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Wedding of your beloved brother is always an important event that is accompanied not only by boundless joy, but alsoand noticeable troubles. What kind of congratulations for the wedding of a brother from his sister would be ideal, and what forms of narration should be avoided? We will answer these questions later in the article.

Possible congratulation formats and their features

It is customary to congratulate on the day of the wedding in a poetic form. It is believed that poetic lines are capable of striking a person to the depth of the soul, expressing all feelings and thoughts about the celebration. However, for the beloved brother, the following congratulations are also suitable:

  • prosaic lines, with which it is much easier to tell about your feelings and emotions;
  • can safely write a song for his brother, dedicated to the celebration, which will be the decoration of the evening;
  • a bright toast in verse or prose is also a great congratulation;
  • , some sisters go even further, creating for the brother a full-fledged work( for example, a story or a poem) in which all feelings for him are expressed. Of course, making a wish for a wedding is a very delicate matter. You can narrate in a humorous way or stop only on the touching aspects of the wedding. It is also very important to include in your wish congratulations not only for the brother, but also for his bride. All the same, the wedding is a common holiday of the newlyweds, and it will be wrong if the groom's sister starts to tell only about the significance of this day for her brother.

    If it is a question of creating a toast or a poetic wish, then its maximum length is 10-12 lines. Reading this greeting, the girl should not take more than two minutes of the holiday. Otherwise, her wish will seem tight and boring.

    Despite a decent list of requirements in relation to the ideal greeting, the main thing to remember about is sincerity.
    If the sister really wants to please his brother and speaks in all sincerity, the guests will surely feel it.

    Touching congratulations in verses for brother and his bride

    Perhaps the most popular version of congratulations are gentle and touching verse lines. What are the rules for writing such a wish?

    1. It is worth creating a wish yourself, without resorting to sources from the Internet, offering banal rhymes.
    2. You also need to include as much personal information about the couple in your poetic work.
    3. You do not need to chase a beautiful rhyme, because overly metaphorical poems sometimes look too pompous.
    4. The ideal length of this verse is 10-12 lines, and before its presentation, you should carefully memorize the lines so that during the congratulation you do not read them from the sheet.

    A nice congratulation in verse can sound like this:

    "Dear brother, beautiful bride,

    I congratulate you today.

    And from happiness I do not know the place,

    I want you to live in love!

    Let the children grow up healthy,

    Let your family do not know the grief.

    I wish joy there or here,

    always and everywhere catches up with you. "

    The main thing in this wish is sincerity of the author's emotions, but the beauty of rhymes is not of paramount importance. If the independent writing of the verse turns into a mountain of problems, you can resort to sources from the Internet, but you need to use them intelligently. So, the groom's sister can slightly change the original poem, adding to it the names of the newlyweds or inserting into the narrative the date of the wedding.

    If the congratulation itself turns out to be too big, you can only voice part of it by writing a complete wish on a beautiful postcard.
    It's great if the postcard is made by yourself, because then the couple will necessarily want to keep it. You can engrave the congratulation on a purely symbolic presentation, for example, on a decorative figure.

    Many people make a big mistake when writing a verse: in their congratulations they only note feelings for their brother, forgetting that this is a holiday of two lovers' hearts. Try to use the pronoun "you" instead of "you", emphasizing that the whole family is happy to accept a new member in the person of the bride.

    Funny congratulations on the wedding

    Original congratulations to your brother can be and with the help of humorous verses. Usually, young people prefer these kinds of wishes, because they are much more effective, and the conservative atmosphere of celebration can be defused under the full program.

    Funny congratulations for my brother may sound like this:

    "Wedding, my dear brother,

    Lost, and now you are peace.

    Crises, adversities and worries,

    You will work until the seventh sweat.

    That's just in the situation of any

    You'll find you will be able to righteous peace.

    Wife will always help you, I know,

    On the way together I bless you.

    Let not break the happiness of a strong misfortune,

    And let pass in the joy of the year.

    I know marriage is difficult,

    But with love everything in this world is possible. "

    To the best of touching and ridiculous congratulations will conquer all the guests on the holiday. When writing such wishes in a joking manner, several rules should be remembered:

    • the verse should not be too long, otherwise it will tire both the guests and the perpetrators of the celebration;
    • should not be included in the work of the mat and modern jargon;
    • in the construction of the verse should avoid mentioning the serious shortcomings of a person, about the features of his appearance, as this can offend the newlyweds.

    The main rule of work with humorous congratulations is not to cross the line of what is permissible. Too frank, a satirical statement can offend the guests of the holiday. It is also recommended to end the poem on a lyrical note, explaining that the pair, despite all the pending tests, will be able to cope with adversity.

    Congratulation in Prose, Pros and Cons

    A beautiful congratulation for the wedding of his brother can be said in his own words. Since most of the guests are unlikely to be able to narrate in verse, a prose form is chosen for the wish impromptu.

    The main thing here is to try not to get away from the main theme of your congratulations. Many people, choosing a prosaic form, suddenly start talking about abstract things, which irritates the invited guests a lot. That is why it is worthwhile on paper to write an approximate structure of wishes. Here you can note the key moments of congratulations and the main words that you want to say.

    The pursuit of a beautiful metaphor is also not the best idea, if it is a matter of impromptu. While the toast from his sister's brother will be selected epithets and comparisons, guests will start yawning from boredom.

    If we are talking about toast, then congratulation can be filled with philosophical meaning.
    It may sound like this:
    • "Great poets, philosophers and writers pondered the boundless power of love, but it was difficult for me to understand the deep essence of this feeling. And only now, looking at you, I finally realized how powerful and beautiful is love. I want to raise a glass so that your feelings continue to grow stronger and inspire others. "

    This extremely touching congratulation in prose hardly anyone can leave indifferent. If the groom's sister wants to congratulate the newlyweds more original, then her choice is humorous prose. For example, a funny wish may look like this:

    • "The parties, the night break and complete freedom - all this for you, beloved brother, remains in the past. However, in return, a full mutual understanding, a sense of duty to the other half, which does not burden, but gives pleasure. I wish you a long time to enjoy the love, the same one, the only and sincere, which not everyone can find. "

    The same laws apply here as for the verse wish: the lines can be funny, but they must necessarily contain touching, gentle words. Without them, the wish will appear to be frivolous and hardly be remembered by the perpetrators of the celebration for life. It should be as sincere as possible to express their attitude to the newlyweds and their wedding, because only then prosaic lines will play with all colors.

    Write a beautiful and touching wish for a wedding brother is not so simple as it seems at first glance. It is important to feel all the romanticism and significance of the wedding day. Realizing the scale of the festive event, the sister will be able to please the brother with touching lines.

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