What does the odor of acetone from the mouth in an adult or child

The appearance of the odor of acetone from the mouth in adults is mainly caused by diseases of the oral cavity or gastrointestinal tract, but sometimes this symptom may indicate the development of serious health problems. Therefore, in case of an unpleasant odor in the mouth, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo an appropriate examination.

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Acetone is a product of incomplete breakdown of fats and proteins. This is a necessary and important substance in the human body, which must be present in human blood in acceptable values. When the amount of acetone increases, the acid-base balance changes, which leads to a metabolic disorder. If the level of acetone becomes very high, a person's life is endangered.

In the adult

, the following causes the appearance of the odor of acetone from the mouth in an adult:

  • Diabetes mellitus. Glucose gradually accumulates in the blood, as it can not reach the cells that lack nutrients and lack energy. To restore the disturbed balance, the body begins to actively break down fats and proteins. As a result, there is a toxic poisoning of the body, there is a smell of acetone from the mouth, and in urine there is an increased content of ketone bodies.

  • Fasting and improper nutrition lead to a rise in the blood level of ketone bodies( poisonous substances), which is manifested by the smell of acetone from the mouth. Acetone appears due to incomplete protein processing, when foods with their high content predominate in the diet, and fats that are burned because of insufficient intake of carbohydrates. Such an unbalanced food poison the body and adversely affect the work of the filter and discharge organs.
  • Endocrine diseases. The odor of acetone from the mouth can be the result of a serious disease - thyrotoxicosis, which symptoms include tachycardia, irritability, sweating, brittle hair, dry skin, weight loss and trembling of the hands. Failure in the thyroid gland is due to increased production of hormones that are responsible for the breakdown of fats and proteins.
  • Dysfunction and liver disease, an important organ that produces enzymes responsible for the cleavage and assimilation of essential substances.
  • Diseases of the kidneys. High blood pressure, problems with urination, swelling, pain in the lumbar region and the smell of acetone from the mouth and from urine - the symptoms of nephrosis and kidney dystrophy. These are diseases in which there is a violation of fat and metabolic processes. With such symptoms it is necessary to consult a nephrologist or a urologist to avoid the development of a serious complication - renal failure.
  • Infections. Virtually all colds and acute conditions with high body temperature lead to severe dehydration of the body. When such diseases are long-lasting, and there is not enough water in the body, protein breakdown begins and as a result, an acetone smell appears.

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The child

Factors contributing to the increase in the level of acetone in the blood in childrenInfections and fever.

  • Incorrect food or overeating.
  • Stress, overwork.
  • Endocrine Disorders.
  • Disturbance in the work of various organs.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • An increase in blood poisoning in children and, as a result, acetone in the urine and a corresponding odor in the oral cavity may be signs of acetone syndrome. In addition to the smell, it is accompanied by vomiting. This syndrome is of a periodic nature and, as a rule, independently passes during adolescence.

    Isolate the primary and secondary forms of acetone syndrome. In the first case, the ailment develops due to malnutrition, in the second cause diseases of an infectious nature become.

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    If an acetone smell is detected in a child, it is necessary to show it to a pediatric gastroenterologist or pediatrician to find out the cause of the smell. In rare cases, the smell of acetone from the mouth can occur with gum disease or teeth, so you may also need to consult a dentist. For the diagnosis, you need a general blood test, blood sugar, urine for acetone, feces for dysbiosis and worms, etc.

    In the case of a mild form of the syndrome, the child can be treated at home, but under the close supervision of the treating doctor. In the treatment of acetone, especially on the first day a small patient needs to provide a water-alkaline diet, give more liquid in small portions. On the second day you can give fresh food with the restriction of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fried and fatty foods. Also, to speed up the normalization of the level of acetone in the blood, the doctor can prescribe enzymes - Pancreatin and Creon.

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    In healthy babies who are breastfed, the mouth always smells of milk. If suddenly the baby has a smell of acetone from the mouth, then it is better for parents to visit a doctor and take the necessary laboratory tests to eliminate serious diseases. The cause of the appearance of odor from the mouth in a baby can be kidney disease, pancreas, intestinal dysbiosis or other diseases associated with impaired internal organs.

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    In the pregnant

    The delicate position is always accompanied by significant changes in the woman's body, including the appearance of the odor of acetone from the mouth. One of the reasons for its occurrence is a strong toxicosis, which causes dehydration of the body and, as a consequence, the appearance of acetone in the urine and a characteristic odor from the oral cavity.

    Also, the odor of acetone in a pregnant woman can occur when teeth are destroyed due to a lack of calcium in the body, the development of diabetes and other serious diseases. The appearance of an acetone odor is a serious reason for contacting a doctor for examination to avoid the development of life-threatening fetal complications.

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    After taking alcohol

    The smell of acetone from the mouth can appear as a result of alcohol intoxication, which is accompanied by vomiting, severe headaches, general malaise. With severe poisoning, patients can be hospitalized and carry out the necessary procedures: droppers, gastric lavage, etc. With mild intoxication, bed rest and plenty of drinking are recommended.

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    How to get rid of

    To eliminate the odor of acetone in the mouth, the treating physician needs to know the complete clinical picture. In addition to the smell, the patient can complain of thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, anxiety, irritability, heart palpitations, weight loss with good appetite.

    Treatment of this condition is quite specific and depends on the cause that caused it. You can not engage in self-medication, since the causes of increased levels of acetone in the blood are associated with serious processes occurring in the body. Only a comprehensive examination will reveal a disease or pathology leading to the appearance of an odor.

    When metabolic processes are disturbed, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluid consumed, which removes toxic decomposition products from the body. In such cases it is recommended tea, mineral water, juices, cranberry fruit cockles, which fill the body's fluid reserves and for a while eliminate the odor of acetone from the mouth.

    In diabetes, the main disease is treated, but it will not be possible to completely get rid of the problem of unpleasant odor. This is possible only on condition of a complete cure for diabetes.

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