Easter baskets: how to make your own hands

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  • Used materials
  • How to make a basket of paper
  • Basket for Easter eggs made of paper - video
  • How to make a basket of disposable paper plates
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  • Basket for Easter eggs crochet - video
  • Product from newspaper tubes
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Quite often on holiday of Bright Easter close people exchange symbolic gifts with each other. For beauty and presentable appearance they are packed in special Easter baskets. Similar products can also be used to decorate a house or a festive table. Let's look at how to make an Easter basket of hand-made materials with our own hands.

Used materials

Baskets are often used for packing Easter eggs, Easter cake and cottage cheese. In addition, they can put a small bunch of fresh spring flowers, sweets and figures of Easter animals( chickens, rabbit, rabbit, cockerel, chicken, lamb, etc.).

Easter baskets with their own hands can be made from various materials:

  • Tree.
  • Yarns for knitting.
  • Cardboard or heavy paper.
  • A branch of trees and thin twigs.
  • Bead.
  • Disposable plastic or paper utensils.
  • Newspapers, etc.

You can also buy ready-made wicker baskets and decorate them to your liking.

To decorate baskets for Easter eggs, use moss, straw, dry grass, live or dried flowers, decorative ribbons and beads.

How to make a basket of paper

This is the easiest way to make an Easter basket. To produce it, you need the following materials:

  • Thick white cardboard( square with sides equal to 30 cm).
  • Strip of tight white cardboard for the handle( can be replaced with a strong white tape).
  • Decorative carnations for fastening - 2 pcs.
  • Simple pencil, ruler, PVA glue.
  • Various elements of decor( dried flowers, paints, stickers, pebbles, sequins, etc.).

To make a basket of paper, perform the following actions:

  1. The square sheet of cardboard is divided into 9 equal parts, using a simple pencil and ruler for this. As a result, you should get squares with sides equal to 10 cm.
  2. . From the two opposite sides, it is necessary to make folds to the middle of a sheet of paper.
  3. To make a basket, cut from both sides along the bend lines on the first and third squares.
  4. The notched squares are joined together crosswise in such a way that the middle square is at the bottom. This will be the bottom of the future basket. Then pierce the docking of squares with decorative studs and repeat the same actions with the other side.
  5. We glue to the basket handle.
  6. Now you can go to the most pleasant part - the decoration of the crafts received. For this purpose, you can purchase stickers with thematic Easter pictures in the store and stick them on the basket. In addition, you can color it in any bright color, paste dry flowers on top and decorate with decorative ribbons.

Basket for Easter eggs made of paper - video

How to make a basket of disposable paper plates

A beautiful and tidy basket for Easter eggs can be made absolutely from any improvised materials, for example, from disposable plates. For its manufacture we will need the following materials:

  • Paper plates.
  • Beautiful decorative ribbon.
  • Stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • Strip of cardboard for handle.

We perform the following:

  1. We take a paper plate and with the help of scissors accurately make cuts on the outer edge of this product almost to its middle.
  2. We connect the obtained cross-sections with each other crosswise.
  3. We pull the edges of the plate with decorative tape, thereby forming a basket.
  4. Use a stapler to attach a handle to the resulting product.
  5. We turn to the decoration of the Easter basket with the help of various decorative elements( applique, ribbons, flowers, stones, etc.).At this stage you can fully show your imagination and skill.

The easiest way to make an Easter basket

Basket of artificial flowers

This product is perfect for decorating your home, and as an elegant package for Easter gifts. To make it, you need the following materials:

  • Sprigs with small artificial flowers.
  • Adhesive gun.
  • Bank, which has a cylindrical shape( for these purposes, a tin can from coffee or tea perfectly suits).
  • Disposable plastic bowl.
  • Thick wire.
  • Pliers.
  • Scissors.
  • 2 satin ribbons, 15 and 20 mm wide.
  • Decorative items.

The process of making an Easter basket with your own hands is as follows:

  1. Cut the flowers from the branches, and then glue them with a hot glue gun to the outside of the bowl. If you do not have a gun, you can use the usual superglue. Pay attention that the flowers must be glued separately, until the outer walls of the bowl are completely covered by them.
  2. Use a thick wire to make a handle. To do this, use a wire cutter to cut 25 cm of wire and give it a semi-circular shape. Wrap a tape around the handle, 15 mm wide. Attach its ends to the wire with a hot glue gun.
  3. From another tape, make a neat bow and attach it to the basket.


A basket for Easter eggs can not only be made of cardboard and other materials, but also knit or crocheted. For example, you can make a beautiful openwork basket of ordinary yarn.

For its manufacture we will need the following materials:

  • Hook No. 1,5.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Threads are white.
  • 60 m( 20 g) of yarn of any color.
  • 15 m( 5 g) of yarn of a different color for edging.

The order of knitting Easter baskets is as follows:

  1. Starting from the fact that we make a 12-loop chain from the main yarn and close it in a ring with the help of a connecting post.
  2. The second row is done as follows: we knit 4 air loops, we make one column with a crochet, and then 2 more air loops and end with one connecting post. These actions should be repeated 11 times.
  3. Next we knit according to the presented scheme.
  4. After the basic mating around the circle is completed, you can proceed to the edging. For this purpose, the threads of the other color are tied with the top of the article by the columns without the crochet.
  5. Now you can proceed to the manufacture of the handle. To do this, hook a chain, consisting of 5 loops, and tie a long strip of columns without a crochet.
  6. Prepare the starch basket, then put it on the jar and allow it to dry.
  7. After the product has completely dried, sew a starched handle with a needle and a normal thread to it. Knitted easter basket is ready!

