What candles help with hemorrhoids - a review of the best drugs on the market

Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects more than 30% of all people on the planet, although this is not an infectious disease.

This varicose veins, which is simultaneously combined with thrombosis and inflammatory process in the rectum.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids are burning, itching, tingling and pain in the anus. In addition, blood stains in the stool.

It is better to deal with the prevention of hemorrhoids than to suffer from it. To do this, you should lead an active lifestyle, move a lot and constantly monitor your weight.

But if the disease does come, do not have to self-medicate. It is important to consult a specialist.

It is the professional who will select the most effective treatment. In order to treat the disease, suppositories are widely used.


  • Usage of suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Species of used candles
  • Features of application
  • TOP-10 recommended
    • Anusole - guaranteed quality
    • Candles with belladonna fit all
    • The most famous and popular - Relief
    • Candles of Methyluracil - features of use
    • Ichthyol suppositories - and painwill pass and inflammation
    • Sea-buckthorn candles - natural and effective
    • Popular remedy Natalsid
    • Candles with heparin - an unforgettable classicand
    • Proctoglivenol will rescue in the most severe cases
    • Suppositories Proctosan

Use of suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Most patients are saved from hemorrhoids with candles and for this there are several reasons:

  1. They act instantly as soon as melt. Do not wait for their absorption into the blood. They act directly on the hemorrhoids.
  2. Suppositories against hemorrhoids are on sale , besides they are almost all inexpensive and at the same time effective. In any pharmacy there is a wide choice of such medicines.
  3. Rectal candles is convenient to use .You do not need to have a medical education or special knowledge to use them. Almost every person at home can bring in a candle.
  4. The therapeutic suppositories can be used by all , even small children and pregnant women.

Suppositories against hemorrhoids - this is the ideal remedy if the patient has internal hemorrhoids. To treat the external form of this disease, such dosage forms are also often used.

Kinds of candles used

Several types of similar preparations are on the market at once. Each of them has its own merits and features:

  1. Hemostatic , designed to get rid of bleeding - a frequent symptom of hemorrhoids. There are candles, which include adrenaline or ice.
  2. Analgesics , which may include benzocaine, belladonna, anestezin, propolis or lidocaine. Their main purpose is to eliminate pain in the anus.
  3. Anti-inflammatory suppositories are usually hormonal or homeopathic medicines. Their main task is to relieve inflammation with hemorrhoids.
  4. Healing candles are used to treat the disease, and to get rid of cracks in the rectal mucosa. These drugs in addition to accelerating healing, relieve the patient of bleeding and pain.
  5. Combined preparations contain several active components. They are aimed at getting rid of the patient immediately from several symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Depending on the degree of development of the disease, its course and symptoms, the proctologist will select the type of candles for the patient. He will appoint the most effective and necessary medicines at the moment.

Features of the application

Rectal suppositories are most often prescribed for internal hemorrhoids in a patient.

Their use, although it does not require specialized skills, but you need to take into account all the nuances:

  1. Rectal candle is introduced only after bowel movement .Immediately after this, all hygienic should be carried out.
  2. The suppository should not be allowed to fall into the rectum of the .Otherwise, it will have minimal effect on the problem area. It is recommended to delay the drug candle directly in the anal canal until it dissolves.
  3. If it is only necessary to use a candle once a day, then its should be entered before going to sleep .
  4. With a two-time introduction of the suppository, the is first used in the morning, without getting up from the bed .After that you need to lie down for half an hour.

These simple rules help to achieve maximum efficiency from rectal suppositories against hemorrhoids.

TOP-10 recommended

It is impossible to say unambiguously which candles are best used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it all depends on many specific factors and the required result.

Today in pharmacies there are many medicines that can cope with the symptoms of the disease.

We offer the top ten most popular products based on the opinions of doctors and judging by the practical experience of using candles by patients.

Anusole - guaranteed quality

Anusole is a medicament for treating all stages of hemorrhoids and cracks. These candles complex impact on the affected areas. The medicine dries, relieves inflammation, spasms, itching and pain.

That's why the use of these candles gives a very quick effect. And relapses practically does not arise.

Depending on the severity of the disease, candles are prescribed 1-3 times per day. The total dose per day can not exceed 7 suppositories.

Reviews of patients who used anusole for hemorrhoids, very often positive.

Hemorrhoids did not bypass me. Once I just felt unbearably sick to go to the toilet for a lot. It turned out - hemorrhoids.

