How to make home ketchup

Perhaps there is no other sauce in the world that would be perfect for any dish, emphasizing its taste, like ketchup. He is known, perhaps, throughout the world and has gained a lot of admirers. Its juicy taste of tomatoes with spices and herbs can not leave indifferent neither gourmets, nor simple lovers of tasty and healthy food.


  1. Home ketchup: tasty and useful!
  2. Which products to choose
  3. The recipe for the preparation of the classic tomato ketchup

Originally, ketchup had nothing to do with the product that is so familiar to people now. In England, which borrowed this recipe from the Chinese, anchovies, beans and fish brine were added to this sauce. It is not known how, centuries later, the Americans got the idea to replace tomato beans, but to abandon fish altogether, but, undoubtedly, it was a genius.

Home ketchup: tasty and useful!

Now there are ketchups for different tastes: sharp and burning, spicy and fragrant, simple and tender. They add various ingredients: olives, bell peppers, nuts, mushrooms.

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But, perhaps, nothing can be tastier, smoother and more useful than ketchup made by own hands. It can be made perfect for your own taste and proven products. Home ketchup is a wonderful idea to apply a crop of tomatoes, it is perfectly preserved. It is possible to stock up ketchup for the winter.

Unlike home, in store ketchup add starch, enhancers of taste and aroma, dyes. This is not quite what will be useful for you and your children.

Which products to choose

The first and only thing you need is tomatoes. They should be juicy, ripe and fragrant. Tasteless shop tomatoes are not suitable for this. It is better to use those that have grown in your dacha. You can buy tomatoes and in the season on the market from farmers.

Recipe for preparation of classic tomato ketchup

You need two and a half kilograms of tomatoes: half a glass of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, half a tablespoon of salt, spices and greens to taste.

  • After you have chosen the tomatoes, wash them, peel them off the stems and cut them as small as possible.
  • Put the tomatoes on the bottom of a large pot and put on medium heat.
  • Wait until the vegetables are boiled - usually 30 minutes.
  • After this, put the tomato mass again on the fire until it thickens.
  • In the gauze pouch, dip the spices into the tomatoes, add salt and add the vinegar.
  • Allow your ketchup to simmer for another 10 minutes. The sauce is ready!

You can try the sauce already hot or wait until it cools down. And you can pour into sterilized jars and enjoy the taste in winter.

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