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With the wild cherry, perhaps every inhabitant of our country is familiar: at the end of April - in May, on colorful markets and in supermarkets colorful beams of fresh greens begin to appear, similar to their spreading leaves on the arrows of the lily of the valley.

These harbingers of the summer are always waiting with impatience: from the ramson they prepare vitamin green salads, refreshing okroshka, spicy patties and much, much more.

What is useful for wild garlic for the body and why is it so important to add it to the spring-summer menu for adults and children?

Meet: the wild garlic!

And a flask, bear and Jewish onions, wild garlic, levurda, censelli - all this is one and only plant. Wild garlic flavored grass was nicknamed for its characteristic flavor and flavor - by the way, it is advised to check the product for quality in the woods or when buying.

If you rub the leaves and the violet-white piece of the stem of the bulb in your hands, there must be a garlic flavor on the fingers - this makes it possible to distinguish it from other similar herbs.

And the ancient Germans called the bear onion the plant - and nothing surprising, because the bulb grows around the world! Useful properties of wild garlic were appreciated by the ancient Greeks and Celts, and in the troubled Middle Ages in Europe with its help coping with plague and cholera - this is an antibacterial medicine.

Where to grow wild garlic, how to collect - video:

Today culinary recipes with wild garlic can be found in the national cuisine of different countries - native Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Korea and China.

And in Germany, every year traditional festival of wild garlic is held - a large feast with sausages, pies, sauces and buns from this plant. ..

The chemical composition of

The status of the first greens after a long winter makes for much - the useful properties of wild garlic can not be overestimated. Together with the spring sun, it absorbs the most necessary substances for weakened by the cold, the most valuable vitamins and essential oils.

What surprises are the chemical composition of the forest bulb preparing for us?

  1. By the amount of vitamin C, ramson competes with sauerkraut, citrus and black currant. This makes it a unique product for our immunity: the bulb fights against spring colds, raises the tone and provides a cheerful mood.
  2. Vitamin A in the flask helps to improve vision, treats skin problems, protects our heart and blood vessels.
  3. Nicotinic acid and B vitamins protect the nervous system from overloads, improve the condition of the skin and hair, and ensure uninterrupted operation of the intestine.
  4. Phytoncides and unique natural antibiotic lysozyme relieve inflammation, kill viruses and fight with all sorts of infections.

Benefits for the body and contraindications

The main wealth of wild garlic is its antibacterial properties. Since ancient times, it has been used to treat a variety of diseases, purulent infections, worms and intestinal disorders.

Phytotherapists claim that it takes 2-3 minutes to chew a leaf of a fresh bulb - and all harmful microbes in the mouth just evaporate. During seasonal colds, a rare value!

The healing properties of

But a bearish onion is not just a tasty natural remedy for colds and other infections. Useful qualities of this plant are extremely diverse.

Scientists distinguish the following healing properties of wild garlic.

  • Discharges bad cholesterol from the body and saves from the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels, which means it prevents atherosclerosis.
  • Prevents the development of dental diseases and gum disease.
  • Stimulates cardiac activity, improves the condition with hypertension.
  • Activates the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Treats intestinal disorders, allows you to cope with diarrhea.
  • Strengthens the nervous system and helps fight permanent stress.
  • Relieves from shortness of breath, removes phlegm from the lungs.
  • It is an excellent means of prevention and treatment of all kinds of colds.
  • Relieves pain in arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Cleanses the body, especially when poisoning.
  • Normalizes metabolic processes, provides regular stools.
  • Excites appetite( this quality is more pronounced in salted and pickled garlic), can be used for recovery after diseases.
  • When used externally, it helps to get rid of dermatitis, warts and purulent eruptions.


Despite all the benefits of this spring plant, you need to honestly admit: ramson is not a product for every occasion. The obvious similarity to garlic and the smell, and to taste does not allow you to feast on the bulb in offices, business lunches and romantic dinners, rather, it is worth saving it for a quiet homemade meal.

There are also obvious contraindications, in which from fresh, pickled and salted wild garlic will have to be abandoned altogether. Among them - pancreatitis, hepatitis, gastrointestinal inflammation, cholecystitis, gastritis and peptic ulcer, especially in days of exacerbations.
  • Too active use of fresh bear onions can provoke pain in the heart, heartburn, indigestion and sleep problems.
  • And yet it is not necessary to get involved in ramson during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but about this - just below.

What is the use of wild garlic for women?