The doctor ordered Anuzol. Candles are inexpensive, but effective!

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Igor, 39 years old

During pregnancy I was overcome by hemorrhoids. I had to be treated with these candles. They helped quickly. In just 5 days, all the symptoms disappeared.

Vera, 24 years

The main advantage of Anuzol is its complex effect. This effect is achieved by 3 main ingredients of the drug: extract of belladonna, xerobes and zinc sulfate.

Candles with belladonna fit all

Candles with belladonna are painkillers and antispasmodics. Thanks to their unique composition, they help to relax all the muscles of the intestine and quickly defecate.

This drug doctors often appoint young mothers and pregnant women. After all, they often encounter such an problem.

With hemorrhoids, the doctor appoints 1-3 candles with bellies a day. Approximately 7 days the course of their reception proceeds till full recovery.

Candles with belladonna constantly receive positive feedback from patients. They have long established themselves as an effective tool. But before you buy it, you should carefully study all the contraindications.

The candles proved to be effective. But it is worth knowing that they noticeably relax the intestines. Therefore, in the abdomen constantly twists, often have to go to the toilet.

Irina, 37 years old

Candles with belladonna helped me, but not very fast. Have advised in a drugstore. I bought it. Only after 10 days I got rid of pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

Peter, 45 years old

The most famous and popular ones - Relief

Relief - candles for hemorrhoid treatment, the main component of which is the liver of a shark.

Thanks to the use of this drug, it is possible to achieve hemostatic, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. The patient's condition is relieved quite quickly.

The Relief drug has its own limitations on use.

Do not use candles for pregnant women. It is most advisable to consult a doctor before using them. He will prescribe and dosage of the medicine.

The opinion of patients about suppositories Relief is not so unambiguous as they are beautifully painted in a commercial.

Efficient candles, no addictive do not cause. I did not have any allergies, although I suffer from this.

Constantine, 42 years old

Candles helped. I did not like just that they are dirtying clothes. After melting, the wax begins to flow out.

Natalia, 29 years old

If you carefully follow all the doctor's recommendations for dosage, there will be no side effects from using the product.

These suppositories have even proven themselves as an excellent remedy for alleviating the chronic form of hemorrhoids.

Candles of Methyluracil - features of use of

Methyluracil suppositories are intended for topical use. They act directly on the hearth of the problem, removing symptoms such as pain, inflammation, bleeding.

These antihemorrhoid candles contribute to the speedy regeneration of tissues.

In one approach, an adult patient can use 1-2 candles. At once several doses will be required for patients who have a neglected state of the disease. Children are assigned 1 candle per day. And babies, who do not yet have and 7 years - only half the dose.

Methyluracil suppositories are used in hemorrhoids by many patients, due to the fact that they are very effective and inexpensive.

I work as a driver, so I could not avoid hemorrhoids. These candles always save me. Just a couple of days - and nothing hurts.

Michael, 28 years old

Methyluracil is always in my medicine cabinet. At the first symptoms of hemorrhoids, this is simply an indispensable tool. I really like it, it's effective.

Ilya, 58 years old

Candles with methyluracil are especially good if the hemorrhoids are in an acute condition.

They also fit as a preventive measure against relapse. But these candles can not eliminate bleeding. Therefore, often the doctor prescribes this drug in combination with other suppositories.

Ichthyol suppositories - and pain will pass and inflammation

Ichthyol suppositories help to quickly get rid of symptomatic manifestations of hemorrhoids, if it is true to apply them.

With their help, you can reduce pain, remove puffiness, significantly improve blood flow in problem areas, to stop inflammation.

In addition, ichthyol is a substance that promotes an increase in the tone of the veins. Accordingly, the fight against the disease is successful.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is best to use not only ichthyol suppositories, but also ointment based on this substance.

Only 2 candles per day and you can deal with the problem in just a few days.

Convenient and effective. For 2 days I got rid of hemorrhoids.

Ekaterina, 76 years old

The girlfriend has advised. Candles are inexpensive, in every pharmacy there is. It is better to use both candles and ointment at once. And for the day you can cure hemorrhoids then.

Elena, 43 years old

Ichthyol candles are a time-tested medicine that has been used for a century. They still successfully save the health of many people. In addition, this tool is very budgetary.

Sea-buckthorn candles - natural and effective

Candles with sea-buckthorn are a hypoallergenic product that is suitable for every patient with hemorrhoids.

