20 years to the family: what a wedding, what to give

  • The main traditions of the porcelain wedding
  • What to present to her husband and wife on the twentieth anniversary of the wedding?
  • Gifts from friends for a porcelain wedding
  • Presents from children for a porcelain wedding
  • Congratulation to parents from children with a porcelain wedding video
  • Congratulations on a porcelain wedding in verse and prose

20 years of marriage is a huge way that the couple passed holding hands. To celebrate a porcelain wedding is accepted in a narrow family circle, but friends and acquaintances still care about the choice of an ideal gift. All about the best presenters for the wedding and the main traditions of the anniversary will tell this article.

The main traditions of the porcelain wedding

The anniversary of 20 years is a holiday revered at all times. Why did his symbol become rather fragile porcelain? The thing is that in the Middle Ages porcelain ware was considered incredibly valuable and cost a lot. This material perfectly reflects the essence of the holiday: the valuable and long-lasting relationships of the spouses are incredibly fragile, so they should be carefully taken care of.

Anniversary of 20 years of wedding should be celebrated in a special way. What traditions of this holiday exist?

  1. At the porcelain wedding it is customary to put exclusively new dishes on the table, symbolizing a completely different stage in the relations of the spouses.
  2. In the clothes of guests and the decoration of the house, light shades should predominate as a symbol of purity and purity of the relationship in the pair.
  3. It is considered a good sign if on this day the spouses and their guests will drink mainly tea, and not hot drinks, there must be a cake on the table.
  4. The main dish on the table should be something uncomplicated, one way or another connected with the eastern culture. In the eastern mythology, the number "20" is of great importance, therefore, the celebration of this anniversary in the East was given great attention. However, do not be too zealous with the eastern color, otherwise the celebration will turn into a caricature.
  5. The main tradition of celebration concerns porcelain dishes. It is believed that over 20 years of living together, the couple has beaten a lot of plates and wine glasses, because broken dishes predict happiness. That is why it is necessary to put absolutely new service on the table, symbolizing the degeneration of relations and their exit to a completely new stage.

Of course, the 20th anniversary of the wedding can be the occasion for a tumultuous party, but traditionally this holiday is celebrated in a narrow family circle. This celebration symbolizes love and communication between partners, so superfluous persons here will appear inopportunely.

What to give to her husband and wife on the twentieth anniversary of the wedding?

What to give a loved one on such a meaningful and unforgettable day? This difficult issue of the spouses begin to ask long before the holiday. Here is the list of the most popular gifts for your beloved wife:

  • porcelain boxes for storing jewelry, richly decorated with various colors, is one of the most popular presentation options on this day;
  • also the wife can give an expensive and beautiful porcelain doll;
  • Service - the most common gift on this day;
  • white color is considered a symbol of the holiday, so you can safely give your beloved white clothes or a quality set of underwear.

Usually men stop on beautiful things from porcelain, which perfectly fit into the theme of the holiday. If such souvenirs seem insufficiently valuable, then you can safely present your beloved with white gold jewelry. Such a gift will surely bring good luck, and moreover will cause the lady a real delight.

Beautiful white underwear set is an ideal way to compliment your beloved wife and add to the relationship of fire. You can also give preference to an expensive silk scarf or a beautiful blouse.

To the husband

Women also can present the second half with garments. For example, you can choose a beautiful white tie or a great suit, in which a man will look dressed with a needle.

Another presentation for your beloved husband is a beautiful and unusual porcelain ashtray. Present your spouse with a dish or an unusual decorative figure that will bring good luck to the house.

Many ladies try to please their beloved jewelry. What do husbands provide wealthy wives? Usually their choice falls on an expensive gold watch with engraving. On such watch, you can engrave the initials of the spouses and the sign of infinity.

Gifts from friends for a porcelain wedding

Close people usually try to make unusual gifts to friends that will not just please them, but they will also be remembered. What to present for a porcelain wedding, given the nuances of the holiday?

