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Finding a person who does not like absolutely no pastries is difficult. A variety of cakes, pies, cookies allows you to choose sweets for every taste. Of the wide assortment presented in the stores, a separate place is taken by baking from oatmeal, namely oatmeal cookies. Such popularity is explained quite easily: pleasant taste, huge benefit, low cost in the store and ease of cooking at home. Such a unique product, of course, requires special attention!

Use of oatmeal cookies

According to nutritionists, one portion of oatmeal can be successfully replaced by several pieces of oatmeal cookies, if we talk about nutritional properties. And if you supplement the baking with milk or juice, you can get a very tasty and very useful breakfast.

Any composition of oatmeal cookies has a positive effect on the entire human body: digestion processes are accelerated, the intestines are cleaned, harmful cholesterol is excreted from the blood, vascular health is maintained. Minerals contained in oatmeal, contribute to the normal operation of muscles, the health of the musculoskeletal system.

To pay attention to oatmeal cookies is also for diabetics and those who adhere to certain diets. In this case, it is better to choose cookies without sugar, but with the addition of various dried fruits.

For the best possible use, you should know how to make homemade oatmeal cookies. It is the independent selection of products and homemade baking that will allow you to be sure of the quality of the cookie and its positive effect on the body.

Oat homemade cookies

Continuing the theme of the use of oatmeal cookies, it is worth noting that the useful elements and their quantity in this product depends on its composition. With the classic preparation of cookies from oat flakes, the human body receives fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins, useful minerals. If you add nuts or dried fruits in homemade cookies, the finished product becomes rich in vegetable fats, antioxidants, valuable vitamins and other useful elements.

For preparing oatmeal cookies at home, there are also a variety of recipes. They differ not only in the quantity of products used and the duration of baking, but also in the basic composition. There are variants of recipes without the use of oil, eggs, sugar and even without flour. It's enough to study carefully how to bake oatmeal cookies at home in various variations, and choose the recipe you like.

Dietary oatmeal cookies

For those who want to lose weight, but like oatmeal cookies, the dietary recipe will be at hand. It does not contain sugar and oil, but in the composition of such cookies there are useful oat bran and stevia.

To prepare oatmeal cookies at a diet, you will need:

  • - egg whites,
  • - oat bran,
  • - milk,
  • - stevia powder,
  • - apple,
  • - cinnamon and coriander.

First of all oat bran( 2 tbsp.) Is poured with a small amount of milk and left for 20 minutes. In the meantime, egg whites( 10 pcs.) Are beaten into a foam, the apple is baked in the oven, and then the apple puree is made with a blender. Then, all ingredients are combined in one container and mixed thoroughly. The last step is the addition of spices and the baking of biscuits directly. The ideal temperature in the oven - 180 degrees, portions of the dough should be minimal, so that the finished cookies do not fall apart.

Oatmeal cookies, a recipe with a photo

In a family with kids, children's oatmeal cookies are always relevant - inexpensive, tasty and useful. It is better not to buy sweets for children, but to cook on your own, especially since there are enough recipes available with a photo.

We will need one of the recipes for oatmeal cookies:

  • - eggs,
  • - oat flakes,
  • - butter,
  • - sugar,
  • - flour,
  • - cinnamon,
  • - roasted peanuts.

Butter( 130 g) must be melt and slightly cool, eggs( 2 pcs.), Beat and combine in one container, adding sugar( 130 g).In a separate container dry products are mixed: flour( 1.5 liters), oat flakes( 4 items), cinnamon( 0.5 tsp) and peanuts( 0.5 table).Both mixtures are gradually combined and left for 10-15 minutes. After that, you can form cookies with wet hands and spread it on a baking tray, oiled. Peanuts are put on top of each cake. The oven should be heated to 200 degrees, the baking process takes 25 minutes.

Oatmeal cookies( in a skillet)

You can get a quick oatmeal cookie on any recipe from cookbooks or from the Internet - the baking time varies from 10 to 25 minutes. However, you can get a useful treat even faster if you use an ordinary frying pan instead of an oven.

For such a recipe for oatmeal cookies we will need:

  • - oat flakes,
  • - egg white,
  • - salt, sugar,
  • - sesame.

