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Permanent accessory of a women's wardrobe for a long time are all your favorite jeans. Fashion is cyclical, and everything new is a well-forgotten old, so things with high waist again quickly appear on the fashion shows of famous designers, agitating beautiful ladies for the purchase of newly revived outfits. With what to wear jeans with a high waist and how to make an image truly feminine and relevant - all the main secrets of the season you will learn by reading this article.

Who will wear jeans with an overstated waist?

Before you decide on the model you like, note that the top of the product should sit tightly on your waist, wrapping around the narrowest area of ​​the body. Stylists recommend the use of some more fashionable tips:

  • If your figure is close to the "triangle" type, in this case, jeans with a high waist will be the ideal shape for this physique. Also, the model will look great on the girls, whose figure resembles an hourglass.
  • Pear-shaped body structure will not allow wearing such jeans in conjunction with a tight top.
    To balance the image, you need to weight the outfit with a more voluminous and wide upper object so that you do not visually widen the hip area.
  • If on the skinny girls the narrowed jeans with a high waist look harmonious and attractive, then the lovely ladies with a figure resembling the apple type will have to give up this silhouette, preferring flared models with a strap to emphasize the waist accent.

What to combine jeans with high waist?

Creating a variety of images and outfits, the girls for a fairly long period of time preferred models with a low waist, avoiding high jeans side. But as soon as the style was updated and appeared in a new image on fashion shows, the women of fashion immediately grabbed this wardrobe and started creating new interesting bows.

If you just recently turned your attention to jeans with an overstated waist, and what to wear these things do not even know, then use the tips below:

  • For creating spring-summer images, fine-fitting shirts that fit into jeans perfectly suit. Stylish look with overrated models various tops, T-shirts and T-shirts, supplemented by interesting drawings and prints. If you want to fill the product under the belt of jeans, then choose the top of the thin material, so as not to create an extra volume in the waist.
  • With the onset of cold weather, choose a sweater with a short front and an elongated rear part as the top item. In addition to the sweater, get shirts of bright colors, which can be used in conjunction with a warm sweater, cardigan or jacket.
  • To create a business style, choose overpriced jeans of dark shades, complementing them with a restrained blouse and not too fanciful ornaments. Excellent fit a small necklace, which is worn over a blouse or shirt, buttoned up on all buttons.
  • The choice of shoes will depend directly on the characteristics of your figure. If you are a short, thin girl, in this case the shoes on a flat move will look good in combination with shortened products narrowed to the bottom. It can be slip-ons, sneakers, ballet flats or coarse lace-up shoes.
    If you want to give preference to flared jeans with a high waist, then choose shoes on the heel or on a high platform.
  • Girls in the "pluse size" category should wear shoes with a wide, stable heel. Thus, the silhouette will be visually more elongated, and if the outfit is supplemented with an unbuttoned cardigan, then the vertical lines will make the figure as slim as possible, hiding all the disadvantages that are unnecessary.
  • Using shoes with heels, remember that the bottom of the flared product should cover the heel by two thirds, otherwise the whole image will look very ridiculous and comical.
  • Lovers of casual style choose plaid shirts, fur vests and comfortable jumpers, which are perfectly combined with inflated jeans. The image is complemented by a hat with round margins, colored neckerchiefs and all sorts of bright decorations.

Features of high jeans

The presence of a number of advantages makes fashionistas prefer in favor of just such a style. Let's focus on only the most important features of the model, so that you can clearly appreciate all the advantages of this outfit:

  1. High jeans skillfully hide the existing shortcomings of the figure, making the main emphasis on the narrow waist and creating a feminine silhouette of the "hourglass".
  2. If you are confused by the presence of a small tummy, in this case the model will hide all unnecessary centimeters, taking on the role of a pulling and modeling corset figure.
  3. Inflated shapes perfectly emphasize the chest, so if you choose a narrowed model with a high waistline - be prepared for the fact that all attention will be concentrated on your seductive bust.

Selecting an attractive and comfortable style, pay attention to the width of the pants. Designers offer skinny or slim models, narrow and wide jeans, as well as variants with a knee or knee from the hip.

In order not to emphasize the drawbacks of the figure, choose a more dense denim of non-uniform color.
To distract your eyes from the voluminous hips or wide waist, use models with different decorations at the waist, or purchase jeans with patch pockets that are located either front or back.

All the power - in accessories!

The correct selection of jewelry and accessories is an integral part of the complete and harmonious bow. And if you have already acquired a model of inflated style, then an excellent addition will be leather braces of any shades. And if such an attribute in a joint duet with understated jeans can not fit tightly around the body in the lumbar region, then in combination with a high model the accessory will perfectly complement the image and become a harmonious element of the overall outfit as a whole.

Colorful scarves, flirty berets and wide straps - all this will be an excellent addition to the creation of an ultra fashionable and stylish outfit. You will only have to choose a suitable model of the bag, which will be the final element. For miniature girls, small bags are perfect, while high-quality women should prefer large and large versions of the product.

Ragged jeans with a high waist

Finally, I would like to mention another trend of this season, which does not slow down its positions in the fashion world and continues to inspire young fashionistas to create bold and very daring combinations.

It's about ragged jeans, the element of decor of which were artificial shabby and holes. It is these models that are in high demand among modern youth, so the designers decided to create similar versions with an overestimated waist.

Actual "rugs" are considered as from colored material, and in traditional shades of denim, to which we are all so accustomed. You can pick up a snow-white model, supplemented with small scuffs or stop the attention to very bold design solutions and buy pants with very large cuts.

Stylish thing is torn models with a floral print and an overstated waist.
As a paired ally, checkered shirts, bright sweat shots, loose sweaters or comfortable t-shirts serve that can be refilled or worn, complementing the image with comfortable sneakers or slips.

If your jeans do not already have jeans with a high waist, then do not waste time and choose the most fashionable styles of this season, taking into account all of the above and taking into account the individual characteristics of your figure.

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