How to prepare gooseberries for the winter

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Gooseberries grow in the form of a small bush and is the favorite fruit of the gardeners, since it does not require special care. To feast on it in the cold season, diligent housewives have adapted to harvest gooseberries for the winter. From gooseberry brew jam, compote and even prepare adzhika. Also, the berries are subjected to freezing. How correctly to make tasty and useful preparations from a gooseberry?


  1. Jam
  2. Compote
  3. Spicy snack from gooseberry
  4. Freezing of gooseberries

Fragrant sweetness

Real sweetened, of course, will give preference to gooseberry jam. Its unique taste and aroma is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Jam recipes can not be counted. But, whatever you choose, you need to know the basic principles of its preparation, so that it will come out really tasty.

  1. For preparation of jam, slightly unripe dense berries are always taken. For jam and jam, on the contrary, soft and overripe berries will be just right.
  2. Remove the stems from gooseberry is not an easy and painstaking task. To help you come nail clippers, which quickly and qualitatively rid the berries from the tails.
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  3. To make the jam emerald, take the berries green and each pierce with a needle or pin.
  4. The sugar in the jam is put in the proportion of 1: 1, but you can take it more if you love the messenger.
  5. Jam does not lose color if it is brought to a boil several times and give a good brew.
  6. With gooseberries, the currant, which will sing with it at the same time, harmonizes well. It can also be included in the recipe and make jam assorted.
  7. Pour hot jam into cans that have been sterilized, tightly rolled up and turned upside down.
  8. The jam of gooseberries is cooled under the blanket, after which it is moved to a cellar or a storeroom.

Of course, this method of harvesting gooseberries is the most delicious and sweet. But the minus is the duration and painstaking preparation. In addition, not everyone can eat jam. For diabetics, for example, it is contraindicated.

Refreshing compote

A self-made refreshing drink will be much more useful than store juice and sweet soda water. In the home compote includes only natural ingredients, and in it you can vary the dose of added sugar.

Gooseberries - an excellent component of any compote, because this berry not only gives a pleasant sourness and aroma, but is also very useful. By the content of vitamin C, it is slightly inferior to dog rose and black currant.

Basic rules for making gooseberries compote:

  • Dense berries of green or purple color are used for cooking.
  • If compote is made of green berries, to give color, take a little raspberries or currants.
  • To make the drink refreshing and with an interesting taste, add mint, lemon balm and orange to gooseberry. You can also add your favorite fruits.
  • Pay special attention to banks. They should be thoroughly washed with soda and well sterilized.
  • Before putting the berries in a jar, blanch them in boiling water for 30 seconds.
  • Berries are poured with boiling syrup, consisting of sugar, water and as needed from citric acid.

If you plan to close a little, you can cook the finished compote and roll it into a jar. Compote, as well as jam, turns upside down and cools down under the blanket, and then goes to a dark place.

Such a drink will brighten up not only the family dinner, but also organically fit into the festive table.

Spicy appetizer from gooseberry

We are used to the fact that of the berries is certainly preparing something sweet. But there were brave souls who destroyed this stereotype and presented to the world wonderful savory sauces and adzhiki, cooked on the basis of sweet berries and fruits. Gooseberries are not an exception. As it turned out from this sweet and sour berry can be prepared an excellent spicy snack. It does not require cooking, which greatly shortens the cooking time. All you need is to twist the ingredients with a meat grinder or blender and put in a clean glass container. The disadvantage of this method is that such adzhika can be stored only in the refrigerator and not more than 1-2 months.

A little tip: Do not put sugar in the sauce immediately, it will significantly shorten the storage time. It is better to do this immediately before serving.

The main component of acute adzhika must be gooseberry. It can be used both in immature and overripe form. Sharp pepper, garlic, various herbs( coriander, parsley, mint, dill, basil) add spice and spice. Such a savory snack will be a perfect addition to any meaty fatty dishes.

Vitamins for the winter

Perhaps the simplest and most suitable way to prepare gooseberries for the winter is to freeze. If you want to freeze whole berries, gooseberry with a dense peel is suitable for this purpose, it will not burst from the temperature drop.

Carefully washed and dried, it is placed on a baking sheet and sent to the freezer. After the berries are frozen, it can be packed in packages or poured into a special container for storage.

In winter, frozen frozen gooseberry is a pleasure. It can also be used to make sauces, as an ingredient in salad or in fillings for pies.

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