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The autumn holiday of Halloween is another wonderful occasion for fun. Every year on October 31 it becomes a day when ghosts, zombies and other evil spirits are on the earth. The eve of All Saints' Day is a mass costume party. You can dress up in a terrible mythical character and compete with friends who will scare whom. In addition to costume, it is important to think about make-up. Consider unusual and bright ideas of make-up for Halloween.

The image of a vampire

A girl in the guise of a vampire can look not only intimidating, but also seductively beautiful. This idea is very popular for Halloween, but do not give up on it because of this. All get to do make-up in different ways, so you will not find yourself in a crowd of clones. There are several options for applying makeup to embody the image of a vampire.

Option 1:

  • all face is light-colored;
  • on the eyes is applied beautiful effective make-up with arrows, shadows and false eyelashes;
  • lips are painted with burgundy lipstick, and on top of it we apply bloody stains with the help of red luster;
  • overhead fangs will be the final touch.

Option 2:

  • first put white lenses on both eyes;
  • make the face deadly pale with the help of whitish powder;
  • create a deep look effect: on the eyelids we put shadows of fuchsia, red or violet;
  • we use black liner and ink;
  • draw a clear contour on the lips of any lipstick saturated color;
  • glossy scarlet glitter or special make-up paint depict bloody stains in the corners of the mouth;
  • in the end put on insertable canine teeth.

Option 3:

  • the face is covered with a white make-up;
  • on the eyes and lips apply an arbitrary make-up;
  • in black or red pencil draw all over the face of the crack: under the eyes, around the lips and on the forehead.

Apparently, the vampire's makeup is very simple, it's easy to do it yourself. Selection of clothes also does not require special efforts. Any black clothes will perfectly fit into the image.

Vampire Makeover - video

Witch Makeup

The mystical image of a witch is very useful for a Halloween holiday. Make-up can be the most fantastic. Clothing - black, burgundy, purple and other vestments of dark saturated colors.

Step-by-step makeup "Black Witch":

  1. The tonal cream is very light, ivory or porcelain.
  2. We draw long arrows in our eyes, we supplement them with black and gray shadows. Do not forget about lush eyelashes: use curling irons and mascara.
  3. Lips will fill up with a tonal cream or a lipstick of a corporal shade.
  4. The highlight of the makeup: on top of one eye, we represent in black pencil three solid long lines. A black mark will appear - a claw print on the skin.
  5. To add an image of even more mystery can a black veil.

Makeup "The Old Witch":

  1. All the face will be filled with green paint.
  2. You can add scars, stick large artificial warts.
  3. Paint the strands of hair with white chalk or fix the artificial gray curls.

Makeup for Halloween in the style of a pannochka from "Viya":

  1. Face skin is covered with white aqua-grime.
  2. We'll surround the eyes with a black pencil, the upper eyelids will be covered with turquoise shadows.
  3. To the false eyelashes we add the eyelashes drawn under the lower eyelids.
  4. Lips are cherry-colored.
  5. On the forehead we draw a grid of spider web.

Makeup Zombie for Halloween

Zombies are a frequent visitor to parties on the night of October 31st. Many of us had time to review a lot of films with themes of zombie apocalypse. You can try to draw on the face makeup of the most terrible character of these films.

Everyone knows how terrible zombies are: a tattered face, lifeless eyes, "dead" skin. Try one of the following zombie makeup options.

Method 1:

  1. Visually divide the face into two halves, it is possible obliquely. One part will remain intact or will be painted over with the usual beautiful make-up. In the second half of the face we will draw a zombie skin.
  2. Paint the second half of the face with a white make-up.
  3. Draw a solid line around the outline of the white paint. Add a few strokes of the crack on the skin.
  4. Tinted nose: from the nostrils up we draw a black pencil line to the middle of the nose.
  5. The mouth is stretched perpendicular black strips. You can lengthen the line of the mouth, dorisovav in the corners of the strip.
  6. Add bloody strokes of red paint: streaks of dried blood and lacerations.

