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Shoes are an indispensable element of outfitting a person when going out. At the same time, with the onset of autumn, and even more winter, shoes experience a significant load, because utilities basically cope with snow and ice with the help of various reagents that win not only ice and snow, but our shoes.

For example, reagents made on the basis of various salts( just such are used today especially often), can cause destruction of collagen fibers of the skin. As a result of this impact, the leather shoes can be shaken, change the original color and tear.

How to remove salt spots on shoes?

There are several ways to clean shoes from salt stains, here are a few:

1) Rub the leather shoes with a damp warm cloth. Leave to dry( only not next to the heaters).To save the form, shove a newspaper or paper in the shoes.

2) Make a solution: in equal parts of vinegar and water. Dip a clean rag into this solution and wipe the leather shoes, then wipe with a dry cloth and leave to dry. This method is not suitable for suede shoes.

3) To clean suede shoes, use a moistened sponge in a solution of ammonia( 5 table spoons of water per tablespoon of ammonia).After that, wipe the shoes with acetic water( in a liter of water dilute a teaspoon of vinegar).In conclusion, polish with a soft lint-free cloth and hold it over the steam to raise the pile of suede.

Basic requirements for the care of shoes

To ensure that the shoes last as long as possible, there are a number of simple recommendations for caring for it.

  • The newly purchased footwear should be treated with a special compound before use, which will protect it from moisture and dirt. The only exception is shoes made of leather, varnished.
  • If the sole of the shoes is made of leather, it should be put on the so-called preventive maintenance - a rubber underlay that will prevent rapid wear of the leather soles.
  • Shoes should be changed every day, because during the time of socks, a certain amount of liquid is released by the feet. For complete drying of shoes you need about 24 hours. Also, according to experts, the life of shoes is much longer, if it is more than 2/3 of his life on vacation - on a shelf or in a closet.
  • Are the shoes wet? It should be used to dry it on a special spacer, which will help maintain the appearance of shoes. In this case, the drying of shoes on the batteries of central heating, using a hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner should be excluded.
  • After drying of shoes, it should be immediately treated with special tools
  • Putting on shoes should be done with the help of this specially designed horn, while taking off, do not step on the heel or heel with your foot, so the shoes remain stained, the heel can come off such rough treatment.
  • For the care of shoes, special tools should be used.

And here an important role belongs to the material from which the footwear is made. For example, shoes made from natural suede will require a completely different care than shoes made of patent leather, and nubuck shoes will look better if you take care of it using tools designed specifically for the care of shoes made of this material.

Suede shoe care

Suede shoes are very comfortable, easy to get the shape of a leg and is considered a sign of a good taste of a person. Suede shoes are especially good in winter, it is warmer in severe frost compared to shoes made from other materials. However, you should also have an idea of ​​how cares for suede shoes.

Such footwear also needs to be applied to its surface with special means for creating a water repellent effect, because suede shoes easily soak. This should be done immediately after its purchase, as well as every time after drying.

It is also convenient to use special sprays for suede shoes, which work well every suede suede. Especially it is convenient in dirty weather, because care for suede shoes in winter and autumn needs more careful than in dry weather. Such sprays, in addition to the effect of repelling dirt and water can have a tinting effect - for this you should choose the appropriate shoe spray tone.

For suede shoes, a special brush will also be needed, which will give the right direction to the villi, thereby making the appearance of suede shoes more beautiful and well-groomed. Also, brushing is required when removing whitish spots that remain after wetting of suede shoes: the special brush, on one side of which there are rubber "fingers", and on the other side - metal bristles, will help especially.

To remove stains and scuffs for suede shoes, you should use the rubber eraser

. To preserve and update the color of suede shoes, you should occasionally wipe it with a cloth soaked in fresh milk or ammonia.

After drying, the surface of the suede should be brushed with a synthetic hard bristle.

Nubuck footwear care

Nubuck is similar in structure to suede, but it is more resistant to moisture. However, care for the nubuck should also be done regularly, otherwise it will get an unpleasant gloss. How to care for nubuck shoes ?

Nubuck shoes should often be treated with water repellent, and when cleaning it, do not use water. Here, foam for cleaning the nubuck. Before cleaning, such shoes, as suede, should be thoroughly dried, and only then remove dirt and dust with a brush.

Nubuck shoes care is simple, but it requires regularity. And only in this case, shoes from the nubuck will last a long time, always retaining a beautiful appearance.

Care for leather shoes

Genuine leather is considered to be the best material for shoes. This is especially true for footwear for the autumn and winter period. On how how to look after the leather footwear , depends on its service life and the preservation of the original appearance.

After purchase, leather shoes should be thoroughly impregnated with a special water repellent that will help keep the shoes from getting wet. After all, frequent wetting of leather shoes can lead to its deformation and rapid loss of attractive appearance.

The first dirt should be cleaned with sponges.

To clean shoes from natural leather, you can use special foams or shampoos, and if they are not at hand, then suitable and laundry soap. The use of harsh chemicals such as acetone and gasoline is unacceptable because they destroy the skin.

After that, shoes should be wiped with a dry cloth

To improve the appearance of leather shoes, special creams should be used that can not only protect the shoe but also tint it. To do this, you should choose the cream used exactly in the tone of the shoes.

To avoid ruptures and cracks on the skin, you need to periodically lubricate shoes with oil.

There is also a genuine leather, varnished. Shoes from patent leather look very smart, but it is not very strong, and the varnish can crack under the influence of low temperatures( less than 10 degrees below zero).Care for lacquered shoes is the use of special tools for which a water base is applied. A brush for cleaning such shoes is not used, and to give it shine you can use a velvet rag.

With proper care of shoes, if these recommendations are followed, the footwear will retain its attractive appearance for a long time, and its service life will pleasantly surprise you. Related Videos:

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