How to wash clothes?

  • How to wash the blood off the clothes?
  • How to wash a greasy stain off clothes?
  • How to wash wax from clothes?
  • How to wash stains from red wine?
  • How to wash rust off clothing?
  • How to wash fuel oil from a jacket?
  • How do I wash the handle off my clothes?
  • How to wash greens from clothes?
  • How to wash stains from sweat?
  • How to wash the cud from the clothes?
  • How to wash off resin from clothes?
  • How to wash the felt tip from the clothes?
  • How to wash a shed thing?
  • How to wash a stain from a pomegranate?
  • How do I wash the kitchen towels?
  • How to wash the stain from engine oil?

Washing clothes has long ceased to be hard work. Automatic washing machines turned it into fun: loaded dirty clothes, and after an hour already hung it to dry! But sometimes with us there are such troubles as a spilled wine on your favorite dress or a drop of wax from a candle on the fashionable jeans of her husband. Here the washing machine is unlikely to help. To again make your favorite outfit beautiful, you need to use special tools, many of which can be found at home.

And remember, the main thing in dealing with serious spots is the speed of action. Most likely, a dress or jeans will not be able to be saved if you start to remove stains after several washing in the typewriter. Act immediately and use only effective means for this.

How do I wash my blood off my clothes?

Probably everyone knows that in the question, how to wash the blood on the clothes of , you need to act while the stain is still fresh. Old age blood stains are much harder to pull out, and sometimes - just impossible. The soiled thing should not be soaked in hot water. The protein, which is part of the blood, is curdled under the influence of high temperature, after that it can not be wiped out of the fibers of the tissue in any way. In place of the spot, the ugly yellow color will still remain.

Clothes with stained blood should be soaked in icy water. After 30 minutes, pour out dirty water and fill the container with fresh cold water. Then take the laundry soap and wash the stain. When it disappears, you can wash the thing already in hot water. If white clothes are washed, bleach should be used during the final washing. Household soap can be replaced with starch, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, ammonia, or washing-up liquid.

If you have old blood on your clothes, you can try to wash it with soaking in a saline solution. Dilute 1 tbsp.spoon of table salt in 1 liter of cold water. In the resulting solution, omit the thing and leave it as it is for the night. During this time, bright traces should leave. In the morning, clothes should be washed in hot water, using powder to remove stubborn stains. Salts can not be put much, as the protein dissolves only under the influence of slightly salted water. Excess salt will give a backlash - the blood will no longer be erased.

How to wash a greasy stain from clothes?

Fat stains can be either fresh or old. In each of these cases you need to act by your own methods.

Removing fresh grease:

  • - powder from chalk .This method perfectly removes stains from fat from clothes of light shades from cotton, flax or silk. A small amount of powder to put on a fat stain and leave for 2-3 hours. After this, remove the chalk with a wet piece of cloth and wash the outfit in warm water;
  • - blotting paper .This method can be used for clothes of light and dark shades. Expand the thing, from the bottom of the fabric( under the stain) put one sheet of "blotter", on top - another, then iron this place with a warm iron. Fat immediately absorbed into blotting paper, and clothes become clean. If the stain is large, a new sheet of paper may be needed to replace the one that has already been impregnated with fat;
  • - table salt .Sprinkle the top with soiled salt with salt. Then grind it a little. After the salt is impregnated with fat, shake it off the clothes, and pour a new one on the stain. Repeat the action until the fat disappears completely. After that, clothes should be washed and dried in the fresh air.

Removal of old fatty spots:

  • - mix in equal proportions with ammonia and turpentine .In the finished solution, immerse the cotton swab and wipe the stain. Leave in this form the product for 2-3 hours, after which the usual way to wash clothes;
  • - Apply a few drops of glycerin to the contaminated area. Leave for 30 minutes. Wipe the place where the stain was, with a clean cotton swab.

How to wash wax from clothes?

Few people know how to wash wax - it's not so often gets on clothes, like, for example, fat or juice from fruits. Some tools will help to do this quickly and effectively - the thing will be saved.

To begin with, you need to wait until the drooped wax is cold. If the stain has turned out great, you need to carefully scrape its protruding parts with a plastic or blunt knife. After this, spread a piece of cotton cloth on the ironing board, from above with a napkin or tracing paper. On them put clothes with a stain and cover it again with tracing paper and another piece of cloth.

