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Wedding is a very exciting event not only for the newlyweds, but also for friends of the bride and groom. Especially light and sad, when a close friend marries. I want to say and wish many things, but sometimes I just do not have enough words for that. How to choose a beautiful congratulation for a wedding girlfriend, what kind of speech to prepare - tips you can find in this article.

What to donate?

As a gift to a friend, you can present money - a young family they will definitely be useful. If you want to give something else, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this list:

  1. Photo Album. As a souvenir, the bride can be presented with a photo album with joint photos. You can decorate pages with money - a bill for each page.
  2. ATM.Make it using a conventional box. Inside, you can put an envelope with money. Other guests can also use this "banking unit".
  3. A letter from the future. Write a short congratulation from the bride herself, but only. .. from the future. Describe that she is very happy, the children run around the house, the husband is just gold, and she definitely made the right choice. With the help of this letter, you can congratulate the newlyweds.
  4. Elegant set, plates and cups. Before you give such a gift, talk it over with the other guests, suddenly they are going to give something like that.
  5. Set of towels. Or bed linen, a set of bathrobes. Or maybe a newly-married couple needs a good mattress?
  6. Great fireworks. You can buy a pyrotechnic set or order fireworks with congratulations in a special agency. When it gets dark, bring the newlyweds to the street and show the show. You can combine the light show with congratulatory words.

How to congratulate? Some wise advice

  1. Do not learn a ready congratulation for the wedding of a friend. It will be much nicer if you say what you think and congratulate her with your own words.
  2. Words for a best friend can be backed up with a funny anecdote and a story from life.
  3. Think about a clear confirmation of your words. Install the projector, make a presentation with photos or video.
  4. Do not delay speech, enough wishes for up to five minutes.
  5. Suggestions should be linked. Think about how you will begin to talk and what words you finish. Do not worry. For greater confidence, you can rehearse in front of the mirror.

Funny congratulations on the wedding for a friend

  • Dear girls, you must agree, we all love our newlyweds, but we are sad because we lose our girlfriend. Now she will not walk with us, go to the movies and cafes. Not to the walks and dates now to her! Will nest his nest, but about us completely forget. I have a solution - I have to catch up and get married too! We will be friends with families, walk together and stroll together!
  • With my spouse for a good life, and the kids ran around in the house, because they are more cheerful with them. Let the house always be full of riches and happiness. And also I want you to remain a fuzz for your husband, even if a couple of extra pounds will appear.
  • From the very childhood , we dreamed of a luxurious wedding and a beautiful prince on a white horse. Well, today you've waited for yours! I wish that always instead of hoofs her husband had flowers, instead of a horse - a chic car, and together words of abuse - words of love! Let the fairy tale never end, I congratulate you on this wonderful day!
  • Dear bride! I want to wish that in your life only friendship and understanding reigned, and evil witches and artful wizards would bypass your house. To your comfort guarded a small housekeeper, and from evil spells your great love protected. Bitterly!
  • Marriage is like a kitchen. Life boils, boils, sometimes it's very warm here. If overdoing, it will not be very tasty. But if you follow the cooking, you can get a real gastronomic pleasure! So in marriage - watch each other, take care of your family, and then your life will be filled with happiness! Congratulations!
  • Attention, I want to contact the groom. Despite the fact that you took my beloved and dear friend from me, I also love you very much and wish your family only good. Your wife is the most wonderful person on this earth, and if you hurt her, know, I will come and take my friend from you! Happiness, love, take care of each other!
  • It's the same as always. The sun shines and the birds sing, the planets continue their course around the star. But the fact is that today everything changes for two people - our dear newlyweds. My dear, you are now not only a woman, but also a wife, and this is an important status! Be loved and happy, and I will always be there!
  • Before I congratulate the newly-formed family, I want to tell a short story. From day to day, one family consumed only a piece of bread for breakfast, dividing it into parts. The woman always ate the upper part, and the lower man. One day they found the strength to admit to each other that they had long wanted to try another part of the loaf. I wish you never to have an understatement, so that you discuss your feelings and emotions and share your love. Congratulations!

