How to cook spring onions for the winter

Delicate, appetizing green onion can be called simply an ideal addition to almost every dish. Unfortunately, the time of a fresh product is very limited, and it is very desirable to keep it longer. Today every housewife has her own special recipes and methods that allow her to cook onions for the winter and even during the cold weather to enjoy his taste and aroma.

How to harvest spring onion for the winter:

  1. Drying
  2. Salting
  3. Freezing

How to dry the spring onion for the winter

Many housewives harvest green onions by simply drying it. This method allows you to store a dry product for a year and even more. Of course, to choose for harvesting you need only good feathers of onions, on which there are no damages and defects.

First of all, the onion should be thoroughly washed under running water, and then put on a paper or wafer towels in a thin layer and wait until it dries completely.

The dried tips that may be present on the feathers must be removed. The white part is also removed, because only feathers are suitable for this method of harvesting. It is best to cut onions in small pieces, approximately the same size, in the future this will help to ensure that everything is dried evenly and simultaneously. It is best that the pieces are not more than 0.5 centimeters.

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Dry the workpiece only in the shade, in any case not in the sun. Also, you need to ensure free access to fresh air, this will speed up the drying process. It is best to cover the paper and pour a thin onion into it. Periodically, everything needs to be stirred, and when the onion is completely dry, simply pour it into a clean, dry jar and cover it with a lid. To keep the workpiece as long as possible, the onions can not be laid tight, if it turned out a lot, you should scatter everything in two containers, close the lid and put it in the closet.

The main advantage of drying onions for the winter is that practically all useful minerals and most vitamins are stored in the product. Lack of this method is also present, in the winter it will be impossible to feel the tender and pleasant scent of green onions.

Pickling green onions for the winter

Not everyone knows that fragrant green onions for the winter can be simply salted. For this method, not only feathers, but also a juicy white part, which many like very much, will do.

First, select a good onion without defects, wash it, remove dry ends and leave to dry on a towel. It is better to make a fine, even cutting, so that everything is salted evenly.

For the workpiece you need to use only clean, pre-sterilized jars. Onions need to be poured in layers and every 2 centimeters to spill all the salt, pressing down with a wooden spoon, so that juice appears more quickly. Banks must necessarily be sealed, and in this form can be stored on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Salted in this way, onions can stand up to 8 months. Of course, in salted onions vitamins and valuable minerals will not be fully preserved, but most of them will still be present. A gentle fragrance will also remain, and you can enjoy it all winter.

How to freeze green onions

Each housewife has her own ways of frosting onion for the winter. The undeniable advantage of the billet in this way is that in the case of shock freezing, the product will almost completely recover the smell, color and aroma, as well as vitamins and other useful substances.

Frozen onion with feathers

To freeze spring onions for the winter in this way, you need only onion pens and plastic containers. First, the feathers should be washed and dried properly, the moisture should evaporate completely, this is very important. You can cut it large or small, according to your wish, but it is desirable that all the pieces are approximately the same size.

The chopped onion should be poured into a container, never under any circumstances, cover it, cover it and put it in the freezer. Experienced housewives recommend using a mode of shock freezing, so the desired result can be achieved quickly, maximally preserving the benefits of the product. Onions frozen in this way, you can sprinkle ready meals and add it to salads.

Freezing with water cubes

There is another popular method of frosting onions for the winter. To do this, you need clean and well-dried feathers without dry tips and ice molds. Onion must be chopped, expanded in molds, add a little water and sent to the freezer. After everything has turned into ice, such cubes need to be pulled out, put in a clean plastic bag, closed tightly and sent back to the freezer.

These onion blanks are very good to add in the first and second dishes. It is best to do this at the last stage of cooking. The ice melts in a minute, and the aroma of fresh onion will immediately fill the dish.

Frozen product retains a lot of useful vitamins and, most importantly, can fully convey the delicate aroma of green onions.

Billets for the winter should be started already in the spring, so that during the cold and vitamin deficiency the whole family can enjoy tasty, aromatic, vitamin and healthy dishes.

Blanks for the winter
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