Diet will help to defeat varicose veins - the basic principles of a healthy diet

Healthy legs Varicose veins, a pathological condition in which, due to the depletion of the vascular wall, veins swell, lengthen, clots form and blood flow becomes not physiologic.

For treatment, as a rule, combined methods are used: operation + non-surgical methods of .

In the early stages of the disease can be managed without surgery.

But, regardless of the type of treatment chosen, to reduce the incidence of relapse will have to revise the entire lifestyle. Starting with physical activity, ending with a diet. What is so important about diet?

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  • What is so important about diet?

    The importance of the diet is to cleanse the body, to remove the load on the entire circulatory system, to restore blood flow to damaged areas. The diet is suitable for all types of varicose veins - legs, pelvic organs, hemorrhoids.

    In many cases, this is the only supplement to surgery, and an excellent prevention tool.

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    When developing a diet for a specific patient, a number of factors are taken into account: heredity, weight, general condition of the organism, age, lifestyle( specificity of work and leisure).But for all diets there are general principles of , observance of which will avoid the mass of complications.

    The objectives of the diet

    When compiling a diet, always adhere to the following scheme:

    1. Reduce the viscosity of the blood. This measure is important for restoring blood circulation, supplying tissue cells and vessels, reducing blood pressure to a physiological level.
    2. Strengthen the vessels. Regardless of the main treatment, the depleted walls of the vessels need strengthening, increasing tone, in some places of healing.
    3. If you have problems with being overweight, should introduce restrictions on the total caloric intake, add physical activity. Combating varicose veins in the presence of excess weight is ineffective and, often, meaningless.
    4. Remove the edema of , while providing the body with a sufficient amount of fluid.

    Which products will be useful in the treatment of varicose disease

    It should be noted that with the right approach, nutrition with varicose veins is full, such a diet will not lead to the development of additional problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
    1. Products rich in fiber. All carbohydrates that make up food products are either sugars - quickly split, stimulate the release of insulin and healthy eating the formation of subcutaneous fat, and vegetable fibers - fiber. It is not broken down by enzymes, but only by the microflora of the intestine,fat is not delayed, and nutrients enter the body for a long time, gradually releasing energy. Therefore it is necessary to switch to whole grain bread, instead of pasta, there are porridges( wheat, barley, corn).Introduce in the diet vegetables such as carrots, cabbage inflorescences, broccoli, asparagus, etc.
    2. Water. Water balance is an important aspect in the treatment of varicose veins. It is necessary to reduce the amount of salt, so that the liquid does not turn into swelling. Daily allowance is about two liters. Carbonated water will not work. Perhaps juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas - without sugar.
    3. Dried fruits. Prunes, raisins, dried apricots. These products have the property of diluting the blood. This is extremely important when treating varicose veins. It is especially good to replace all sweets from the diet with dried fruits.
    4. Seasonings. Ginger, thyme, turmeric, curry. They not only help reduce the viscosity of blood, but also give the dishes a wonderful taste and aroma.
    5. Vegetables. They should be eaten as much as possible and more often. Preference is given to raw vegetables, various salads from them. Only as a dressing, sour cream and mayonnaise are not allowed. You can vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon or cranberry juice.
    6. Algae. Sea kale, sea mushrooms - contain a lot of vitamins and macro- and microelements. It is a wonderful tool for increasing the elasticity of blood vessels.
    7. Nuts, beans, peas - rich in vegetable protein, easy to digest.
    8. Vitamin E - it is advisable to consume 2-3 table spoons of vegetable oil daily. Not only sunflower, but also olive, sesame, pumpkin.
    9. Sprouted wheat, is rich in antioxidants, cleans the body of toxins, it will have a positive effect on the condition of the vessels and will be useful for burning excess fats.
    10. Fruits and berries. Many of them are rich in vitamin C, which is necessary in the treatment of varicose veins. Such berries as cherries, raspberries raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, which improves cellular respiration, and, accordingly, the state of the vascular cells.
    11. Fish and seafood. In the period of treatment and recovery, they should be the main source of protein, so necessary for the formation of cells, to provide the body with energy of ATP.Squids, shrimps, mussels do not contain cholesterol, for that there is a lot of copper in them.

    What foods should be excluded from the

    diet There are a number of products that are contraindicated on a diet with varicose veins and other types of disease:

    1. fatty food Alcohol. Strongly prohibited alcohol. It increases blood pressure and makes the vessels fragile, so you can not use beer, wine, or drinks "stronger".
    2. Fatty foods. The body spends too much energy on processing these products, and gets too little useful.
    3. Sugar and other sweets. Ice cream, cakes, pies, sweets - all these things remove from the body calcium, potassium, increase the viscosity of blood and the fragility of blood vessels.
    4. Coffee and black tea. Their consumption should be significantly reduced.
    5. Smoked meat, canned food, meat broth.
    The list of useful products is much longer than forbidden, and living by the new rules is not so difficult. And the whole body will feel relief.

