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The beauty and grooming of a modern girl depends largely on her skill and desire to monitor her appearance. There are several basic criteria by which it is easy to distinguish a stylish girl in a crowd: clothes, hair, make-up and, of course, a quality manicure.

The presence or absence of beautifully designed nails determines the beauty of women's hands. Professionally executed work will become an indispensable attribute of your style. A beautiful and well-groomed manicure can not be created without special tools and fashionable varnishes for the summer of 2017. In the fashion trends of 2017 each will find something suitable for itself.

In the fashion and calm classics, never emerging from trends, and avant-garde designs with 3D manicure, futuristic motifs in ultra-actual Negative space, etc.

But the main trend in 2015 is simplicity, naturalness and convenience. And now more!

Fashion trends

  1. Negative space. Emptiness is the main trend of this season. This kind of manicure allowed to further individualize your image. The essence of the trend is to leave most of the nail unpainted. Legislators of this fashion were Charlotte Ronson and Dion Lee, who demonstrated it on their models during the New York Fashion Week.
  2. Cosmic manicure. To create this masterpiece, masters use a wide variety of materials: glitter, acrylic, colored sand, etc. The work is bright and memorable. By the way, it can be created at home: just apply a basic dark coating and add highlights and asterisks.
  3. French manicure( French).The modern French manicure has undergone significant changes in comparison with the classical solution. Now the fashionable French strip can be located not only on the tip of the nail, but also in the middle, repeat and even bifurcate at the end. Changed and the classic square shape of the nails on a more rounded version. Fashionable varnish varnishes will help you in creating an ultramodern manicure.
  4. Stamping - another novelty, well proven in the circles of women of fashion. Stamping is a set of adaptations( stencils and spatula) that help to create an image on the nails by printing it. This method of patterning allows you to create unique designs with your own hands even for those girls who can not draw at all. Nail design is bright, fashionable and eye-catching.
  5. Nude. Native varnish is always at the peak of popularity due to its versatility and practicality. Do not forget about this trend in 2017.Feel free to wear nudes for work or study, and you will always look appropriate, fashionable and well-groomed.
  6. Rhinestones. In the nail art to this day, the actual remains of rhinestones and sequins. However, know that it is very easy to overdo them and add vulgarities to the image. Therefore, use them only on special occasions or as a mini-accent.
  7. 3d manicure. This trend is one of the most extraordinary and courageous decisions. It is often called Caviar, which literally means caviar. Nails are covered with small beads, through which a unique design is easily and quickly created.
  8. Ombre or gradient manicure is also at the peak of popularity. To create such a nail art, you need to choose the right combination of colors and make a neat stretch.
In summer manicure try to use bright juicy shades. It is best to take one varnish a little darker than the other, so that the transition is most noticeable.

Length and shape

The well-chosen length of the nail plate is able to stretch the hand and give it charm and femininity. That's why many girls prefer medium or long nails. Such nails are associated with passion and femininity, but they are not always comfortable to wear, and we know that one of the main modern trend is naturalness.

Therefore, pay attention to the average length. It is most relevant and comfortable for all women. At this length, you can embody any desired manicure.

However, short-cut nails, with a neatly applied coating, give their owner modesty and attractiveness. In this season, the most popular length is a short, no more than 5 mm from the edge of the nail plate. The optimal length is 2-3 cm.

The shape is oval and almond-shaped. In fashion, the most rounded and natural forms. To lovers of square and pointed nails, it is better to change the habit in favor of current trends.

Textures and Textures

  • The dullness came to us from last season, but does not lose its relevance. Matt surfaces look noble and unusual. When buying a matte varnish, give preference to dark shades;
  • Gloss is an classic of nail art. Glossy varnish is the basis of the basics. Having a glossy varnish of the actual shade, you can always create a high-quality and beautiful manicure in a short time;
  • Transparency and semitransparency are the main trends of this year. Use them to the full to have time to enjoy and always keep up with the times.

And of course do not forget how delicately it looks a combination of matte lacquer-base and refined patterns with glossy varnish.

The combination of textures will allow you to diversify the usual nude or to give refinement to a monophonic black cover.

This option is suitable for a party, a date with your loved one, and for working days in the office.

Trendy colors and shades of

varnish The most fashionable colors of this season: all shades of pink from coral to light pink, cream color. Pastel bleached shades: light gray, white, sky blue. And also blue, green and their shades.

Also a novelty is the use of a base of transparent lacquer with additional application of a small pattern. More often it can be a strip of color or a sparkle, a simple geometric pattern or a small accent on the end of the nail plate.

From past seasons, it remains relevant to color nails in different colors. You can choose similar colors from the pastel scale, or completely opposite.

Thermo lacquer

This coating changes color depending on the temperature regime. Thus, when applied, the varnish will change color on the nail, and the free edge will remain the same as in the vial. If you want to buy a fashionable thermo-lacquer, then choose all shades of red, pink and scarlet.

Lac-gel or shellac

The most fashionable colors of gel-varnish are coral, peach, coffee and mint shades. The advantage of this varnish is a long service life - up to two weeks, and the brightness of the colors. It less injures the nail plate when removing the coating.

  • Trends The bands are the main element for creating individual designs this year. Interesting patterns and compositions from the lines you can create without much difficulty.
  • Damage. Fashionable varnishes this season will not be so interesting, if not dilute them with a unique element. Try the effect of damage in the manicure and be irresistible.
  • Gold and silver. When choosing a fashionable color of varnish, do not forget the gold and silver designs. They always look refined and noble.
  • Geometry gives us the opportunity to use zigzags, squares and triangles for our pleasure. This trend is suitable for courageous and original girls who are not afraid of experiments.

How to choose the perfect varnish

Successfully matched nail polish should suit you according to several criteria: it's a shade that perfectly matches with any detail of your costume, and a matte or glossy finish, minimalism or an abundance of patterns and, finally, it must evenly go to bedand hold on for a long time.

When choosing a nail polish, fashionable this season, be sure to get a transparent coating and varnishes with fine brushes( to create a French manicure) to easily apply a small pattern.

Also be sure to purchase 2-3 basic matte shades and a few universal pastel tones for manicure work in the nude style.

The rest of the variety is limited only by your imagination, courage and fashion trends 2017.

We hope that our article helped you to understand the actual issue - which varnish is fashionable this year. Remember that a beautiful and modern nail design will allow you to always stay in the spotlight. This is a great way of self-expression, which has unlimited space for creativity.

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