The cooking process is very simple: oat flakes( 50 grams) are mixed with egg whites( 2 pcs.).It is convenient to do this with a fork, it is not necessary to whip the proteins. In the resulting mixture add a pinch of salt and sugar, sesame to taste. The dough is ready for baking. Do not lubricate the surface of the frying pan. Ideally, oatmeal cookies in a frying pan are held until a gently golden crust appears, which indicates the readiness of the delicacy.

Oatmeal cookies with banana

Oatmeal cookies are undoubtedly tasty in itself, however it can be given an even more refined taste if you add certain products. One of these successful products for biscuits is a banana - a tasty and useful addition.

To prepare homemade oatmeal cookies with banana, you will need:

  • - oat flakes,
  • - banana( preferably very ripe),
  • - milk,
  • - fructose,
  • - dried fruits,
  • - coconut chips,
  • - bitter chocolate.

For the preparation of cookies, oat flakes( 100 gr.) Are divided into two parts, one of which is ground in a blender and the other is left in its original form. Dried fruits are ground and mixed with flakes. Add grated chocolate, coconut shavings( 10 gr.) And fructose( 1 tablespoon).In a separate container, beat the mixer with a banana and milk( 70 g.) Until a homogeneous mass is obtained, into which a mixture of flakes, dried fruits and chocolate is then added. All ingredients must be combined, and then quickly and thoroughly stirred. The next stage is the formation of small koloboks( diameter from 2 to 5 cm) and baking for 20 minutes. The ideal temperature in the oven is 200 degrees.

The cookie for this recipe is dry and crispy. To make it softer will help the cups of water, which during baking should be placed at the bottom of the oven.

Oatmeal cookies without flour

Most of the standard cookie recipes assume the use of flour. However, if for some reason you want to bake oatmeal cookies without flour, such recipes also exist.

One of them will require the following products:

  • - butter,
  • - eggs,
  • - sugar,
  • - oat flakes,
  • - soda, cinnamon, vanilla sugar.

In the butter( 200 g.) Add sugar( 1 tbsp.), Cinnamon, vanilla sugar and grate well. In the same container add 2 eggs, oat flakes( 3 items) and soda( 1/2 tsp), which must be extinguished with lemon juice. After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients, the dough is removed to the refrigerator and left for half an hour. This time is just enough to completely swell the flakes. After that, you can get the dough and form small balls from it. Having flattened each of them, we put the future liver on a baking sheet, covered with parchment and oiled. Baking oatmeal cookies without flour takes about 35 minutes at the optimum temperature in the oven of about 180 degrees.

Oatmeal cookies without oil

Those who adhere to any diet, especially appreciate soft oatmeal cookies without sugar and oil. Such bakeries will benefit from a simple recipe for oatmeal cookies. List of products:

  • - ground oat flakes,
  • - honey,
  • - eggs,
  • - flour,
  • - soda.

The process of making such oatmeal cookies takes minimal time in the kitchen and is simple. Eggs( 2 pieces) must be beaten with honey( 2 tablespoons), then add soda and stir well. Then, a little bit of ground oat flakes( 125 grams) and flour( 1 tablespoon) are gradually added to the resulting mixture. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed, so that the resulting adze is thick and sticky. The baking process takes only 8-10 minutes at a standard temperature of about 200 degrees.

Oatmeal cookies with no sugar

For those who adhere to diets that wants to lose weight or just does not like too sweet pastries, is sure to be an interesting recipe for oatmeal cookies without sugar. To prepare such treats need the following products:

  • - butter,
  • - lemon peel,
  • - cream,
  • - egg,
  • - flour,
  • - salt, cinnamon, baking powder, vanillin.

The first step is to mix flour( 1.5 v.), Ground oatmeal( item 1.5.), Baking powder( 1 pt.), Vanillin( 1 pt.), Cinnamon( 1 hr. L.), A pinch of saltand zest of 1 lemon. Mix all ingredients well, add butter( 100 grams), 1 egg and sour cream( 2 tbsp.).In the absence of sour cream, it can be replaced with milk. Thorough mixing of the ingredients should result in a soft dough that is left to lie in a cold place and is forgotten about it for 20 minutes. After the specified time, the sausage is formed from the dough, cut into pieces and pressed to form a flat cake. Bake cookies for this recipe need 15-20 minutes. The optimum temperature is 170 degrees.