Heat to the maximum iron and iron the entire construction in the place where there is a stain. To iron it is necessary until all the wax melts and sticks to the napkin. As the wax goes to the tracing paper, it needs to be changed. After completing the procedure, the thing should be washed with a quality powder. This will help remove the debris of fatty wax.

How to wash stains from red wine?

How to wash the wine , if it accidentally got on the dress or blouse? You do not need to run to dry cleaners, you can do this at home.

1 way:

If a thing is made of a delicate fabric, you can remove stains from it with a special solution. To make it, mix 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 3 teaspoons of vodka and 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Apply the resulting mixture to the place of contamination. After 2 hours, wash the thing in manual mode.

2 way:

The old stain from wine can be removed using denatured alcohol. This substance needs to process the stain. Then rinse clothes with water and wash with soap.

3 way:

If you do not know, how to wash the red wine , when the stains are still fresh, take urgent measures and try to remove them with table salt. It is necessary to make a mixture of salt and water gruel and apply the mixture to the contaminated area. Thoroughly grind the mixture on clothes, if necessary, repeat all over again. The thing to rinse in cool water and only now wash in a washing machine with the use of powder.

4 way:

Pour the carbonated mineral water on the stain from the red wine, sprinkle salt, shake off excess salt. Pour the stain with milk and leave for a while. In less than an hour, the spot should disappear.

5 way:

Pour the white wine onto the stain from the red wine. Sprinkle a thick layer of soda and leave it for a few hours. Then wash in the washing machine.

6 way:

Dampen the spot with vodka and wash as usual in the washing machine.

7 way:

Treat fabric with shaving cream and wash in a washing machine. Way:

Stretch the fabric over the pan so that the stain is centered. Boil the kettle and fill the stain with boiling water.

9 method:

Mix in equal parts liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide. Pour this mixture over the stain from the red wine and dry with paper napkins. So repeat several times until the stain disappears.

How to wash rust off clothing?

In the question, , how to wash rust , there may be many answers, but only a few of them will be really effective.

The rust stain can be removed with a toothbrush and soap. Brush first to rub soap, then it also wipe the place on clothes where there is a stain. If the stain is weak, it is better to remove it with lemon juice. Moisten a piece of clothing with lemon juice( preferably several times) and iron the thing with a hot iron. In this case, the steam function works well. After complete drying, clothes should be washed.

It is recommended to remove old rusty stains with a strong solution of citric or oxalic acid( take 1 tsp of a product for a glass of water).The solution must be warmed and the stained part of the clothing should be lowered into it. Wait a few minutes, then rinse the thing in warm water.

How to wash fuel oil from a jacket?

In this case, the main thing is to act quickly. After all, the jacket with a stain from the fuel oil, lying for more than a day, will remain with him - it will hardly be possible to wash it.

Removing fuel oil from clothes:

  • - use a highly active gasoline cleaner to clean the stain from the edges - so you will not let it creep away. Then the thing needs to be washed well using powder for strong contaminants;
  • - Apply a little eucalyptus oil to the contaminated area of ​​the jacket with a cotton disc. Rub the product until the stain completely disappears. After that, thoroughly wash the thing;
  • - treat the place stained with fuel oil, margarine or oil. Saturate the cotton pad with diesel or gasoline and carefully rub the product into the stain. Be sure to open the windows in the room and try to do everything quickly, because the fuel is able to instantly evaporate.

How do I wash the handle off my clothes?

Mom very often have to deal with the problem, how to wash the ink , especially when the children are already going to school. If the usual washing did not help restore things to their usual appearance, try more radical methods of removing stains from the handle.

Apply a small amount of glycerin to a place that is contaminated with ink. After an hour, wash the thing in salted warm water. Instead of glycerin, you can use sour milk. Pour it into a large container and put clothes there for several hours. After the due time, wash the thing in cool water using toilet soap.

Well helps to wash the handle next solution: in a glass of water, mix a teaspoon of soda and ammonia. The resulting agent to process the stain, after which the clothes are washed.

If the ink was on white clothes, remove them will help a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia( a glass of water for 1 tsp of each component).The solution should be applied to the stain with a cotton swab. A little wait and wash the clothes in the typewriter.

How to wash greens from clothes?

