How to prepare spinach for the winter

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Everyone knows how important it is to maintain your health throughout the year with vitamins derived from food. Experts recommend using spinach, as it contains a huge variety of useful substances that help maintain the body in great shape. In the summer season, from the leaves of this greenery, you can prepare a variety of salads or eat them. In winter, our body needs additional sources of vitamins, as the sun is becoming scarce. Therefore, every housewife will not stop to learn how to prepare spinach for the winter.


Spinach Benefits

  • Spinach Preparation Methods for the Winter
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    • Spinach Puree
    • Blanched Spinach
    • Drying
  • Spinach Prescriptions
  • Spinach Benefits

    Spinach contains many vitamins necessary for the human body, it is also rich in trace elements. This plant helps strengthen the immune system, so that the body becomes more resistant to tumoral and cancerous formations. Many nutritionists recommend eating spinach daily.

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    On the shelves in the shops you can find frozen or canned spinach. However, there is no guarantee that you will be sold a quality product that was stored in compliance with all regulations. To provide yourself and your family with healthy food in the winter, you can prepare spinach for the winter with your own hands. Self-spinning does not require special skills, any woman will cope without great difficulties.

    To make your preparations tasty, it's important to make them on time: the spinach must be harvested before the arrows on the bushes are formed. Usually this happens in late July - early August.

    Ways to prepare spinach for the winter

    There are several ways to prepare spinach for winter at home. Each of them is good in its own way and allows you to save most of the useful properties of greenery. It is important to remember that salt in all blanks should be used only not iodized!

    Spinach salting

    This spinach preparation is considered to be the easiest. In order for the greens to salivate, it is important to observe the proportion: 100 grams of salt per kilogram of spinach.

    You can pour this greens whole leaves or cut into large or small pieces. It depends on how you plan to use this stock.

    Stages of preparation:

    1. Spinach leaves need to be rid of petioles.
    2. Prepared greens thoroughly wash and dry.
    3. Prepare dishes: sterilize the cans in a convenient way.
    4. Place greens in cans, pritrambovyvaya and thoroughly waking each layer of salt.
    5. At the end of work, put the load on top.
    6. Under the weight of oppression, the leaves will settle, you can periodically add leaves to the top of the can.
    7. Close the jar with the lid.
    8. Send the workpiece to the refrigerator or cellar.

    By the way, according to this recipe you can salt not only spinach, but also sorrel, dill, parsley. It is also possible to mix these types of greens in arbitrary proportions when pickling, but most often the following ratio is used: equally of spinach and sorrel and a little dill and parsley.

    The resulting blank is stored for up to 4-6 months. It can serve as an additive to salad or soup. Before use, the greens must be rinsed. Add the salted spinach to the dish for 5-7 minutes until cooked.

    Spinach puree

    The workpiece does not take much time from you.

    At the preparatory stage, you should prepare all the necessary components: spinach leaves, water, soda at the rate of 1 teaspoon per liter of water. Without soda, you can get by, however, it will help maintain a bright green color and increase the shelf life of the billet.

    Preparation process:

    1. Spinach thoroughly rinse under running cold water.
    2. Sprinkle with water, add soda and boil the leaves.
    3. Put the boiled spinach into a colander, rinse it under cold running water, slightly dry it( using a paper towel).
    4. Wipe through a sieve or grind with a blender.
    5. The resulting pulp-like mass is boiled in a saucepan until a viscous consistency is obtained.
    6. Allow to cool.
    7. Pre-sterilize the jars, put the mashed potatoes in them.
    8. Close the lids and send the workpiece to a cold storage place.

    Important point: for the preparation of puree you need to use only spinach, which is well dried.

    Blanched spinach

    The ingredient is only green. Water is also required.

    Preparation process:

    1. Spinach rinse.
    2. Cut the leaves across.
    3. The obtained sections should be placed in boiling water for no more than a half to two minutes.
    4. Use spinning to get spinach, dry it.
    5. Banks sterilize.
    6. Leaves put in jars, corked with lids, sent to the refrigerator for storage.

    By the way, on the broth in which you blanched spinach, you can cook soup, rich in vitamins.

    Dried spinach

    Dried greens can serve as an additive to dishes from meat, fish, cereals and side dishes. Dried leaves are rich in vitamins, among other things they add a pleasant flavor to the dish. Due to the fact that fresh greens in the drying process is not exposed to high temperatures, the whole benefit of the product is preserved.


    1. Carefully clean the leaves of fresh spinach( remove damaged parts).
    2. Wash greens under running cold water.
    3. Put the leaves on a towel and dry naturally. It is important to periodically turn the leaves. You can also dry the spinach in the oven or electric dryer at a temperature of 30-35 degrees, it will take 6-8 hours.
    4. Dried spinach can be spread in jars or sent to a box.

    A quick way to prepare spinach for the winter will provide your family with useful food in the frosty months.

    Simple recipes

    Spinach with sorrel

    Everything you need: salt, water, sorrel and spinach. The ratio of spinach and sorrel can be arbitrary, but the optimal ratio is 2: 1.If you take more sorrel, the workpiece will turn sour, which is not liked by everyone. Salt will need 3 teaspoons per half a kilo of greens.

    Cooking process:

    1. Spinach and sorrel carefully sort: remove debris, damaged leaves.
    2. Rinse the greens under cold running water.
    3. Pure leaves should be placed in a dish with an enamel surface.
    4. Pour the necessary amount of water into the pan to cover the greens slightly.
    5. Turn on the cooker, bring to a boil.
    6. You need to cook for three minutes.
    7. Banks sterilized.
    8. Transfer the resulting mixture to cans and clog the lids.
    9. Send product to the refrigerator.

    Canned spinach

    Necessary components: spinach leaves, water, salt. The ratio of water and greens should be 1 to 1. The salt will need 70 grams per liter of water.

    Cooking process:

    1. The greens need to be touched and rinsed.
    2. Blanch the leaves no more than 8 minutes in hot water. Do not lower the leaves in boiling water.
    3. Use the noise to remove the leaves from the hot water.
    4. Dry the greens.
    5. Banks subject to sterilization, then shift the leaves into them.
    6. A wooden pestle is required to carefully tamp the greens in the jars.
    7. The liquid obtained by compacting the mass in the can is drained.
    8. In the jars pour hot brine.
    9. Cork the covers and send the workpiece into the refrigerator.

    Ways to prepare spinach for the winter are diverse and simple, so you should try each of them so that your relatives and friends get food rich in vitamins and microelements in the winter. Spinach is an important component of recipes for your health!

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