Homemade oatmeal cookies without sugar according to this recipe are unsweetened, crumbly, very fragrant and delicious.

Oatmeal cookies without eggs

Some may not understand the meaning of recipe search for oatmeal cookies without eggs, if you can cook it using this product. However, there is a group of people who do not eat eggs for food. The reasons for this are enough: allergy, fasting, vegetarianism. It was for such sweet lovers that a recipe for oatmeal cookies without eggs was created.

list of required products:

  • - oatmeal,
  • - sugar,
  • - flour,
  • - butter,
  • - yogurt,
  • - soda, vanilla,
  • - raisins and nuts.

Melted butter( 150 g) is combined with sugar( 0,5 items), vanillin and kefir( 2 tbsp.).We also add oat flakes( 2 items), previously shredded, nuts and raisins. The next stage is flour( 1 tbsp.) And soda. All the ingredients are mixed well until the dough stops sticking to the hands. Then we form a ball and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour. After the specified time, the same balls are rolled from the dough, they make cakes and bake for 20 minutes. The temperature in the oven should be at least 180 degrees.

Oatmeal cookies

For believing people who adhere to church posts, lean oatmeal cookies can become a favorite treat at a time when there are so many restrictions on food. In its composition only allowed products, which allows you to perfectly combine fasting and sweets. For baking

lean oatmeal cookies necessary to prepare:

  • - oatmeal( small and large),
  • - margarine,
  • - liquid honey,
  • - cinnamon, salt, lemon peel,
  • - sesame, walnuts.

In the melted margarine( 125 grams) add honey( 125 ml), nuts, zest, cinnamon, salt. All this time, the container is kept on fire, after which it is removed from the plate and oatmeal is added( 100 grams shallow and 200 grams large).All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to give the dough a uniform consistency. The pan is lubricated with oil and spread the dough with a tablespoon. From the top you can sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake the biscuits for 10-15 minutes, then take the baking tray out of the oven and allow to cool completely.

Oatmeal cookies

With a huge number of different recipes, each mistress tries to find something interesting and unusual. Such recipes include the preparation of cookies from oat flakes with the addition of alcohol.

For such sweetness you will need:

  • - ground oat flakes,
  • - butter,
  • - flour,
  • - sugar,
  • - eggs,
  • - nuts,
  • - cognac or rum,
  • - soda, salt, cinnamon.

At the first stage, you need to grind butter( 200 g) with sugar( 200 grams), add vanilla, alcohol( 25 ml) and eggs( 2 pcs.).Flakes( 1.5 tablespoons) are added to the same container and mixed thoroughly, but do not whisk. After that, the dough can add nuts and gradually mix the flour( 1 tbsp.).The last step is the addition of soda, which is extinguished with vinegar, and thorough mixing.

Put the dough on a greased baking tray with a spoon and knead a little. Baking pastry from oat flakes should pass at a temperature of 180 degrees, takes 15 minutes.

Of course, such oatmeal cookies for children are hardly suitable, since it contains at least a little, but alcohol. However, adults will certainly appreciate its delicate taste.

Oatmeal cookies at home

Homemade oatmeal cookies do not have to be sweet. No less active oat flakes are used for the preparation of curd-oatmeal cookies, which becomes an excellent snack for beer.

For such a biscuit it is necessary: ​​

  • - curd,
  • - oat flakes,
  • - flour,
  • - eggs,
  • - baking powder, salt, spices,
  • - butter.

Curd( 200 g.) Is wiped through a sieve, oat flakes are added( 2 items), flour( 1.5 tbsp.) And eggs( 4 pcs.), Which are pre-whipped into a foam. All ingredients are well mixed, add to them baking powder( 1 tsp), salt and spices. The last step is the addition of butter( 200 grams), which must be melt. Mix well all the products, cover the dough with a towel and leave for half an hour. After the specified time, the dough is spread evenly on the baking tray, baked until ready, then cut into squares( in a warm form).