Have a stain been accidentally set when a cut was processed? How to wash greener , when such a nuisance happened, not everyone knows - to do it effectively can medical alcohol, acetone or table vinegar.

Spots of green are not bad coped with alcohol-based products, including medical alcohol. To increase efficiency, you can add a little lemon juice to alcohol. Apply a cotton swab to the contamination site for 1 minute. Wash off with warm water. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

If zelenka dripped on clothes from rough fabric, for example, on jeans, it is better to use acetone for removing it. Moisten cotton wool in undiluted acetone and wipe it with a stain. After that, it is good to wash the product.

Another simple method of removing stains from green is 7% table vinegar. Under the place of pollution put a napkin or paper - this will help keep the surrounding objects clean. On the stain, apply vinegar and wait a few minutes. After the greens dissolve, wash the clothes.

How to wash stains from sweat?

Sweat stains appear not only on sportswear, they can also decorate sweaters, jackets, blouses or shirts. In this case it is better to use simple methods than to try to wash the product in the typewriter.

Ways to remove stains from sweat when hand-washing:

  • - knitted things from wool are cleaned with a strong solution of table salt - it needs to soak a dirty patch of clothing. Only if the salt has failed, you can try to remove the stain with alcohol;
  • - to remove stains from synthetic things, a regular powder is used. In addition, you can soak the product before washing in warm water with brown soap;
  • - to remove stains from sweat on clothes of different colors it is possible with the help of a mixture of egg yolk with 10% solution of denatured alcohol. This means you need to smear the stain and leave it to dry, then just scrape the yolk. If a stain appears from the yolk, it can be easily removed with warm glycerin;
  • - a mixture of denatured alcohol, ammonia and water in a proportion of 1: 1: 4 will help remove stains from sweat on the lining of the jacket. After handling the mixture, you just need to wash it.

How to wash the cud from the clothes?

There are two effective and simple methods of how easy it is to remove the chewing gum from clothes at home. For the first you need to use a freezer. It is necessary to put in it a product to which the chewing gum has stuck. After 20-30 minutes, both will freeze. After that, you can remove the thing and just remove the cud. Will not it? Hold the fabric under the hot water jet, after which it will easily remove.

For the second method, you need paper, alcohol and iron. On the place where the gum is stuck, put a sheet of paper and iron it with a hot iron. She will quickly stick to the sheet and get off her clothes. It is recommended to remove the remaining stain with alcohol. But for delicate fabrics this method is not suitable, because together with the chewing gum you can remove the paint from the product. In this case, it is better just to wash the thing with a quality powder.

How to wash off resin from clothes?

Typically, resin stains appear on clothing when traveling to nature, usually in the forest. A good rest is sometimes accompanied by such troubles in the form of spoiled trousers or jackets. But the product can still be saved if you use a dishwashing detergent and even a carbonated drink.

To remove the resin, you need to pre-treat the place on the clothing with sunflower oil, then wipe it with a dishwashing detergent. It has degreasing properties, which will help to easily wipe the resin.

A more unusual method using carbonated beverage will also help to effectively remove resin from the product. Cola, Sprite or any other drink should be poured into a container and put dirty clothes there. A product with stain-removing properties will give a good effect after a while.

A regular iron can also remove the resin. On the fabric with resin and under it you need to put pieces of cloth and iron the product with a hot iron. The high temperature will help to melt the resin, after which it will seep into the piece of tissue. The clothes will be practically clean, it will only be necessary to wash it. Pieces of cloth can be replaced with paper towels or any soft paper.

How to wash the felt tip from the clothes?

Flight of creative imagination in a child is sometimes impossible to stop, after which cute drawings appear not only in the album for drawing, but also on his clothes. Do not immediately send a beautiful dress or panties in the ranks of home clothes, it can still be saved.

The stains from oil-based markers are not very easy to remove, but you can always try. The necessary area of ​​clothing to treat with vegetable oil and leave in this form for 2-3 hours. After the allotted time, the thing is simply to wash. You can use another method. Apply a fat thinner to the marks of markers, wait a few hours, then wash the product.

To remove traces of alcohol-based markers, it is better to use pharmacist glycerine. Handle the product with stained clothing and leave it for an hour. Then in a basin with warm water to dissolve 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt and wash the thing with soap.

There are still markers on a water basis. Drawings on clothes from such markers are removed quite simply. Treat the stain with a dishwashing detergent and leave for a day. After the due time, wash clothes in a washing machine.