  1. Table set from porcelain is an unforgettable and extremely popular present.
  2. Funny mugs with funny or touching inscriptions will also perfectly fit in the theme of the holiday.
  3. The bed set will be a great present for the heroes and come in handy on the farm.
  4. You can make friends and a romantic gift: organize a dinner for them for two. Usually, husband and wife rarely manage to be alone in 20 years after the marriage, and romance gradually disappears from their life. That's why friends can bravely organize a touching candle-lit dinner for the culprits in a good restaurant. From such a presentation, they will surely be in complete ecstasy.
  5. Table set from porcelain is a gift that has long become a symbol of this holiday, but this does not mean that the present should be boring and banal. Friends can order porcelain dishes with portraits of "newlyweds" or their initials. From such a romantic gift, any couple will be completely delighted!

Of course, the present can be a little more modest. For example, a woman can be presented with a bouquet of 20 white roses, and a man - 20 good cigars. The present may seem modest, but he hints at the very essence of the holiday, allowing to make it pleasant for both husband and wife.

You can even stop at a cash gift, but in this case it should be submitted creatively, with a beautiful postcard and a very unusual wish.

Presents from children for the porcelain wedding

Usually the main characters of this holiday, in addition to the spouses themselves are their children. By the twentieth anniversary, they are already growing up, which means that the responsibility for a good gift is decent. What can you give to your parents on the anniversary of the wedding?

  1. If there is a financial opportunity, then an ideal gift will be a trip abroad or to a neighboring city.
  2. You can also give parents impressions, for example, present a certificate for a parachute jump for two.
  3. Gifts , made by themselves, is a great way to not only give something meaningful, but also save money.
  4. An excellent presentation is a photo album, marking the main events in the life of the family couple.

Usually children try to make their parents not only a significant, but also extremely touching gift. So, having a fantasy, even a banal gift with porcelain can be beaten in a new way. For example, plates can be decorated with their own hands, depicting portraits of spouses or comic congratulations on them.

Attention can be paid to more vivid gifts for the porcelain wedding, for example, various certificates. You can present your parents with a certificate for a joint horse ride or a thematic photo session. Thus, the gift is sure to be remembered at the expense of those bright emotions that he delivered.

If you do not have money for a suitable gift, you can write a touching greeting to your parents in verse, beautifully decorating it on a pillow or engraving it on a porcelain figurine. Such a congratulation, expressing the depth of the feelings of the children in relation to their parents, will be touching and more significant than any, even the most expensive gift. The main thing here is not to mess around and come up with a verse yourself, reflecting in it your real thoughts.

Congratulations to parents from children with a porcelain wedding video

Congratulations on a porcelain wedding in verse and prose

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the wedding usually sound every now and then during the feast, but they are rarely remembered and are sincere. What kind of verse is sure to make everyone around pay attention to the speaker?

  1. Congratulation is definitely worth writing on your own, referring to Internet options only in search of inspiration.
  2. In a similar verse you need to include details relating to the couple, for example, the date of the wedding, their names and children.
  3. Ideal congratulations should not be more than 12-14 lines, and when reading should not take more than two minutes.
  4. Remarkably , if a person can uniquely present their own congratulatory lines, because then they will be remembered exactly.

The 20th anniversary of the wedding - the date is very serious, and therefore hackwork in the matter of thinking of a gift or congratulations can greatly offend the spouses. It's great if a person writes postal lines on his own, caring about the sincerity of what was said, and not about the beauty of rhyme.

It is possible to present such a congratulation with the help of a theatrical scene or engraving. Capturing a poem on a porcelain figurine, a person will achieve that his gift will always be in sight, reminding about the holiday itself. You can also embroider such words on a pillow or on a blanket, emphasizing also your creative abilities.

It is not at all necessary to give preference to poetry, because sometimes works in prose sound even sincere. But just in a prosaic congratulation you should not go too far from the topic.

When reading prose lines should not take more than two minutes, otherwise all that is said will elude attention, making the speaker's words boring and uninteresting.

Even if writing a congratulation yourself causes a lot of problems, do not get upset. A person can always take as a basis a verse from the Internet, slightly reworking it in accordance with their own taste and nuances of the holiday. In this case, even in other people's lines, sincerity will be felt. To issue a greeting card for such touching lines also costs in a special way. It's great if a person makes it with their own hands, because then the culprits of the triumph will want to put it in the most prominent place.

Porcelain wedding is a very serious jubilee, demonstrating how long the pair has gone.

Of course, gifts and congratulations are becoming an important part of the celebration, but in the foreground there are still feelings that have been preserved, despite such a long period of life together.

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