Even pregnant women doctors prescribe this drug. The effect of this medication is quite mild. It is necessary to put every day before going to bed 1 rectally. Improvement will come after a week or two.

Children are not recommended to use more than 1 candle a day. In adults, the dosage can be increased to 2 candles. In this case, the course of treatment should last at least 10 days.

Reviews of patients who used sea-buckthorn candles for treatment of hemorrhoids, confirm the effectiveness of the remedy.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids came. I did not have the strength to endure it. I had to treat. Candles with sea-buckthorn softly and quickly helped.

Vera, 29 years old

As a doctor I must say that from hemorrhoids a candle with sea-buckthorn is the lightest drug. He will gradually, but gently treat the problem.

Kristina Nikolaevna, 43 years old

Sea-buckthorn candles are completely safe. They are prescribed to patients of different ages( even advanced).They will not affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy at any time.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Popular remedy Natalsid

Natalsid - suppositories with anti-inflammatory and restorative properties.

The main substance of suppositories is sodium alginate.

Get it from seaweed. Therefore, this drug is natural, natural.

Adult patients with hemorrhoids Natalsid are prescribed 2 candles per day( morning and evening).

The course should last at least a week, a maximum of 2 weeks.

I thought that hemorrhoids would stay with me for life. Last time I got to another proctologist. He ordered Natalseed. All symptoms went away.

Igor Stepanovich, 55 years old

I did not think that I would face hemorrhoids. I bought Natalside. They helped quickly. No side effects.

Victoria, 27 years

Candles with heparin - unforgettable classics

Candles with heparin are rightfully considered to be one of the most inexpensive and effective. They are one of the most popular among buyers. With their help, you can stop the process of thrombosis and stop the further development of the disease.

An effective therapeutic effect from the use of heparinic suppositories will occur when they are correctly introduced.

The doctor prescribed Hephazone from hemorrhoids. Candles are easily introduced, quickly act. Quite effective proved to be.

Ivan, 74 years

Nigepan advise everyone who suffers from hemorrhoids. There are no problems with the introduction, side effects are absent, a week - and no bleeding and pain.

Elizaveta Maksimovna, 36

It is impossible to find heparin candles directly in the pharmacy. In production, there are only rectal suppositories using this active substance. Such means include: Gepatrombin G, Nigepan, Gebryolone.

Proctoglivenol will save in the most severe cases.

Proctoglivenol is a suppository of complex action. They are able not only to remove the inflammatory process, but also to reduce pain.

The main indications for the use of these candles are chronic and acute internal hemorrhoids.

The dosage and duration of treatment with the drug is determined only by a specialist.

But in the acute form of the disease prescribe 1 candle at night.

My daughter got hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Difficult, of course. Treated several different drugs. But this one really helped.

Lyudmila Ivanovna, 54 years old

I'm ashamed to admit, but I have hemorrhoids. He launched so that from pain he could neither sit, nor stand, nor walk. Now I am being treated with proctoglivenol. The condition was already alleviated on the 2nd day.

Виктор, 38 years old

Proctogliolol is a remedy that is recommended to be used even in the most severe cases, when surgical intervention should be applied, but it is contraindicated.

Therefore, an independent decision on the use of this tool can not be accepted. And you should seek help from a doctor.

Suppositories Proctosan

Proctosan candles consist of a variety of medicinal components.

Therefore, they have several actions at once: they dry the problem areas, promote the healing of cracks, and anesthetize them.

Indications for their use is hemorrhoids not only 1 and 2 degrees, but also the chronic course of the disease.

Suppositories are applied rectally on 1-2 per day. The general course of treatment lasts no more than 10 days.

The hemorrhoids came out unexpectedly. I went to the doctor, prescribed Proctosan. After the first use I felt the effect.

Svetlana Yuryevna, 46 years old

I have chronic hemorrhoids. I tried a lot of money. While the most effective with the problem is coping with proctozan.

Denis, 53 years old

Proctosan is an effective medical preparation. He is very popular with specialists. Therefore, it is often part of complex therapy.

Specific suppositories against hemorrhoids are prescribed only by a doctor. After all, the choice of this or that drug depends on the prevailing symptom( bleeding, itching, inflammation or pain).

In each case, the doctor individually approaches the problem and assigns the most effective means for the patient.

Therefore, you do not need to prescribe medicines against hemorrhoids yourself, it will be meaningless, and sometimes even dangerous, although they are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription. But it's better to trust a professional.

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