Congratulations in the style of rap for the wedding - video

Touching congratulations on the wedding for a friend

  1. Ahead a new life, and I have a slightly strange feeling. On the one hand, I'm insanely happy for my dear friend, on the other, I'm sad because the time has flown by so quickly. Whatever it was, my heart rejoices for you, and I want to share with you my emotions. Be always happy, loved, never quarrel, always be together and do not forget us, your friends. Congratulations!
  2. My beloved girlfriend! I can say with absolute certainty that I do not know a man who is more faithful and honest than you. You deserve something that has always been worthy of - true love and great happiness. I want to wish you that in marriage, you have always been a wonderful wife, an attentive and caring mother. Happy wedding! My dear, dear. You have managed to find your destiny, and I wish you never to let go of it even for a moment. Let your life be happy, and every day you feel the kisses of your beloved husband, and later, children's. I congratulate you on this landmark day.
  3. I ask to accept my most sincere congratulations. Everyone in this room knows that the culprit of the celebration is not just a friend for me. When you found my friendship, you found a sister. Know that I will always be there, no matter what happens, I will certainly support you and encourage you. I wish that in your life you are lucky, and that love is strong, and marriage - strong. Congratulations!
  4. The time has come when you married. Our ancestors had a sign: if the sun appears on the day of the ceremony, then it means to be happy. I want to wish you that this source of heat always shines in your windows, and that in your family there was as little as possible quarrels and inadequacies. Happy holiday, dear friend!
  5. The main thing in life is a family. At first it's your parents, brothers and sisters, and then your own home, your own husband and children. I wish your house coziness and warmth, so that you have a happy life, and fate - happy. Live without abuse and quarrels, and so long that we once again gathered and a golden wedding celebrated! Happy wedding, dear friend!
  6. Until recently, we dreamed of a wedding, and now I see on your face a joyful smile. Yesterday we played princesses, and now I see your outfit and I understand that you are the princess. With your day, young, I wish you only all the best!

Congratulations to a friend on a wedding song - video

Toasts for a wedding for a friend

  • Somewhere for a long time I heard that the first time after the wedding, the wife tells something, and her husband listens attentively. But in a year everything changes: they both start talking, only neighbors are listening. I suggest that we raise glasses to ensure that our young people always live as they did in the first time!
  • It's very strange that in our time you can have only one wife. They say that this is to protect men from other girls. I suggest we drink to ensure that our newlyweds have everything, as in the eastern fairy tale, but without harems - because one of our bride is worth hundreds!
  • No one has yet answered the question, what is true love. It is only known that this is something covered in mystery. Let's drink to the fact that the bride and groom solve this mystery every day. And they will solve it or not - we will check on a gold wedding. Bitterly!
  • Girlfriend, I drink to the bottom for you! To be like a precious stone, your family was beautiful. Sturdy as a stone and as light as a feather! Dear newlyweds, bitter!
  • Today I want to drink for the birth of a new cell of society. May you always be the kindest, sweetest, inseparable. In the near future, we are waiting for replenishment. Bitterly!
  • Dear my friend, now I want to drink to you. Today is a big holiday for us all, the day of your merger, union. Never regret what happened, do not worry about what will happen. Let you all develops only the best way!
  • All of us are wrong, but only the experienced can admit this. Only a brave man can apologize for his misdeeds, and only the truly loving heart reconciles with the other. I want to drink to ensure that the young always had the courage, love and experience! Happy wedding!
There is an opinion that there is no real female friendship. This is nothing more than a stereotype, some girls say their relationship through the years and can boast of a strong friendship.
If one of these girlfriends is getting married, she will be pleased to hear from you warm wishes with the marriage, and some words may even tear her to tears. Carefully choose what you say, do not be afraid and do not worry - and then your wedding wish will be one hundred percent success.

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