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After 25 years of marriage, the couple celebrate the silver anniversary. And 26 years - what kind of wedding? It is called jade. What does this beautiful stone of green tint have to do with the 26th anniversary of the wedding? Jade has an interesting feature: it is very difficult to split into parts. And if you take it in your hand and hold it a little, then the stone will noticeably become warmer - this breed is peculiar to quickly accumulate and slowly give away heat, and also to give its owner sobriety of mind and clarity of thoughts.

It is generally accepted that jade has positive energy, and it is always compared only with something good.
Jade wedding symbolizes the true love and strength of the marriage union. For 26 years of living next to each other, the couple experienced sorrows and joys, raised children, equipped the house, learned to accept each other as they are. All this brings people together, makes them truly relatives, and it is unlikely that there will be any circumstances capable of destroying such a stable, stable union.

How to celebrate?

The main symbol of this celebration is green color. It is associated with life, renewal, rebirth. Therefore, 26 years of weddings are an excellent occasion to refresh the feelings that have lost their sharpness, to rise to a new level of family life.

Jade wedding is celebrated modestly. However, this does not mean that you can not call friends, relatives or friends on a holiday. Moreover, the two should not be celebrated in any case. It is best to hold an event in the framework of a modest family celebration. It can be a small celebration in a cafe or restaurant, at home, or in nature surrounded by greenery.

Wedding traditions for jade wedding

  • Spouses repeat the vows that once, many years ago, they gave each other in the registry office. This tradition helps to recall the feelings that led the couple to the Wedding Palace, refresh the memory of the promises that the newlyweds gave each other on that solemn day.
  • On the 26th wedding anniversary, the husband and wife present each other with a single flower with green leaves. The more leaves, the better: it is commonly believed that they contribute to attracting luck and happiness to the family.
  • As mascots, the spouses give each other jade amulets. Presented with love, sincere and tender feelings, they will absorb all the positive energy and will protect the family from troubles, diseases and evil. It is desirable that the amulets donated to each other by the spouses were of a small size and could always be carried with them.

Gifts for

spouses On the eve of the celebration, both its culprits and invited guests are concerned about what to give to a jade wedding so that the present is useful, enjoyable and at the same time corresponds to the event.

Parents of

What parents usually give their children to such events for their children? Of course, the best that parents can give their children for 26 years of living together is their presence. But parents are people who will never come empty handed.

  • You can give your children a green tea or coffee service from which they will drink the appropriate drinks and remember this wonderful day.
  • Also as a gift, a gift set of bed linen is suitable.
  • Candy.
  • Exquisite champagne.
  • Green tea with different flavors in a gift box.
  • Money is green.


At such a holiday guests are, as a rule, the closest friends. What to give this day to best friends?

  • As a presentation, jade products can perform, and they do not need to be made entirely of this stone: you can donate any thing inlaid with stones or made from a mixture with other minerals.
  • Excellent gift of a gentle green color: towels in a gift box, tablecloth, photo album, dishes, wine glasses, etc.
  • If there are a lot of guests and they expect to present an expensive joint presentation, then a great ideamay be a voucher to China - the birthplace of jade. Such a gift will not leave indifferent the perpetrators of the celebration, and the impressions of the holiday spent together will remain in your memory for many years.


Usually by the 26th anniversary of the wedding, the children of the spouses are already adults, independent people. Children like no one else know what they want and what their parents dream about. Therefore, the choice of a gift for the most dear and dear people to sons and daughters does not cause special difficulties.

As a rule, children always want to make some unsophisticated, from their point of view, father and mother, more "advanced".And a jade wedding is an excellent occasion for this. Therefore, you can give something from modern household electrical appliances: a multifunctional food processor in green colors, an "intelligent" video camera or modern phones.

You can also take care of the health of your parents and present a sports simulator, a massager, a bicycle or a pressure tonometer to measure pressure( if such is necessary).

Of course, the most expensive gift for parents that a child can make is care, attention, love and own happiness and well-being.
After all, children - this is exactly what this family was created for, this is the most beloved and desired guests on the holiday, from which parents expect not material presents, but sincere warmth.


Gifts made to each other are more important than other presents. Therefore, you need to select them carefully.


  1. Accessories made of jade: key chain, cufflinks, rosary, ring, buckle, etc.
  2. Green tie, shirt or anything else that he will wear often.
  3. Hours encrusted with jade.
  4. If the husband likes to steam in a bath, a crushed jade can be a great gift. In the steam room, it is needed to maintain a certain temperature, and its cost is much lower than conventional jade.

Presenting gifts, do not forget about verbal congratulations. Warm, kind words addressed to her husband on this holiday, can leave much more joyful impressions in the heart than the most expensive gift.


  1. As a gift to dear wife, you can present a romantic statuette, for example, in the form of pigeons and hearts, or a box encrusted with jade.
  2. Jewelry - pendant, ring, earrings.
  3. A good gift will be a thing that my wife has long dreamed of. Perhaps she often stopped at the store in front of a multifunctional multivark or a beautiful dress.
  4. You can also pick up a spouse's favorite scent of perfume in a green bottle.
  5. Unusual, rare and valuable flowers - green roses, which are supplied under the order. Such gesture of the husband of the spouse will necessarily estimate and will recollect with warmth and gratitude still long time.

Gifts the husband and wife, as a rule, present each other in the morning, when they only woke up, and the celebration is usually held in the evening.

In the daytime, the family can go somewhere to relax: in the cinema, theater, a concert, or just take a walk around the city, dine at a restaurant or a cafe. Time spent in this way together, very close and makes the relationship even warmer and more trustful.

Also, my beloved wife can not fail to appreciate the sea of ​​compliments, uttered on this day from the mouth of her husband. Do not forget that gifts are gifts, and a woman, as you know, "loves with ears."

26 years of marriage - this is already quite a lot, but at the same time the couple has so much ahead! On this holiday, guests wish their spouses to live up to the most honorable, ruby ​​wedding, and for this they will need a clear mind and sobriety of thought, which the magic stone of jade gives.

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