19 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give

  • Why is the anniversary so called?
  • A gift from the husband to his wife
  • A gift from his wife to his husband
  • A gift on the anniversary of the spouses
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  • How is a pomegranate wedding celebrated?

Not everyone knows about the anniversary of 19 years: what a wedding, what it symbolizes, what gifts it is customary to do for it. We tell in order. The celebration wears a beautiful and exquisite name: "pomegranate wedding".

Why is the anniversary so called?

This name symbolizes fertility, abundance and prosperity. For years of a joint life at spouses already there is everything about what only it is possible to dream: children, and can be, grandsons, the house - a full bowl.

Despite the long time that the husband and wife lived side by side, their love has not died out, and the relationship continues to be romantic and touching, as well as at the beginning of the joint path. If feelings have lost their ardor, awaken the passion will help a gorgeous gem - a red garnet. This noble stone gives its owner vivacity and positive, gives energy and the desire to open new horizons.

Garnet is considered a symbol of the successful completion of a difficult business, renewal and the beginning of new achievements. That's why he was elected the symbol of the anniversary of the wedding after 19 years of marriage. By this moment a difficult path has been passed, a lot has been achieved, but many more joyful and perhaps sad moments are to be experienced. Spouses for so many years have learned to respect each other, solve all problems together and now have the full right to celebrate this significant, albeit not anniversary, date.

  • The wedding also has a second name: "krypton".Krypton is a symbol of light, an element that radiates flicker everywhere and always, like spouses who have lived together for 19 years. Their feelings are strong, and the marriage remains pure and bright, like krypton. The third name of the wedding is "hyacinth".What is hyacinth? This is a charming flower, and a beautiful semi-precious stone, which for a long time was considered a talisman of travelers and guaranteed them an easy way without any difficulties. Marriage, which survived many years of testing, is durable, like a gem, and is beautiful, like a flower from a family of lilies.

The most common name for a wedding is "pomegranate", however, when you hear that someone calls it hyacinth or krypton, do not be surprised.

A gift from her husband to his wife

It's easy to guess that it's customary to give something appropriate to the subject of the event for the celebration of the 19th anniversary of a joint life.

You can give your beloved wife:

  1. Exquisite jewelry - ring with garnet, pendant, bracelet, earrings.
  2. Imitation of precious stones in the form of expensive jewelry.
  3. Red wallet.
  4. Seductive underwear in red.
  5. Things of burgundy color.
  6. Decorative cosmetics.
  7. Perfume, the composition of which includes a note of pomegranate or hyacinth.

You can make a surprise to your beloved woman in the form of a gift certificate for visiting the spa, beauty salon.

Of course, no wedding anniversary, be it chintz, porcelain or pomegranate, can not do without a luxurious bouquet. For 19 years of marriage it is customary to give red roses or hyacinths.

A wife's gift to her husband

A beloved wife can also be given jewelry, it's great if you prepare for this holiday well in advance and order twin rings or bracelets.

Also my husband can be presented:

  1. Ring with a pomegranate.
  2. Key ring for keys.
  3. Cover for phone( or tablet, e-book, camera) made of red or burgundy suede, leather.
  4. Items of the wardrobe of a fashionable wine color - a suit, a shirt, a tie. Purse leather purse.
  5. Burgundy gown.
  6. If a man smokes, you can give him an ashtray instructed with grenades or imitation of this stone.

And of course, no man will refuse to receive the gift of new electronics.

Gift for the anniversary of the spouses

For the celebration of the pomegranate wedding, it is customary for a couple to give any presents in which a grenade is present.

Gift options from friends:

  1. Jewelry paired jewelry.
  2. Bordeaux bedding.
  3. Souvenirs, instructed by grenades.
  4. Household appliances, but it's not out of place to ask about its availability from the family.
  5. Tablecloth, napkins.
  6. Collection wine.
  7. Bed linen.
  8. Photo albums in the red cover.
  9. Photo frame, decorated with gems.
  10. The glass is red.
  11. Crystal wine glasses.
  12. Carpet in burgundy-red color scheme.

You can think of surprises that will be remembered by spouses for a long time and will only give positive emotions: horseback riding, a tea ceremony, a joint visit to the spa.

It is not forbidden to present any gift to your spouse, which, in your opinion, is useful to them, for example, a gift certificate to your favorite store. However, following the wedding theme, you need to pack it in red or burgundy gift paper.

As the other name of the wedding is "krypton", a good gift will be a chandelier or lamp with krypton light bulbs. Since this item should fit into the interior of the apartment where the couple live, it is not out of place to ask them about the desired model.

Another name for the wedding - "hyacinth", so you can give flowers hyacinths in cut form, and in pots. Or jewelry with the same stones.

What do children give to their parents? It can be a touching family photo album, an original song of author's composition, a cheerful video greeting, a poster in the form of family photos, ornaments made by oneself.

The list of gifts can go on for a long time. But to congratulate your beloved mother and father, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, it is enough to prepare a surprise that will pleasantly surprise parents!

Congratulation on 19 years of marriage - video

How is a pomegranate wedding celebrated?

How and where to celebrate the 19th anniversary is a personal affair of the newlyweds. You can celebrate it together, ordering a table in your favorite restaurant and having supper by candlelight.

The second option is to invite relatives and close friends to the celebration. The venue can serve as a cafe, which usually celebrate joint holidays. The ideal solution will be the choice of the institution in which the first wedding was celebrated.

If the weather permits, you can organize a picnic in the nature with shish kebabs and fun contests.

Guests are kindly requested to notify the celebration in advance. This can be done with the help of an invitation corresponding to the anniversary symbol of color.

If decided to celebrate a wedding in a cafe, then the organization of the celebration must be thought out in advance. Well, if the restaurant initially has a burgundy color in the design, it's easier to bring in additional elements than starting from scratch.

In the design of the room should be the elements that cause association with pomegranate gems:

  • maroon balloons;
  • the right color for tablecloths, napkins, dishes, ribbons or covers on chairs;
  • candles;
  • vases with grenades;
  • garlands with the names of newlyweds;
  • krypton light fixtures;
  • bouquets of red roses or hyacinths.

The menu also needs to be discussed beforehand, it should include dishes corresponding to the theme of the celebration.

The highlight of the festive table will be a salad "Garnet bracelet", red wine, pomegranate juice. And, of course, the grenades themselves should become the main accent of elegant serving.

Newlyweds can wear claret-colored clothes, but this is not necessary. It is enough that their outfits include accessories of exquisite pomegranate color or jewelry from the appropriate stones.

Having added a few gold elements to the decoration of the hall, you can get a magnificent refined interior, in which it is not a shame to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding. Of course, it is very important to know which wedding is celebrated after 19 years of living together, but it is even more important to realize that the family has existed for almost two decades and is becoming stronger and more friendly. Celebrate it as much as possible and plan a meeting with relatives and close friends the next year when you celebrate a porcelain wedding.

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