How to prepare raspberries for the winter

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Raspberry is a very useful product. It is widely used for the treatment of colds and sore throats, besides it effectively increases the efficiency of the heart. It contains valuable micronutrients - glucose, fructose, fiber, carbohydrates, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium and many others.


Raspberry jam

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  • Raspberry juice
  • Raspberry juice is especially important in winter, because vitamins are especially necessary for our body in winter. And besides, sometimes you want to treat yourself to something delicious and useful. Prepare raspberries for the winter can be in many ways, it all depends on what you prefer. It can be jam, compote, drying, freezing and various other methods of preserving.

    Raspberry jam

    To prepare jam from raspberries, you should prepare 5 kg of any raspberry and the same amount of sugar. It is best cooked in stainless steel or in an enamel saucepan.

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    First you need to mix all the raspberries with 2.5 kg of sugar and let stand for 2 hours to juice out of the berries and partially dissolved sugar. Next, you need to put on the fire until boiling, do not forget to stir occasionally to accelerate the dissolution of sugar. Then the jam should cool to room temperature, after which you need to put the cook further. Then let cool again and pour the remaining sugar there, still stirring occasionally.

    When the sugar is completely dissolved, you can start pouring already in sterile jars.

    Use of raspberry jam:

    • presence of substances preventing the division of cancer cells;
    • antipyretic properties;
    • neutralization of carcinogens.

    The main disadvantage: during heat treatment many vitamins and other useful elements are lost.

    Raspberry compote

    To prepare raspberry compote you need 3 kg of berries, 1 liter of water and 750 grams of sugar.


    1. Raspberries go through, rinse with a few dives in cold water using a glass stopper and fold in jars.
    2. Pour water mixed with sugar into the pan from the enamel. After the preparation of the syrup cool and pour it raspberries.
    3. Banks are recommended to put in a pan with warm water and sterilize for 3 minutes( 3 minutes in a boiling state).
    4. Now it is necessary to take out the jars, turn them upside down, cover with a blanket and leave until completely cooled.

    Raspberry compote helps to get rid of fever and cold, while it does not cause harm to health, unless, of course, you have allergy to raspberries or its individual intolerance.

    Raspberry compote in its own juice

    Ingredients for this compote: 3 kg of raspberries and 750 grams of powdered sugar.

    Do everything the same as above in 1 point - go through, rinse. As soon as the water drains from the berries, place them in a wide saucepan, sprinkling with layers of powdered sugar. Then leave for 12 hours to make up the juice, and put all the contents in cans, covered with sterile lids.

    Next everything is as in the 3rd and 4th paragraph, which are described just above.

    Drying raspberries for the winter

    When drying raspberries, only the water content drops to 15%, while the useful substances and trace elements are practically not lost. For this, it is important to keep the temperature at 35-45 degrees during drying. This process gives the berries sweets, and they can even be used as a sweetener for any dietary dish.

    For drying it is best to use an electric dryer, but since not everyone has the opportunity to purchase it, you can dry it in a conventional oven at a temperature of no higher than 45 degrees, if you are, of course, important to keep everything useful in the berry. This requires good air circulation, and to ensure it, you need to leave the oven door slightly ajar about 6-8 cm.

    The berries in the tray should be laid out so that they do not contact each other. Minus the process is that the drying will take up to 6 hours. At the end, the berries should be cooled and poured into sealed jars. Store in a dark, dry and cool place.

    Plus, such a preparation of raspberries is that, unlike what was prepared by other methods, it can be used by diabetics. Minus - dried raspberry is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance and allergy to this berry.

    Freeze raspberries

    You can freeze raspberries for the winter by placing them in an ordinary plastic bag. This method will help to keep the berries fresh for a long time without loss of useful properties.

    Start the process best at a temperature of -25 to -40 degrees, so that the structure of the cells did not have time to collapse. Once the berries are well frozen, you can transfer them to a chamber with a lower temperature.

    Freezing does not have drawbacks and preserves all properties of berries.

    Raspberry juice

    For preparation of juice it is necessary to prepare only 1 kg of raspberry and 170-180 ml of water.

    Berries, of course, sorted, kneaded with wooden pestle and transferred to a pot of enamel with hot water( about 60 degrees).When the berries are warmed, remove them from the heat, cover and after 15 minutes squeeze out the juice. Then filter it, bring it to a boil, quickly pour into cans and roll.


    • juice has anti-sclerotic properties;
    • reduces the level of prothrombin.

    Less: juice can cause allergies.

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