The specific garlic flavor of the flask frightens off many ladies, accustomed to the delicate taste and pleasant aroma of greenery, from this product. And in vain - the useful properties of caramel for women are quite diverse.

  • Vitamin PP( nicotinic acid) in the composition of bear onions is one of the most important substances responsible for the growth and shine of hair, healthy, elastic skin, excellent eyesight. It removes irritability, helps to cope with depression and strengthens the nervous system, especially in combination with vitamins B.
Calorie flask is another plus for girls and women: this herb can be called an ideal dietary product. The energy value of fresh and salted wild garlic is 32-35 kcal per 100 grams of greens, marinated - about 50( due to sugar).
  • Green soups and dietary salads with a flask and spinach, sorrel, young onions will perfectly fit into the spring menu and help you to get in shape in the summer, and the salted and soaked flask will become an original low-calorie snack for spring shish kebabs.
  • One of the most controversial questions around wild garlic is whether caramel is useful in pregnancy? It would seem that the abundance of vitamins and other medicinal substances makes this product incredibly valuable for expectant mothers, but not everything is so simple.
    Doctors and nutritionists do not advise pregnant women to get carried away by wild garlic( maximum - one salad or a plate of okroshki per week), and during lactation and at all you can not eat wild garlic.
    Essential oils of wild garlic significantly affect the taste of women's milk, making it bitter - and the baby can simply give up the maternal breast.

Useful properties for men

The glory of the use of bear onions for the male body has been rocking for several millennia. Even the ancient Greeks knew about the ability of wild garlic to "maintain courage", and even in antiquity they understood the sense of love.

In the Middle Ages for the same delicate reason, monks practically did not grow wild garlic in their monastic gardens - the sensuality of the holy brothers was completely useless.

Today, the useful properties of a flask for men can be appreciated by everyone - it's no coincidence that the season of wild garlic coincides with the romantic time of spring.

Regular use of fresh bear onions( in salads, okroshkah and just snack with bread) improves potency and masculine enhances sexual attraction.

How to use wild garlic?

Culinary recipes with wild garlic accumulated a lot - ramson salted, pickled, soaked, stuffing for pies, salads, soups and so on. If you are afraid of the sugary smell of a flask, you can scald it with boiling water - it will remove the bitterness and neutralize the garlic smell.

But in addition to culinary there are no less important recipes, medical, for the treatment of various ailments. Healing properties of wild garlic help cope with pain in arthritis, skin rashes, runny nose, childhood otitis, strengthen immunity.

What are the folk remedies based on wild garlic and how to prepare them properly?

To strengthen the immunity

  • The simplest recipe with wild garlic for strengthening immunity is as follows:
  1. A teaspoon of white onion bulbs finely chopped.
  2. Pour two cups of water and insist for at least an hour.
  3. Take 50 ml 3 times a day( before eating, not to scare the nearest medicinal garlic flavor).
Spirituous tincture of wild garlic will not only help to increase immunity and improve the tone of the body, but also normalizes the work of the lazy intestine.
  • Spirituous tincture with wild garlic:
  1. For tinctures need bulbs and fresh leaves of wild garlic. Finely chop the grass, fill a half-liter jar, fill it with expensive quality vodka.
  2. Insist two weeks in a warm dark place, away from prying eyes of household members.
  3. For ingestion 15 drops are diluted per quarter of a glass of water, for rubbing and compresses( for example, with rheumatism) use a pure cherry tincture.

From the common cold and sore throat

  • You can cope with the beginning cold with fresh leek: just eat it at night with a little salt in a snack with black bread. If the infection has already spread through the body, more serious methods are needed.
  • To get rid of the cold, this method will help: rinse and dry a few stems of the flask, finely chop them or rub with a blender. Then wrap in 2-3 layers of gauze and insert into the nostrils for 5-7 minutes several times a day.
  • For sore throat, we prepare this rinse: 100 ml of wild garlic juice( grind the grass in a blender and squeeze the juice), dilute 50 ml of warm boiled water.

For dermatitis and purulent rashes

  • For problems with the skin will help medicinal caramelized broth. It is prepared as follows:
  1. 2 tablespoons of fresh leaves and cuttings of bear onion pour water( 500 ml!) And boil.
  2. Then insist in the thermos for at least 4-5 hours.
  3. Strain and wipe the sore spots 5-6 times a day.

To cure severe purulent wounds, compresses from a decoction will help. Linen and cotton cloth should be soaked in the decoction broth, put on damaged areas, wrap with a film, on top - with elastic bandage. Change every 3-4 hours.

Spring recipes with wild garlic - video:

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