How to properly plant strawberries

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In order to always get a good and rich crop,periodically transplant strawberries to another place. The fact that the level of fruiting to 3-4 years, it is reduced, and the plant is subject to renewal. Let's look at how to properly plant strawberries to accidentally prevent mistakes and achieve a good harvest.

What to look for

It is not so difficult to take care of a strawberry plantation, as it may seem to an inexperienced gardener at first glance. It is only necessary to water it, weed the weeds in time and prevent the growth of strawberry bushes, as this leads to a decrease in its yield. To strawberries did not expand, you should periodically remove the appearing tendrils.

However, you should not touch those bushes that you plan to use for reproduction. For this purpose it is desirable to select those plants that abundantly fructified in the previous year. In the spring they will have to cut off flowers from their surface, until the berries are tied up. If you miss this moment, the prepared shrubs will be unsuitable for reproduction.

When you notice that a rosette has formed on the mustache, it must be pressed with a stud to the ground. This will allow it to take root more quickly in the soil. The same actions should be performed with other sockets that appeared on the bushes left for breeding.

When should strawberries be planted?

The best time to transplant strawberry bush is the middle of summer. As a rule, this is either the third decade of July or the beginning of August. However, it is best to navigate the weather. It should not be rainy or too hot and sunny. It is recommended to choose a cloudy and warm day for transplanting plants.

As a rule, a strawberry is planted in the evening before sunset. This will allow young, only transplanted bushes not to suffer immediately from the scorching sun, and slowly get used to the new land.

Despite the above, the time when it is necessary to plant a strawberry directly depends on the climatic conditions in a specific locality. For example, in the southern regions of Russia, it is best to hold this event no later than July 20, and in the central part of the country - after this time( approximately in early August).

Preparation of land

Before planting strawberries, you must first prepare beds.
The land is chosen by the one where marigolds, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cereals or legumes used to grow. In this case, you can be sure that the earth will be saturated with all the useful microelements that are necessary for the full development of young plants.

In addition, pay attention to the moment that strawberry is a shade-tolerant plant and requires for its growth and development a lot of moisture. Therefore, a good choice can be a plot of land that adjoins the garden and is in the shade of fruit trees.

To start, the site is dug using a shovel or special equipment, cleaned of weeds, old foliage and grass. Fertilizers( organic or inorganic) are introduced into the soil. Most often for soil feeding use humus or manure.

Preparation of land and seedlings should be dealt with in the spring. Initially, you select the plantation and strawberry bushes most suitable for these purposes for reproduction. As soon as the flowers appear, they should be cut off immediately, until the berries are fastened. In the current season you will not get strawberries with these bush, however, in the following year, with the right actions, large berries will appear in abundance.

No further intervention is required other than regular watering. Note that from one mother plant, you can get up to 30 strawberry bushes.

  • The time for transplanting the outlets will come when you notice that they are rooted and 3-4 young leaves appeared on them.
  • On the selected land plot, it is necessary to mark the beds for transplantation and dig holes, the diameter and depth of which is approximately 15 cm. Each of them must be at least 50 cm apart from the other. This place will be sufficient for the further development of the plants and their fruiting.
  • After all the above, you can go directly to the transplantation of pre-prepared strawberry bush.

The procedure is not particularly complex and does not require preparation. You can follow the recommendations given in this article and be sure to get a wonderful harvest of sweet berries for the next year.

The most popular way of transplanting

Let's take a detailed look at how to plant a strawberry in a universal way so that the next season it yields a rich harvest. This process should be transferred when the land is fully prepared.

  • Before planting, we separate with scissors the antennae left for propagation with rosettes from the bush. To do this, cut them at the base and gently dig out rosettes rooted in the ground. These actions should be carried out very carefully, since the roots of the young plant are still weak and thin. With careless actions, they can be damaged, which will make the plant completely unfit for future use.
  • The should be removed for transplantation with lumps formed around fragile roots, with which they should be transferred to a new location. The plant is placed in a well, sprinkled on top of the ground and abundantly watered with warm water.
  • The new bush should be placed so that its growth point is at ground level. If it is heavily sunk, the plant will begin to rot and die. If placed too high, it will wither.