How to wash a shed thing?

It is believed that it is impossible to restore the former attractive look of a faded thing, but this is true only when the natural color of the dress comes off. If the product on top simply overlaid the paint with other clothes, it can again be made beautiful.

If the fabric is white, you can try just to wash it several times in a large amount of powder. There is a high probability that the excess paint will disappear. For white things you can still use gentle bleaches. Make hot solution with bleach and soak clothes in it for 12 hours. Wash clothing and rinse in cool water.

For other types of clothes, a simple home method for which you need to prepare one tool is suitable. In a container, mix 1 tbsp.a spoonful of starch, 1 tbsp.a spoon of soap shavings, 1 tbsp.spoon of a solution of soap acid and 0.5 st.tablespoons of large table salt. The finished mixture should be applied to stains from the underside of the product and left for 12 hours. After that, wash clothes, dry in the fresh air and iron.

How to wash a stain from a pomegranate?

As the garnet contains natural dye, when its juice gets on the clothes there are bright spots that are very difficult to wash.

If you follow simple rules, you can get rid of stains:

  • - if juice from pomegranate not so long ago got on clothes, you need to boil water and pour boiling water on the product( suitable for those things that are not afraid of high water temperature).After this, the thing needs to be washed in warm water;
  • - to get wet the appeared stain with ammonia, then rinse clothes;
  • - remove stains from pomegranate will help soda solution( in a glass of water dilute 1 teaspoon of soda).Rinse the soiled area with the resulting solution and leave in such a condition until the stain disappears. Wash clothing in warm water;
  • - for the product made of silk, on which pomegranate juice has fallen, it is recommended to use an acetic solution( in proportion to water 1:10).The spot must be gently rubbed with liquid, then wash the thing;
  • - if a stain from a pomegranate has long appeared on clothes, most likely, it can be removed only by a special stain remover that can be purchased at a store in the department of household chemicals. The product should be used strictly according to the instructions given on the package.

How do I wash the kitchen towels?

Kitchen towels are difficult to wash, first of all, because they leave traces of many products. Some stains can not be removed. Do you want the towels to be clean and beautiful again? Try one proven and effective way.

Put a bucket of water on the fire. When the water boils, add 2 tbsp.tablespoons sunflower oil, 2 tbsp.spoons of any simple dry bleach and a glass of detergent. All stir well, turn off the fire. In the prepared hot solution place dry dirty towels and leave until completely cooled. After that, they need only be rinsed. The result of using this method is really very good.

If you do not want to strain hard, you can take a basin and fill it with cold water. Add there 5 tbsp.spoonful of salt and stir well. In the resulting solution, lower the kitchen towels and leave them in it for 1 hour. To make the towels as new, you need to wash them additionally with powder in the washing machine.

How to wash the stain from engine oil?

Machine oil, which has got on clothes, leaves almost no spots on it. Repeated washing and soaking can only worsen the situation, finally ruining the product. Machine oil can only be washed with a small amount of funds. If you use them immediately, the thing will be made clean.

How to wash machine oil:

  1. Lubricate a fresh stain with a good dishwashing gel. After 15 minutes, the thing should be washed by hand using a quality powder. The washing machine in this case does not help.
  2. If there is no fat-eliminating agent nearby, it is possible to cover the soiled area with household soap. As it is absorbed, it will dry up. After you are at home, immediately wash your dirty clothes in warm water.
  3. The stain from engine oil can be impregnated with gasoline. Use a cloth with a good impregnation so that the oil can go from clothing to it. After cleaning the product with fuel, wash it with water in hands with powder.
  4. To remove such spots, a special spray cleaner will also help, which is often sold in specialized shops for motorists.
  5. Wiping a thing stained with engine oil, do not at all combine this wash with the washing of other things. The spot will be removed if a stain remover is applied to it - it should be done 15 minutes before the start of washing. This time is quite enough for the oily structures that have got on the fabric to have devoured the chemical solution.

If you did not manage to wash the thing on which there was a stain from this or that product, in the usual way, you always have the opportunity to try alternative stain removal methods. Ammonia, sunflower oil, acetone, laundry soap, iron and more will help you quickly and effectively remove a wide variety of blemishes. Do not rush to put the thing in dry cleaners, because you can cope with the removal of stains yourself!

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