Makeup zombies - video

Method 2:

  1. Put on white or light blue lenses.
  2. We impose a porcelain tone on the face.
  3. Create the effect of circles under the eyes with the help of burgundy and black shadows. We feather them under the lower eyelid and from above.
  4. We paint arrows, emphasize eyebrow eyeliner.
  5. The corner of the mouth can be smeared with red lipstick. Gently blur the stain.
  6. You can finish the artificial wounds, the caked blood on the hair growth line.

To complete the image fit clothes in the style of military or any other, purposely torn, shabby and soiled.

Makeup like a ghost

One of the oldest images for Halloween is a ghost. Dress up in it is simple: you need white clothes, a cloak or a regular sheet. With a makeup for the ghost, you have to try a little more.

  1. The first stage - applying a tone. We take gothic white powder, white or ivory shade. Evenly and in several layers, we put the foundation on the face to make it matte. Also grab the neck and décolleté area if the clothing is open enough.
  2. The next stage is the makeup of the eye. We depict dark circles on the eyelids. Excellent will look black flowy eye makeup. Eyelashes can not be isolated or made very expressive with the help of several layers of carcass.
  3. The third stage - the application of lipstick. Lips in a ghost can be burgundy, black, blue or white.
  4. To complete the image of the ghost, you need to fantasize about the hairdo. If the option with a white wig does not suit you, you can do it by other means. Use hair clips, bows, a hat or a white bezel. Experiment with a white veil and veil.
  5. Make a look, like a real ghost, will help special lenses. They are white and completely mask the black pupil. Now your look will be empty and terrible.

Other original images for Halloween

Consider alternative interesting ideas for a festive masquerade.

Makeup "Cheshire Cat"

  1. "Cat" lenses with an extended pupil will be needed. Color - turquoise, a shade of sea waves.
  2. We circle our eyes with a white pencil - at the inner edge, black - at the outer edge. We paint magnificent lashes.
  3. Eyebrows will be tinted with blue shadows.
  4. Mouth: Drawing white teeth and a black space between them. Look how the cat looks in the cartoon, and repeat on himself his famous smile.
  5. The blue wig will be the final touch.

Makeup for Halloween "Skeleton"

You can copy features of the skull on the entire face or on its half. It will take only white and black paint for makeup and a lot of zeal. A printed image of the skull or a visual artifact will be of invaluable help.

It's great to add bone drawings to the brush. There are even clothes with a picture of a skeleton - t-shirts and tights.

Puppet show in honor of All Saints' Day

This is another unusual version of makeup.

  • Pay special attention to the eyes. Add artificial eyelashes - draw them over the top and bottom of the eyelid.
  • Sponges with a bow: we paint them on the center with red lipstick, like the lips of a geisha. You can add cute freckles.
  • Tie two tall tails and decorate them with bows. From the terrible strokes you can picture the torn corners of the mouth and the broken porcelain "skin".

Images of animals are also very interesting.

Make-up with a kitten is fun and easy. The ears of a cat can be bought or sewed on their own, attaching them to the rim.

If you want to make make-up thematic, but not so provocative, there are a lot of ways:

  • The main colors of the holiday are black and orange. Therefore, we take shadows of orange color, cover them with the area around the eyes. The eyes themselves are summed in the standard way. Then, on an orange background, we depict miniature bats. The work is painstaking, but the result is worth it.
  • Another similar option - arrows in the form of bat wings. On the upper eyelid we apply a layer of pink shadows. Then from the inner corner of the eye draw an ordinary arrow. On the outer corner of the eye we represent a miniature winglet of a bat. This is easier to implement with black and gray pencils.

And how do you plan to wear an angel or a demon, an alien or a terrible clown on October 31, or at all in a self-invented horrible character? With such interesting ideas for make-up for Halloween, it's impossible not to fall in love with this holiday.

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