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  • Classical depilation at home
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Throughout their life, women are constantly fighting unwanted vegetation atbody, including in the bikini area. Of course, the removal of hairs in this intimate place is sometimes extremely painful, therefore depilation of the bikini zone at home many women prefer salon procedures. Is it possible to successfully perform such a procedure at home, and what kinds of it now are most in demand? We tell!

Classical depilation and its difference from the depilation

Any woman can do depilation in the bikini area at home, moreover, this procedure will be completely painless. It is very important to designate the boundaries between depilation and depilation. What is the difference?

Actually, all the difference is that in the first case only the outer part of the hair is removed, and its root remains untouched, because of what the new vegetation begins to appear in a week. Epilation is a more painful procedure, implying the removal of hairs from the root, as a result of which the bikini area remains smooth for up to one month.

Deep depilation at home is also possible and is done using special tweezers or depilatories. The removal of hairs is similarly associated with certain painful sensations, but the result of the procedure is kept for a minimum of two weeks.

Classical depilation at home

  1. First the girl needs to decide on a hair removal option. You can remove the vegetation completely or keep an intimate haircut.
  2. Further it is necessary to conduct the razor on growth of hair, carefully removing all hairs.
  3. The procedure should be performed at least once a week, and in some cases more often.

When using the depilator, no complications usually arise.

This device has several modes of operation, and is often equipped with a special cooling layer, which helps to reduce pain. The machine should be carried along the growth of hair, carefully eliminating vegetation, even in hard-to-reach places.

This procedure helps to get rid of hated hairs for a couple of weeks, after that they will still appear. Actually, because of this, many ladies turn to procedures that mean the complete removal of vegetation along with the roots of the hair. And experts come up with all the new ways for this.

Creams for depilation. Disadvantages and dignity

Depilatory cream is an extremely popular and very controversial means of combating vegetation in the bikini area. The thing is that such creams can significantly damage the skin condition due to the presence of aggressive chemical compounds in their composition. With frequent use of this method, you can face such consequences:

  • appearance of ingrown hair, getting rid of which will be extremely difficult;
  • development of allergic reactions on the skin;
  • occurrence of inflammation;
  • also does not recommend these creams during pregnancy, as this can adversely affect the health of the baby and mom.

The main advantage of such depilation in the bikini zone is its simplicity. All that the girl needs to do is apply a special cream on the intimate area, and then wash it off with warm water. Experts recommend not using soap and a variety of essential oils during the day on the treated bikini area, as this will increase the risk of an allergic reaction.

Depilatory cream destroys hairs, while affecting the upper layers of the skin, and not in the best way. Some of these products have caring oils, as well as compounds that can slow hair growth.

Now such funds can be found in a different price range, and the cost sometimes depends not only the effectiveness of the facility, but also its safety. That's why saving on the cream is not worth it, because, the more expensive it will be, the more effective and safer it will be.

Repeat the procedure at least once every two weeks, but it will be absolutely painless.

Shugaring - sugar depilation at home

You can make depilation in the deep bikini zone and through this extremely popular and popular method for girls. To carry out it will need a special wax, which is now sold in many specialized cosmetic shops.

What stages does this procedure involve:

  1. The girl needs to heat the paste in a ceramic container to the state of liquid wax.
  2. Wearing special gloves, you need to apply paste on the bikini zone against hair growth.
  3. It is worth to wait a couple of minutes, after which it is necessary to jerk the frozen composition for hair growth, removing vegetation from the root.
  4. After finishing the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the treated area, removing excess of used paste.

It is not possible to make depilation in the bikini area in a similar way by any woman, because the procedure itself is extremely painful. That's why many ladies turn to salons, where hairs are removed by a professional quickly and slightly less painfully.

If a woman decides on a home procedure, she can cook such a paste herself, saving on purchasing the composition. For this it is necessary: ​​

  1. Mix on a tablespoon of water and lemon juice, adding to them 250 grams of sugar.
  2. This compound should be heated for seven minutes until it looks like a homogeneous viscous paste.

In this case, anesthesia can be carried out only in one way: before pulling the frozen paste, it is necessary to bring an ice cube to the bikini area for 10-15 seconds. Such a freeze will help reduce the number of unpleasant sensations, but will not get rid of them completely.

Waxing is a popular way of combating hair in the bikini area of ​​

. There are a variety of depilation types, but most of the time girls use a special wax that helps quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation in intimate places. The main disadvantage of this procedure is an extremely painful sensation from it.

If a girl has a low pain threshold, experts recommend half an hour before depilation take a pill of pain medication, although she is not able to completely rid of discomfort.
So, what is needed for the procedure:

  • Special wax, which can be purchased at cosmetic stores.
  • Paper strips with which the hairs will be removed from the skin.
  • Wooden stick, which will need to apply wax.
  • A container for the tool itself and a mirror that will help evaluate the result of the procedure.

This type of depilation implies a fairly plentiful application of wax to those places from which it is required to remove the hairs. Immediately after applying the composition, it is necessary to put a paper strip on it and wait about 2-3 minutes. During this time the wax will dry up, it will only be necessary to pull the strip, removing the hairs from the root.

This procedure is considered one of the most painful and effective, as it relieves a woman of hated hair for at least a month. Experts say that only the first 2-3 procedures are painful, but it is hard for many ladies to tolerate wax epilation regardless of the prescription period of the first session.

Laser method for combating vegetation

All the above methods of hair removal can be tried at home, and the maximum result that they can give is 3-4 weeks of smoothness of the skin. Laser depilation is a procedure of a completely different scale, which helps to get rid of vegetation for up to five years! Of course, it costs a lot and causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, but its effectiveness is not questioned.

Before you go to laser depilation, it is useful to learn about some of the nuances:

  • is the most effective procedure using diode lasers, while photoepilation can be extremely painful and cause burns;
  • for one procedure to get rid of hairs is unlikely to work, and on average it will take 4-5 meetings with a specialist, which will be carried out within 1.5-2 months;
  • during manipulation, physicians can anesthetize the treated area, and this is usually done by special cooling;
  • despite the fact that the procedure relieves hair for several years, once a month still need to do depilation to fix the result.

At home, laser hair removal is not possible, since special equipment is needed to carry it out.

After the first procedure, a woman may have tiny hairs in those places where they had not grown before, and there is no need to worry about this. These "sleeping" hair follicles began to awaken as a result of laser hair removal, and usually they manage to cope with the second approach of skin treatment.

Each such procedure is extremely painful and expensive, but it does not affect the demand for laser hair removal. Many girls dream of having to get rid of hated hairs for several years, that's why they literally line up in salons ready to offer such services.

Before the procedure of laser hair removal, a woman should thoroughly discuss all her nuances with the doctor. The fact is that such a procedure can cause an allergic reaction and a number of unpleasant consequences for women with sensitive skin. That is why it is necessary to decide on such salon services only after careful weighing of all the pros and cons.

Modern means for depilation allow girls to effectively combat vegetation in intimate places, making the zone of deep bikini as attractive as possible. And yet, in pursuit of effective procedures, do not forget about your safety and health, which are more important than any fashionable whim.

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