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Dried fish and meat products are an integral part of the food supplies of travelers during long expeditions. Especially valuable such reserves will be in places with limited possibilities of replenishment of food due to fishing or hunting. The drying of blanks is also widespread in the Arctic latitudes.


  1. What is a drying
  2. How to dry the products
  3. Do they sell dried fish and meat in shops?
  4. Use of dried products
  5. Harm and contraindications for use

What is a drying

This is a method of cooking meat or fish by pre-drying the product.

Technologically, the process is a method of gradual dehydration of products. Removing excess fluid allows you to store other useful substances, while the food gets a special taste and can be stored longer.

Fat in dried foods is distributed more evenly than in dried food. A piece of meat looks more juicy, although it is dried, the taste is harmonious and resistant to bitterness.

Rules for Drying

  1. Products To create real quality jerky meat or fish, you need to create special conditions for the process. Air access to the product should be open, and the average temperature should be within 40 degrees above zero. If the increase in temperature indicators persists for a long time, the substance will undergo an irreversible process of denaturation of proteins, which will affect the further course of "cooking".As a result, food will be spoiled and unsuitable for consumption or long-term storage.
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  2. The technology of cooking products requires not only the maintenance of temperature, but also the constant circulation of air and the absence of moisture. Therefore, for drying, you need to choose well-ventilated rooms, open verandas, etc., the product is suspended in the air no lower than 1.5-2 meters above ground level( where air flows are stronger).It is best to choose a corner with a draft.
  3. In a place where windy weather often stands, drying is faster, it can take literally a couple of days. In the usual conditions, it usually takes 2-3 weeks for complete preparation.

If the cooking process has passed correctly, without disturbances, then the dried products will be less likely to become infected with microorganisms. And all due to the fact that processing takes place under direct sunlight.

Note that after drying, the product is ready for consumption and does not require additional preparation. In addition, dried food can be stored longer, which is without a doubt a very valuable quality in extreme marching conditions.

Do they sell dried fish and meat in stores?

The food industry today offers us products that equate to dried. But in most cases this is not so. And we rarely can find on the shelves of deli meat or fish, which really passed the test in direct sunlight. Usually fermentation does not take place completely in such products, which is an indicator of low-grade drying.

If you dry the fish, then, depending on the variety, you can choose both whole carcasses and parts of the product. For example, a small fry( taranka, vobla or smelt) is dried entirely. Juicy, fleshy belly or back is usually a salmon or sturgeon product.

Drying - preservation of useful properties of

products It is noticed that dried food has a rather fruitful effect on the human body."Packed" in products after treatment, active enzymes stimulate the brain and spinal cord, normalize the work of intervertebral discs, and, most importantly, have a beneficial effect on the work of the whole gastrointestinal tract.

If we compare the vital signs of people who often eat jerky foods, with those who do it rarely or completely exclude, it can be noticed that the former are much more active, more mobile and cheerful than the latter. This is the result of the fact that dried foods are almost completely absorbed in the body.

Fats contained in ingredients, under the influence of sunlight and enzymes are transformed into substances with increased energy value, which gives an integral part of vitality to the body. Contra-indications for use

Unfortunately, not all people can drink junk foods uncontrolled. Meat or fish, cooked using drying technology, can not be eaten by those who have violated purine metabolism.

If you have high blood pressure, also do not abuse dried products.

Another limitation applies to people with obvious signs of urolithiasis in their bodies.

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