afraid to lubricate the layer. With proper application, there are no gaps, no streaks, no chips.

"Cat's Eye" looks attractive for about 20 days, after which it is better to make an adjustment, even if the old manicure is in perfect condition. A new manicure is also necessary because nails grow during this period and "smiles" appear at their bases.

In time, wash the old manicure, use special tools from the ruler, observe the technology, and your nails will be in perfect condition.

Lacquer application technology "Cat's Eye" - video


There are some contraindications to the use of gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye":

  • Too weak or thin nails, you must first carry out a course of treatment.
  • Fungal nail infections.
  • Sensitive skin around the nail plate.
  • Hypersensitivity to components of gel-varnish or other care products.
The concentration of polymeric substances in the gel coating is low, but they are quite strong, as they are responsible for rapid adhesion and solidification.

That's why it is not recommended to wear a nail polish for more than 20 days.

Recommendations for applying

How to use gel-varnish at home to make the manicure look beautiful? To avoid failures, follow the recommendations of specialists:

  • Before applying the gel coating, shake the bottle to distribute the metal shavings and color pigments evenly. Otherwise, the pattern may not work.
  • Be sure to prepare the nail plate for applying gel varnish: treat with degreasing agent and base coat. It is necessary that the figure be clear, and the lacquer should lie evenly. If you apply the varnish to the fatty nail, the layer will crack, and without the base the pattern will turn out to be fuzzy, you may see a divorce or a lumen.
  • The ideal distance between the nail and the magnetic plate is 2 mm. Make sure that the plate does not touch the fresh varnish.
  • In the absence of a black base, apply 2 balls of bulk gel. Do not forget to dry the first layer under the ultraviolet lamp and only after that process each nail separately.
  • To achieve the effect, hold the magnet over the nail plate for 10 seconds, longer wait does not make sense.
  • You can create a variety of manicures, even if you only have one magnetic plate. To do this, you need to change the location of the magnet above the nail, twist it or shift it to the side, adjust the angle of inclination. But remember that the magnet acts at a distance of no more than 3 mm.
  • To create a festive manicure, use rhinestones or liquid stones that can decorate all the nails or several."Cat's Eye" can be used as a basis.
  • Vertical drawings look better on short nails, and horizontal ones look better on short nails.

Manicure «Cat's Eye» magnetic varnish - video

How to extend the effect?

Gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye" is strong enough and durable unlike usual coating. If properly applied, it will delight you for at least 14 days. In order not to spoil the stunning manicure, follow the simple recommendations:

  • In contact with household chemicals or aggressive substances( medical alcohol, acetone, household solvents), protect hands with rubber gloves.
  • Do not load nails, do not scratch objects, use special tools for this.
  • If you have just done the Cat's-eye manicure, avoid temperature jumps and keep your nails in hot water for 48 hours after the procedure.

The design of nails in the style of "Cat's Eye" looks mysterious and unique.

Deep and rich shades, flickering glare of light, which every day play in a new way. Now you have the opportunity to create this delicious manicure at home. Follow the recommendations of professionals, and the effect will pleasantly surprise you!

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