Detailed instructions for using Venarus: reviews of patients and doctors

Venarus - venotonic preparation , which has an angioprotective and venotonic effect. Reduces the extensibility of veins, increasing their tone, reduces stagnation of venous blood.

Prevents fragility of capillaries, increasing their resistance. Normalizes microcirculation and lymph flow.

Systematically using, you can use it to reduce the severity of venous circulation disorders of an organic and functional nature.


  • Pharmacological action
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Indications for use
    • Contraindications
  • the active substances
  • Instructions for use
    • Dosing
    • calculation of the required dose
  • Overdose and the additional guidance
    • Side effects
    • Cautions
  • Reviews of patients and physicians
  • Pros and cons of medications
  • Forms and price in rubles
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological action

Venarus contains two flavorsOuida, who have angio action, adjusting the microcirculation of the lower extremities. Venus has venotonicizing activity.

It is also known about the anti-inflammatory effect of Venus due to its inhibitory effect on the synthesis of prostaglandins.

Flavonoids( diosmin, hesperedin) have antioxidant properties, which helps to protect the vessels from the action of free radicals on them.


T1 / 2 - 11 hours. Gastrointestinal tract and kidneys are excreted( the drug is excreted together with feces and urine), and its half-life lasts about 11 hours.

Indications for use

  • venous insufficiency ( with heaviness in the legs, edema, seizures, pain, trophic ulcers, skin discoloration);
  • hemorrhoids ( acute and chronic forms).

Citrus flavonoids - its main components, support the venous walls, and prevent the development of trophic ulcers.

The preparation can be combined with the wearing of compression knitwear;with a diet;with contrast shower for feet;with light physical exertion - all this will make the treatment process more intensive.

The drug significantly improves the overall condition of patients suffering from venous disturbances.

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  • lactation period;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug( hesperidin, diosmin).

How the substance acts

Once in the blood, Venarus strengthens the bloodstream of in damaged areas.

Thus, it contributes to the saturation of tissues with blood, in which the amount of free radicals is reduced, which prevents tissue rejection and trophic disturbances.

Fluidizing blood, relieves inflammation and reduces hemorrhoid cones .Reduction of the pain syndrome, thus, has a beneficial effect on the patient's condition.

Instruction for use

Instructions for the use of Venarus in the article is overview and has only partial information about use, other aspects of use should be consulted in the instruction formally attached to the preparation.

How to use

Applicable internally. Tablets do not break, swallow whole, squeezed with water. To reduce the likelihood of dyspepsia, it is recommended to be taken with meals.

Calculation of the required dose of

For venous insufficiency( varicose veins) - 1-2 table.a day( at noon and in the evening at the same time as eating).In acute hemorrhoids - 6 tablets.per day( 1-4 days), then 4 tablets.per day( 5-8 days).

Overdose and additional instructions

There were practically no cases of overdose by Venarus. However, in the theory, possible occurrence of vomiting, pain in the abdomen, weakness and dizziness. Therapy symptomatic - gastric lavage, intake of absorbents.

Side effect of

The following side effects are observed: indigestion, vegetative lability

Special instructions

Instructions for the use of Venarus tablets should be supplemented with practical advice.

Regarding during pregnancy, , it is possible( empirical studies did not show teratogenic effects, there were no reports of any negative manifestations during the use of the drug by pregnant women), in lactation - not recommended ( no data on drug ingestionin breast milk).

If you want to compare detraleks and venarus in all respects, you can do this by reading our article. If you decide to use Lyoton Gel by the way, there will be an instruction for use with detailed comments that is here.

With the exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the purpose of this drug will not replace other specific treatments for anal disorders. Treatment with the drug should not be long.

In the event that short therapy does not have the desired effect, a proctologic examination and adjustment of the therapy used is necessary.

Reviews of patients and doctors

Reviews of patients and doctors about Venarus are mostly positive.

Patients report that treatment for hemorrhoids due to sedentary work or BPV veins due to prolonged leg activity with Venarus has reduced the negative symptoms, but treatment is not the main one, accompanied by certain procedures.

Doctors prescribe this drug , indicating that this is a qualitative analogue of the French medicine.

With varicose veins, using this drug, burning in the veins is significantly reduced.

Patients who have a trophic tissue disorder on the background of venous insufficiency are also positive about the drug, especially paying attention to the fact that the pain gradually passes.

Reviews of physicians about the use of Venarus for varicose veins and hemorrhoids are also positive, they recommend it as an unhealthy remedy that has no side effects and contains no toxins.

Pros and Cons of Medication

Speaking of the pros, it is worth noting the effectiveness of the drug and positive feedback about Venarus.

In addition, when choosing a venotonic drug, many patients have a dilemma - what is more effective: Detralex or Venarus?

Detralex and Venarus- share the same active ingredients ,( hesperidin and diosmin), which are very effective in treating venous diseases. The composition and testimony of these are also the same, and the only difference is that Detralex's manufacturer is the Servier Company( France), and Venarus is Obolenskoe( Russia).

Here is one more argument in favor of Venarus - the price.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. »

The drug intake can also be combined with the wearing of compression stockings;with a diet;with contrast shower for feet;with light physical exertion - this will make treatment more effective.

This is absolutely harmless, is of natural origin. Data on the interaction of Venarus and other drugs are absent, which is a negative for a person who takes several drugs.

Also a minus of Venarus, is the shortness of his admission, which indicates that he alone can not completely eliminate pathologies.

It should also be remembered that in case of an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, the purpose of the drug will not replace the treatment of other anal disorders.

The duration of treatment should not exceed two to three months. If therapy with the drug is ineffective, you need to revise the treatment algorithm.

Available in pharmacies, but only by prescription.

Forms and price in rubles

The price of Venarus tablets depends on the packaging.

Venus is manufactured in the form of coated tablets.

There are following packings:

  • tablets 50 mg + 450 mg, 60 pcs.(packing contour mesh 10, a pack of cardboard 6) -( from 730 to 859 rubles.);
  • tablets 50 mg + 450 mg, 30 pcs.(package contour mesh 10, a pack of cardboard 3) -( from 373 to 445 rubles.);
  • tablets 50 mg + 450 mg, 30 pcs.(package contour mesh 15, cardboard pack 2) -( from 373 to 445 rub.)

Tablets are covered with an orange-pink shell, biconvex, oblong form;In the cross-section, two layers are visible.

Analogues of

French analogue of Venarus

Venus analogues: Venozol, Detralex, Vasoket, Fleobodia 600, Hesperidin + Diosmin( Hesperidine + Diosmin).

Venarus is a very common drug for the treatment of vascular diseases.

It has practically no contraindications, and therefore it is widely used by many physicians.

It should not be used without first consulting a doctor.

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