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Extra weight is a problem that needs a complex solution. Most women know that in order to get the maximum and lasting result without harm to health, diet and sleep regimen, regular physical exercises, wraps and massage should be followed. We share in our article how to do massage for slimming belly and sides at home. It is most difficult to get rid of fat deposits in these places, they "melt" the last.

How to do self-massage?

Undoubtedly, a massage done by a professional brings a noticeable result faster. But if you do not have the opportunity to attend a massage therapist, you can learn how to self-massage effectively. First, you need to understand how massage helps to lose weight:

  1. The temperature of the skin and subcutaneous fat rises.
  2. Improves blood circulation.
  3. The metabolism at the cellular level is accelerated, including the cleavage and excretion of fats.

To achieve the result, self-massage of the abdomen should be done:

  • on an empty stomach or not earlier than two hours after eating;
  • direction of movements - from the bottom up;
  • start and finish with light, stroking movements;
  • press during the massage should be strained to not press on the internal organs;
  • you can use special massage oils, gels, creams, scrubs;
  • after the procedure is not recommended to eat the nearest hour, but you can drink water in unlimited quantities.


It is also important to consider the presence of contraindications. It is not recommended to carry out massage for losing weight:

  • to women during pregnancy and lactation;
  • at elevated pressure;
  • for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • for diseases of the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, varicose veins, propensity to form blood clots;
  • for skin lesions, dermatological diseases, allergies.
It is extremely cautious to treat the procedure if a lot of moles are present in the area of ​​the massage.

Honey massage

Honey has long been famous for its useful properties and is widely used not only in cooking, but also in medicine, cosmetologists. It does not just contain a huge amount of useful micronutrients and biologically active substances, but it is instantly absorbed by the skin, penetrating directly into the blood. That's why honey massage is one of the most effective for weight loss.

Massage with honey has a number of advantages:

  • Accelerates the cleavage and removal of toxins from the skin and subcutaneous fat.
  • Cleans and moisturizes the skin, heals minor injuries, relieves inflammation.
  • Strengthens blood circulation, saturates the skin with oxygen, activates metabolic processes.
  • Has the effect of lifting, making the skin more elastic and taut.

Preparation of

Before the beginning of massage it is necessary to prepare a honey mix. To do this, place in the bowl two tablespoons of liquid honey( if it is solid, you can put the bowl in hot water for 5-10 minutes), add five drops of essential oil of orange, grapefruit, lemon, eucalyptus, stir well.

Be sure to take a warm shower and clean the skin well. It is advisable to use natural scrubs. For example, from coffee, sea salt, brown sugar.


  1. Honey mixture put a thin layer on the stomach and sides, wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb the honey and essential oils.
  2. Massage to begin at first light strokes from below upward, in circular motions clockwise.
  3. After the skin has absorbed most of the honey layer, the bulk of the massage begins. To do this, you need to press your palms tightly against your stomach and tear them off sharply or smoothly. The duration of the massage is from 5 to 7 minutes. All this time, you should alternate sharp and smooth movements, moving over the entire surface of the abdomen and sides.

During the massage honey changes its color, turning into a gray mass. After the end of the procedure, rinse it with a sponge or a washcloth, and then apply a soothing or anti-cellulite cream.

How to make honey massage at home - video

Massage belly for weight loss with oils

If you have allergies to beekeeping products from honey massage will have to be abandoned. You can conduct an equally effective, but more comfortable for home conditions procedure.

To enhance the effect, you need to use massage oil for weight loss. You can buy a ready-made mixture in the pharmacy or cook yourself. As a basis, take olive, peach or castor oil, add a few drops of cinnamon oil, grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.

Oil should be prepared for only one procedure, because, after standing, it loses its properties.

Massage do lying on your back, bending your knees. To begin with, put on the belly oil and gently distribute it from the bottom up all over the stomach:

  1. Light circular movements clockwise, which gradually intensify.
  2. After that - more active kneading in circular motions, but already with a small diameter. Moving should be from the bottom up, from the sides to the navel. The third stage is tingling. Performed with both hands on both sides at the same time. You need to move first bottom-up, and then - from the sides to the navel.
  3. After tingling - rubbing the ribs of the palms along the horizontal lines.
  4. Ends the procedure by stroking from below upwards or in circular motions.

Баночный массаж

Another popular type of massage of the sides and abdomen at home - canned. For its carrying out one or two silicone jars which can be got in a drugstore are required.

You can perform the procedure while standing in front of a mirror or lying down.

  1. Pre-clean the skin, apply massage oil.
  2. Two jars tightly pressed against the stomach( inside should be a layer of skin thickness of one and a half centimeters).You can perform movements from the bottom up, move in a circle, zigzagging, spiraling, from sides to the navel.
  3. The procedure may cause discomfort, but should not cause pain. Particular attention should be paid to the massage of the sides - here the movements should be as thorough as possible. After the first procedures, there may be small bruises that go away after the skin gets used to.


Less popular, but no less effective massage for slimming belly and sides - water. It requires a good head of water in the shower or a special nozzle, which will help to narrow and strengthen the jet.

The procedure is performed daily, using alternately warm and cool water. The jet is directed to the problem areas from a distance of about 15 centimeters, smoothly moving from below upwards and from the navel to the sides. After the procedure, the skin should be slightly reddened.

Massage of the sides

Massage of the sides at home is often combined with a massage of the abdomen. The rules of the conduct are not very different, but the movements can be more powerful and diverse:

  1. Rinsing is carried out more intensively - an edge of the palm, bones of fingers, thumbs. The task of this movement is to move the entire subcutaneous layer to the muscle itself.
  2. Mashing reminds kneading dough. Grips are made as between the thumb and forefinger, and the whole hand.
    It is important to do all the gripping, lifting, pressing very smoothly and gently so as not to cause pain and do no harm.
  3. Fingering can be done with fingers, palms and their ribs, compressed cams. In this case, you need to move it with a brush, not with the whole hand.

For massaging the sides you can use a variety of massagers - brushes, rollers, vibrating belts.


  • In order for the massage to bring the right effect, it should last at least 5 minutes, and it should be done regularly - at least every other day for a month.
  • In addition, the abdominal muscles should also receive physical exertion. Suitable even for the most simple exercises for the press: twisting, lifting the body, lifting the legs in the vise on the crossbar, resting on the elbows or lying on the floor.
  • For the sides, the slopes to the sides, the hips movement "eight" and the "mill" familiar to all of the physical education classes will be effective.
  • Faster "melt" will be sideways and with general physical activity: intense training, running, walking, swimming, cycling, roller skating, skating or skiing.
  • You can not do without, of course, and without food restrictions. From fatty, floury, sweet, fried it is better to refuse and give preference to vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat and dairy products.

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