How effective is the treatment of varicose veins with a laser?

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laser coagulation of varicose veins Surgical intervention for the removal of veins in varicose scares many patients.

The fear of lying under the knife makes them suffer terrible pain and refuse to seek help in a timely manner. Now more and more doctors recommend to their patients to try treatment of varicose veins with a laser.

This method provides minimal risk, fast result, security and availability.

Methods of laser exposure

The course of the disease is individual for each of the phlebologist patients.

After scanning the veins and ultrasound of the vessels, he can determine which of the two widely used methods( endovasal or percutaneous laser coagulation) will be most effective in this case.

The method of endovasal laser coagulation of varicose veins suggests the effect of thermal energy on the vessel from the inside. The result of the action is the adherence of the walls of the vessel, gradually the site of action is replaced by a connective tissue.

Preliminary preparation includes several stages:

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  1. Identification of one or several characteristics of : failure of valves, trophic disorders or trophic ulcers, treatment of which is otherwise difficult.
  2. Investigation of veins to confirm their direct stroke and width not exceeding 10mm.
  3. After the blood test, the receives permission from its therapist , confirming that there are no contraindications to the operation due to other existing diseases.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. After injection of the local analgesic, the puncture site is disinfected, then a puncture is performed and it becomes possible to introduce the fiber.

leg health In order to avoid the treatment of varicose veins, timely prevention of varicose veins should be carried out. What methods exist our article will tell.

Supplements for the prevention and treatment of venous diseases - about the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of the drug and the features of use.

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Every action of a doctor is controlled by an ultrasound device. The patient is in the laser therapy room for no more than 100 minutes. Of these, 30-60 is occupied by the operation itself, the rest are spent on circulation in special compression stockings.

Immediately after this, the doctor gives the necessary recommendations for wearing stockings and allowable loads, appoints a follow-up inspection after 3 days, and releases the patient home.

Among the shortcomings of the method should be noted possible complications. Individual features of the body can lead to inflammation of the veins, called thrombophlebitis and requiring compulsory treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

There are other drawbacks, but they are all temporary and pass on their own:

  • the appearance of pain syndrome due to incorrectly selected jersey;
  • bruising after injection;
  • in rare cases, the tension of the vein, lasting no more than a month;
  • a slight increase in temperature.

The method of percutaneous laser coagulation determines the method of removing the vascular network by heating the vessel walls to 70 degrees. Use the method is possible only for the treatment of small vessels with a thickness of not more than 3 mm.

Among the main advantages of the procedure - the result is noticeable almost immediately after its completion. The patient does not need to take any action for the preliminary preparation, except for the appointment and the permission of the attending physician. laser action

The immediate site of exposure is treated with a special gel, and then it is gently applied to it by a laser. Accuracy and safety of the doctor's actions are regulated by special equipment that allows determining the duration of exposure, the temperature and the state of the varicose stars.

It is not possible to delete all the enlarged veins on the first try, usually the result is limited to 80%.Depending on the individual characteristics, you can get the desired result after 2-4 procedures.

After the operation, you will have to deny your legs in sunbath for a whole month.

Also among the cons:

  • a few weeks the skin has a very pale appearance;
  • burning during a few days;
  • after the laser on the skin for a few days remain red spots and swelling;
  • may form crusts.she leaves in a week.

More details about the methods of treatment of varicose veins:

Laser treatment

How laser varicose veins are coagulated - indications for laser treatment of varicose veins, reviews and prices

Varicose disease of the lower extremities is one of the most common vascular pathologies and according to statistics year after year, steadily younger. ..

Opinionpatients about laser treatment

Let's study the reviews of patients who have been treated with laser treatment for varicose veins.

I've always been afraid of developing varicose veins, becauseI saw how my grandmother suffers under his torture. First I noticed that I became very tired even on a small heel, and then a vascular reticulum appeared.

Decided not to pull and immediately go to the doctor. His decision "laser therapy" first shocked me. But after explaining that in fact this fast and safe procedure is not at all like surgical intervention, I agreed.

The price is acceptable, but most of all it's tempting that one day will suffice for everything. The procedure was really painless, although I doubted the honesty of doctors about this.

Immediately after you can walk and even go home. The doctor warned that the edema will come to an end of the week, and it turned out. On the checkup, I was already a completely happy person.

Elena Viktorovna, 44

I had to learn about the problems with the veins during pregnancy. There was no question of any operation before the birth of the daughter. Then life spun in a different rhythm: sliders, night feedings, walks. There was no time left for sleep and that time.

When I came back to the phlebologist I found out that the illness had already taken a serious form. Have appointed endovaznuju therapy. It was scary, but thanks to her husband - she forced her to take tests and on the appointed day to come to the office.

When they began to prepare for surgery decided to ask how to understand that something is going wrong. I was so calmly, kindly began to explain what they would do and why, that I calmed down. Everything is really very comfortable and not very long.

Then the truth clothed a squeezing nosochek to properly distribute the load, and demanded to walk around the office. This is probably the most unpleasant part of the treatment. For five days of constant wearing, I still could not get used to it.

I could return to an active way of life in a week, but the legs had to be hidden for another month because of the residual bruise. But the result was worth it.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

Valentina Viktorovna, 51

I myself turned to the phlebologist with the question of the possibility of laser therapy. I'm not afraid of pain, but the feedback from the network is inspiring. I decided it was better to risk once, than to constantly suffer and doubt.

I took tests at a paid clinic. In the laboratories of free medicine, not all tests are done, and some need to wait too long. But the budget planned for treatment, completely met.

At work, I did not have to take a sick-list, I just went to the next one and that's it. At the same time, there is no danger to health or feats of courage and will power. On the mark to the doctor walked half a year, he confirmed that everything is fine, without complications.

I feel fine, I remembered about the dacha, the pool and even about family trips to the forest every weekend.

Sergey Ivanovich, 58

The granddaughter constantly bought me new tablets and ointments from varicose veins. They either did not help or helped temporarily. I do not argue that I started the disease badly, I'm not used to thinking about myself.

Several days could not walk, then the granddaughter and said that we will do the operation with a laser. For me, this word still sounds too fantastic. But I could not resist any more. Done. It was funny to feel in these tight socks.

Feeling unpleasant, when they put them on and told me to walk for 40 minutes, I still tried to argue that I could not. But I was able, and now even a little ashamed for my distrust.

The reception was needed after 3 days, which could be spent at home. I was terribly tormented by severe pain, at the reception the doctor scolded me why I did not apply earlier. It turned out that the socks do not fit, too tight. Replaced and all passed.

Maria Sergeevna, 64


Laser for varicose veins The lack of effective treatment of varicose leads to the progression of the disease, then only the scalpel of the surgeon can save and a long and heavy rehabilitation is to be done.

Supportive therapy is in fact only a constant source of expenditure, at any time, varicose veins can tip the scales in their favor. Spending money and waiting for when this black day comes is stupid.

You can immediately make a laser operation and forget about your problems. The cost is completely justified and with a sound view of the situation is available to virtually every patient.

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