    Food gastronomic secrets

    Food for varicose veins can be made even more balanced and enjoyable if you take into account a number of tips:

    1. Combining salads containing products with vitamin A , with vegetable oil, you can get more benefits than individually.
    2. On hot days, green sushi or okroshka will be nutritious and quenching thirst.
    3. The beef liver is a wonderful addition to the diet. It can be boiled with vegetables, twisted and seasoned with vegetable oil. Get a natural useful pâté.
    4. Each day in the diet should be porridge.
    5. You can not overeat. The meal ends before the feeling of satiety.
    6. Drink green tea and herbal teas - you can brew leaves of black currant, raspberries, lime, mint, thyme, melissa, St. John's wort. These plants decorate the flower bed and become a wonderful drink. They have high anitoxidant properties and dilute blood.

    treatment of inflamed veins What modern methods of treatment of varicose without surgery exist and what to choose in a particular situation you can learn from our article.

    Why the initial stage of varicose veins remains unnoticed and how to avoid the progress of the disease in more severe forms find out here.

    Power mode

    In addition to knowing what is, you need to know How to do it. All nutrition rules for varicose veins are simple and familiar, only to observe them, not everyone is in a hurry.

    1. Having breakfast. And breakfast is not a cup of coffee with a sandwich, but a full meal. It is in the first meal should account for up to 50% of carbohydrates and 40% of protein for the whole day. If it seems that in the morning there is no work, you should start to get up half an hour earlier.
    2. Do not overeat.
    3. There are fractional, and often - up to 5 meals per day.(Tea with cheese is also considered a food intake).
    4. Do not eat before going to sleep. Then it will be easier to have breakfast.
    5. You should not drink while eating. Liquid dilutes the gastric juice and the food is digested worse.

    Drinking with varicose veins and excreting

    Insufficient fluid will not allow the excretory system to cope with slagging of the body. During the period of active purification, water consumption should increase.

    It is necessary to pay attention to water quality. If you drink tap water without further purification, then you should pay attention to the middle of the kettle, if it's all in scum, then what kind of cleansing of the body can this water be talking about?

    Preference is given to give mineral water without gas, freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, compotes( from dried fruits including).

    A sufficient amount of fluid not only has a favorable effect on blood flow, but also significantly improves skin condition, well-being.

    Fasting as a method of treatment

    diet food In many diseases fasting is a method of purification of the body, but it has a sufficient number of restrictions.

    On the one hand, it is good that the body's resources will be spent on excreting slag, and not on digesting food. And on the other hand, the body will not receive a balanced complex of nutrients.

    The decision to use curative fasting is taken only in conjunction with the doctor, assessing the general condition of the body.

    It is expedient to carry out fasting 1 time in 7 - 10 days. It starts from one day, and maximum - 3 .Fasting for more than three days will no longer be curative and will do more harm than good.

    In days of fasting it is necessary to refuse physical activities, to avoid hypothermia, stress. Before the start of starvation it is necessary to finish all the cases and only deal with your own body. During fasting, it is only necessary to drink mineral water. Juices will provoke a feeling of hunger.

    After the end of fasting, you need to "run" the body. For breakfast - lettuce( carrots with cabbage, or lettuce leaves with tomatoes).At lunch, you can already porridge, and the next day and protein foods.

    Our readers recommend!
    For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

    During fasting, as an energy reserve the body splits the subcutaneous fat, so this is a great way to lose weight.

    Dietary menu

    To easily think of what to cook for the day, you need to compose a meal plan, and every day changing the corresponding products for a similar will be a varied menu.

    The first version of

    • 07.00: porridge + vegetable salad;
    • 10.00: herbal tea without sugar and a handful of raisins;
    • 13.00: soup with green peas, raw vegetables and a piece of boiled trout;
    • 16.00: salad from sea kale;
    • 18.00: yogurt with fruit.

    The second version of

    • 07.00: goat cheese, tomato, black bread, ginger tea;
    • 10.00: natural yoghurt with pieces of fresh berries;
    • 13.00: pumpkin soup, baked fish, mashed potatoes;
    • 16.00: apple-carrot juice;
    • 18.00: steamed salmon, vegetable salad with greens.

    The third version of

    • 07.00: cottage cheese with raisins, prunes and nuts, whole grain bread, fresh fruit juice;
    • 10.00: baked apple with nuts;
    • 13.00: lentil soup, steam meatballs with barbecue, green tea;
    • 16.00: tomato juice with whole wheat loaf;
    • 18.00: vegetable salad with a piece of boiled chicken breast, Borodino bread, compote of dried fruits.

    Color diet

    Color diet for varicose veins of the lower limbs - a newfangled trend in dietary nutrition.

    Some nutritionists recommend adhering to the principles of the "Color Diet" .The essence of it is that every day there is food of different colors: blue, yellow, red, green. Example: Eggplant sauce, banana, tomatoes, asparagus.

    There are a lot of options, but the main thing is to follow the rules of healthy nutrition with varicose veins.

    The diet for varicose veins will help to cope with the main causes of the disease, promote medication, recovery in the postoperative period and reduce the likelihood of a relapse.

    Video: Nutritionists on the principles of healthy eating

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