Watering of young bushes should be carried out quite often, approximately 2 times a day. In this case, the amount of water should be small, so as not to flood the plant, do not cause its decay and further death.

Twice a week, the soil around the bushes of transplanted plants should be loosened. Do this should be at a depth of no more than 3-4 cm, so as to not accidentally damage the fragile roots.

If you have correctly carried out all the above actions, by the winter the plant will pass the stage of vegetation necessary for its further development and from it you will get a full bush. The first crop of strawberries you will get already next spring. With the right actions, you are guaranteed to be provided with a large number of large, juicy and sweet berries.

Planting strawberries in the spring - video

Another way of transplanting with antennae

There are many options for planting strawberries in the spring. In addition to the above universal, we can use another very interesting and effective option.

After the rosettes left for breeding have appeared, they should be carefully fixed with studs in small cups( you can use a plastic jar from sour cream or baby yogurt for this purpose).In this case, you need to ensure that you do not accidentally tear off the socket from the bush.

Please note that the cup must be pre-filled with earth, which you can take on the plot prepared for transplanting strawberries. To the root system of a young plant properly and well developed, the soil in a glass should be constantly moistened with clean warm water.

When a new shoot appears 3-4 new leaves, a rosette with garden shears should be separated from the mother's bush. The plants are taken out of the glass with the earth and placed in the holes in the manner described above.

Transplanting strawberries by dividing the bush

You can propagate strawberries not only with antennae. There are other ways. For example, you can plant a strawberry by dividing the bush. This variant is most suitable for varieties that give small antennae or do not form them at all.

Let's take a closer look at how to properly arrange the strawberries by dividing. For this, the following procedure is necessary: ​​

  1. Several shrubs are selected for breeding, which last year yielded a rich harvest.
  2. Each from the selected bushes should be divided into several parts. Note that they must be present on the roots, even if they are small in size.
  3. On the bushes cut off the leaves. This will direct the plant's forces to the development of the root system.
  4. For planting strawberries prepare a plantation: loosen the ground with the help of chopping or special equipment, clean from weeds and plant debris, fertilize.
  5. On the land plot prepared for planting young plants, form rows and shallow holes( up to 15 cm).
  6. Plant strawberry bushes in pits, cover them with soil and water well.
  7. Within a week after planting, plants should be watered several times a day, especially if the weather is hot and dry at this time.
The main condition - the soil should always remain moist, so that the plant is rooted and the root system begins to develop in a new soil.

A few important tips for

Let's look at the main recommendations that will allow you to transplant the strawberries correctly:

  • Young seedlings should be planted in cloudy weather or at sunset. To carry out this exercise should not be under the scorching sun, which can adversely affect the plant, for example, burn young leaves.
  • If the sun is heavily sunburned the next day after planting, strawberries should be blocked from the hay by hay or thin covering material. Thus, you protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight, which can lead to the death of a young plant.
  • Keep wells at a distance of at least 35 cm from each other. Between the rows it is necessary to leave a space of 50-70 cm. This is necessary for the full growth and development of plants.
  • 7 days after the strawberry transplantation, it is necessary to add fertilizing to the ground in order to create conditions for the development of the root system of plants. It is best to use chicken manure, diluted in a small amount of warm water.
  • To ensure the flow of oxygen to the roots of transplanted strawberry bush, it is necessary to loosen the soil 1-2 times a week.
  • Before the fall, it is recommended that the land be covered with sawdust, grass or straw. The mulching procedure will help to retain moisture in the soil and slow the growth of weeds.

How to plant a strawberry - video

What to do with an old strawberry

Plantation with an old strawberry is still useful. After you transplant the young bushes, the old plants should be uprooted, folded into a heap and dried. Then, well-dried plants are burned, and the resulting ash is used as a fertilizer, since it contains a lot of useful microelements.

Zolu is best used to feed young strawberry bush. So you will provide them with the right substances and achieve a good harvest.

After learning how to properly plant strawberries, you can achieve a good harvest next summer. As a rule, shrubs are transplanted using antennae or by dividing.

Preparing for planting strawberries should be carried out in the spring, and the event itself - in the second half of the summer.

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