There are many other schemes with which you can tie an Easter basket with a crochet or spokes. You can find them in specialized magazines for knitting. To make the basket festive, you can use threads of different colors, as well as such decorative elements as beads, beads, ribbons, laces and flowers( artificial, dry or alive).

After the knitted Easter basket is ready, you can neatly arrange in her gifts: a bunch of fresh flowers, a small cake, a painted egg, as well as various Easter hand-made articles( animal figurines, etc.).

Basket for easter eggs crochet - video

Product from newspaper tubules

Very beautiful and neat are the baskets for Easter eggs from newspaper tubes. The process of manufacturing them is quite simple, despite the apparent complexity. Absolutely any person can cope with it.

For their manufacture we will need the following materials:

  • Newspaper( the amount depends on the size of the basket).
  • Paints and varnish, made on acrylic basis.
  • One thin knitting needle( for forming tubules).
  • Adhesive.
  • Paper sticks for decoupage.
  • Several pegs.
  • Scissors.
  • Bowl.

The tubes for Easter baskets are made as follows:

  1. Cut strips of paper 10 cm wide.
  2. Tightly wind each strip on the spoke, holding them at an angle of 35 °.
  3. We fix the corners with glue.

The manufacturing of the product includes the following steps:

  1. First we need to prepare newspaper tubes in the quantity necessary for our product. The usual basket requires about 90 tubes.
  2. For weaving the bottom we take 8 tubes from the newspaper and we interweave them into a square 4x4.
  3. Next, the main tube is bent, and then start it for the first 2 racks. We remove the top newspaper tube down, and the bottom one upward. It turns out weaving according to the type of rope. With the help of these actions shawl 2 rows of the bottom of the basket.
  4. After we have carried out all the above actions, we raise the racks to the sides and gently weave them one at a time. The presented actions are performed until the desired size of the bottom of the gift basket is reached.
  5. Racks gently bend one by one around the circumference.
  6. We put a bowl in a wicker shape, fix the newspaper tubes with clothespins.
  7. We continue to weave by rope type until the desired height of the product is obtained.
  8. We take out the bowl from the form, and then add one more rack, necessary for weaving the bend.
  9. The bending can be done in the following way: we put the far newspaper tube into the second post. The rack, which is in front of it, must be placed on top of the main tube and led down. Similarly we do the weaving of the whole series.
  10. As a result, only 3 vines should remain, with the help of which we weave the last circle, but at the same time we put tubules under the racks of the upper row.
  11. For the design of the Easter basket we will need a pen. For its production we take 12 newspaper tubes. We set 6 of them in the basket on one side and fold them in half. We carry out similar actions on the other hand. Shave the pigtails from the pigtails on both sides, and then fasten it with wire. We close the place of attachment with another tube.
  12. With the help of varnish and paint we paint the resulting product.
  13. Now you can go to the decor of the Easter basket.

Beaded Baskets

The most beautiful and festive are the Easter baskets made of beads. To do this, you need a certain amount of skill, strength and personal time.

For their manufacture it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • 18 English pins.
  • Beads and large beads.
  • Thin wire.
  • Pliers.

The process of making an Easter basket of beads includes the following stages:

  1. We string beads and beads on pins.
  2. We take the wire and put on it beads decorated with beads. When this is done, fix the wire in a circle. These are the walls of the basket.
  3. Now you can begin to design the top of the product, which should expand. Therefore, for further work, we use large beads.
  4. We take the wire, thread on it a bead and pass it into a pin. Such actions are carried out until the entire top is decorated with beads. The ends of the wire are fastened together with pliers, and the resulting tails are trimmed so that they do not spoil the look of the product and do not prick.
  5. Now proceed to the manufacture of the handle. To do this, cut off the right amount of wire. We make a loop from one end and string beads and beads on it in any order. At the end, we form one more loop, which is then fixed with pins.
  6. The bottom of the basket is lined with thick paper.

Decor baskets

The most pleasant stage is the design of Easter baskets with various decorative elements, paper and cloth. This is a creative process, during which you can realize your ideas and fantasies.

You can decorate the Easter basket with:

  • Satin and openwork ribbons. They can wrap the pens of the basket, make beautiful bows or simply decorate the walls of the product.
  • Flowers - living, artificial and dried. The first option is the most beautiful and romantic. However, the basket with fresh flowers will, unfortunately, not last long. A more durable option is to decorate the Easter basket with your own hands with artificial flowers.
  • Moss, straw, dried grass - with the help of these components you can draw the bottom of the basket, and from above put Easter eggs. The result is a kind of nest.
  • Beads, beads, decorative stones - they can be glued to the surface of the basket with a hot glue gun.
  • Colored or corrugated paper, embroidered napkins or a cut of natural silk with an elegant pattern.

As a rule, Easter baskets are used as gift wrapping for Easter cakes, painted eggs and various crafts. Wicker products can be purchased in the store or made independently of cardboard, heavy paper, branch of shrubs, newspaper tubes, disposable plastic dishes, etc.

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