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A hairstyle with a bang can be found in every second woman. Recently, at the peak of popularity soared torn bangs. It does not come off the covers of women's magazines, you can meet it on fashion shows and photos of stars. So, why not change your image and not think about your hairstyle with such a bang?

Types of ragged bangs, selection for a face type

Nowadays hairdressing rules do not require the canonical execution of each hairstyle, therefore it is quite permissible to vary the length, thickness and stacking of a torn bang for the chosen haircut model. Every woman who decided to cut a bang such a bang, should think about which type of person a certain option fits.

The right choice will help to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

  1. Women with a rounded face who wants to visually pull it, fit oblique bangs - long enough, with ragged tips.
  2. A face in the shape of a square will acquire a rounded outline, if you make a torn bang on one side.
  3. Women, whose face resembles a triangle, it is better to cut short bangs, this applies to options with uneven tips.
  4. Those wishing to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and divert attention from the forehead should cut out a straight torn bang.

Combination of hairstyles and bangs

The buns, trimmed in this way, give the appearance some carelessness due to uneven lines and torn tips. To the bang in harmony with the haircut and add to its owner a sense of confidence in its irresistibility, it should be properly selected her to the chosen hairstyle.

  • Cascading or with graduation is perfectly combined with long and short buns. A torn bang of sufficient length will give the image a completeness and a unique charm, emphasize the naturalness of the styling.
  • A short haircut will play with new colors, if you cut a long bang with torn tips, descending below the cheekbones.
  • To the hairstyle of the square, the straight torn bangs are perfect, the same can be said about the haircut of the bean.
  • The bangs on the side will give more volume to the hair, it will fit to haircuts with magnificent styling and to long hair.
  • Asymmetric quilting will be more stylish if you add it with a long bang on one side.
  • A short boyish haircut for girls, complemented by a bang suitable for the type of face, will emphasize the frailty and femininity of its possessor.
Only women with curly hair should not cut a bang with torn tips.

Padding of a torn bang

A great advantage of such a hairstyle can be considered as simplicity in hair care. Owners of a ragged bang do not need complicated and cumbersome styling. A stunning hairstyle is easily created at home using a minimal amount of hair care products. The maximum that can be needed for such hairstyles - hair dryer, a little mousse for hair and special gels for fixation.

  • The should be laid on clean, damp hair. First you need to lay the entire length of the hair, leaving the bangs at the last moment. If the bang becomes dry during the drying time, you should lightly moisten it from the spray gun or with a wet comb. The mode of a hair dryer for stacking just a torn bang should be chosen so that the hair does not overdry and do not get disheveled, because easy negligence should be created artificially.
  • If the hairstyle requires a bang of a certain volume, you should style your hair using mousse. If you want to highlight in the bang some strands or emphasize slanting slices you need to fix certain fragments of it with gel.
  • When stacking a short bang, it is advisable to use hair wax, lightly brushing uneven tips, so the bangs will get a very stylish look.
  • A long bang almost does not need to be stowed, it is enough to comb wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer installed on a weak mode. In some cases, you can use a special hair iron to give the bangs more smoothness.

Upon completion of any laying, it is necessary to fix the result obtained with the help of hair spray, then the hairstyle made in the morning will be preserved until late evening.

Himself a hairdresser. How to make a torn bang

In any hairdresser, an experienced craftsman will cut out a torn bang of the kind that suits the desired hairdo. But often the desire to change their image overtakes a woman suddenly, her hands itch to do it just immediately. In this case, you can cut a ragged bang yourself, because that's what it is - it's almost impossible to spoil it.

You just have to follow some rules, and no problems with the new hairdo should not be.

For domestic haircuts you will need:

  • Well sharpened scissors.
  • Hairbrush with small denticles.
  • Blade.
  • Multiple clips for hair. If they do not exist, simple invisibles will do.
  • Large mirror with good lighting.

Having prepared the necessary tools, you should once again consider what kind of bangs you want to cut. It is necessary to try to visually present a new hairstyle and decide whether it will fit the type of person. Having solved this question, it is necessary to wash and carefully comb the hair, give it a little dry - and you can proceed.

Cut out the long torn bang

  1. Combine the part from the main body of hair where the bangs will be, carefully making sure that the line of the section is flat.
  2. Secure hair that does not participate in the haircut, clamps, or invisibility.
  3. Clamp the future fringe between the straightened fingers of the left hand so that it goes diagonally.
  4. With your right hand, start cutting your hair, necessarily with a longer part. Subsequently, the length can always be adjusted, and short-cut hair will only have to grow.
  5. Having finished cutting off the bangs obliquely, pinching a few strands with a pinch and cutting them at different heights so that torn tips appear.
  6. When cutting, do not forget that wet hair seems longer, after laying, they will shorten. You should consider this factor by choosing the length of the bang.

How to make a torn asymmetrical bangle - video

How to cut a short torn bang

Such a bang is cut slightly differently. The main thing to remember about - to cut a short ragged bangs only on dry clean hair, so as not to make a mistake with the length.

  1. Hair carefully comb and separate the desired strands for bangs.
  2. Rest the rest of the hair mass so as not to cut off excess.
  3. Divide the future bangs into strands, each twisted with a tourniquet and stabbed with invisibility.
  4. Take one strand with your left hand, and the right one cut off part of the hair with a blade.
  5. The next strand is cut at a different height.
  6. So, alternating the height, cut all the strands.
  7. If after combing the bang does not have the right volume, again divide it into strands, but thinner, and trim it in the same way again.
  8. The bangs cut with the help of a blade must be laid on one side, so it will be possible to emphasize its unusualness and volume.

How to make a straight fringe with torn tips

Such a bang can be trimmed to wearers braid. Straight ragged bangs in combination with long hair looks especially impressive.

  1. Wet your hair combed, separate the future bangs with a piece in the form of a triangle.
  2. Rest the rest of the hair with an elastic band or ribbon, so that they do not interfere with the haircut.
  3. Once again, carefully comb the future bangs, raise it with your left hand, right to bring the scissors and begin to cut, performing movements that resemble a zigzag. If the hair is not very thick, the zigzag should be shallow. The thicker the hair, the stronger the zigzag.
  4. Having finished the haircut, divide the entire bangs into strands of small thickness, fix each strand.
  5. Take the first lock, clamp its ends between the fingers of the left hand and pull parallel to the floor. Cut the tips protruding from the fingers, so that the cut resembles a triangle.
  6. Cut the next strand in the same way.
  7. Sew all the strands in a bang consistently, comb it and see if some hairs are knocked out.
  8. Gently prune all the hair protruding from the bangs and put it in a hairdryer.
Every woman who decides to radically change her image will only benefit if she adds a new hairstyle with a bang of this model.
The torn bangs are perfect with long hair, it also looks good on short hairstyles and is very relevant. Hairstyles, complemented by such a bang, give any person a youthful appearance due to some carelessness created by uneven strands.

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