Oatmeal cookies are simple

Most recipes for oatmeal cookies do not differ in the list of necessary products, but differ in their quantity. It depends on the consistency of the dough and the cookie itself, as well as its taste. For another simple recipe for oatmeal cookies we need:

  • - oat flakes,
  • - flour,
  • - butter,
  • - eggs,
  • - sugar,
  • - vanilla sugar.

Butter( 200 g.) Is ground with sugar( 1.5 tbsp.) And eggs( 3 pcs.) Until a homogeneous mass is obtained. In it flour( 1 item), oat flakes( 3 items) and vanilla sugar are added. All products are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous dough is obtained. From it, you need to roll small pieces of biscuits and put them on a baking tray, not lubricating it. The optimum temperature for fast baking of cookies is 180 degrees.

Oat biscuits from Julia Vysotskaya

Many recipes from Julia Vysotskaya were tested by the housewives at home kitchens. Everything turns out quickly, easily and deliciously. Oatmeal cookies from Julia Vysotskaya are no exception. To prepare it you will need:

  • - butter,
  • - oat flakes,
  • - powdered sugar,
  • - brown sugar,
  • - egg,
  • - flour,
  • - raisins,
  • - vanilla.

In brown butter( 100 grams) add brown sugar( 0.5 tbsp.) And powdered sugar( 0.5 tbsp.).Separately, whisk 1 egg and add it to the first container. Heat is also poured in warm water( 1/3 cent.), Vanilla, flour( 100 grams), oat flakes( 0.5 cent.) And raisins( 2 handfuls).After thoroughly mixing all the products, you can start baking.

Put the dough on the baking tray with a tablespoon so that the distance between the balls was not less than 3 cm. The baking process takes 15-20 minutes, the optimum temperature is 180-200 degrees.

Biscuit and oatmeal cookies

The combination of oat flakes with bananas gives a peculiar and very interesting taste. In addition, such oatmeal cookies are low-calorie due to the absence of butter, sugar and wheat flour. For the preparation of cookies will be required:

  • - oat flakes,
  • - milk,
  • - bananas,
  • - egg,
  • - raisins,
  • - vanilla or cinnamon.

Oat flakes( 1-1.5 cent.) Are poured with milk( 1,5-2 cent.) From the evening. In the morning 1 egg, bananas( 2-4 pieces kneaded with a fork), vanilla and raisins( 2 tablespoons) are added to the same container. Raisins can be replaced with any dried fruits or combine several fruits - raisins, dried apricots, prunes. After thoroughly mixing all the ingredients, you can proceed to the last stage - baking cookies from a banana and oatmeal.

For this, the resulting mass of a spoon is spread on a baking sheet, trying to form balls of approximately the same size. Then, preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the biscuits for about 15 minutes.

According to this recipe, the ready-made oatmeal cookies turn out ruddy, aromatic and very tasty.

Lenten cookies from oat flakes

Even if we talk about recipes for lean oatmeal cookies, there is where to go for a walk. The combinations of various products allowed in the post give different results, each of which is interesting in its own way. One of these recipes requires the following products:

  • - instant oat flakes,
  • - apple puree,
  • - raisins,
  • - honey,
  • - nuts, seeds or sesame,
  • - vegetable oil.

Oat flakes( 2.5 tbsp.) Must be dried in a dry frying pan to make them golden in color. To them add apple puree( 1 tbsp.), Vegetable oil( 3 tbsp.) And honey( 3 tbsp.).All the products are well mixed and left for 20 minutes. At the end of the time, seeds, nuts, sesame seeds, raisins are added to the mixture, the oven is heated to 120 degrees and the cookies are laid on a baking tray. The process of baking oatmeal cookies according to this recipe takes about an hour.

Oatmeal cookies, classic recipe

All modifications of oat cookie recipes, various additional ingredients, of course, deserve attention. However, do not forget about the classic recipe oatmeal cookies. It needs:

  • - butter,
  • - flour,
  • - sugar,
  • - oat flakes,
  • - baking powder,
  • - eggs.

Butter( 200 g) is ground with sugar( 150 g), eggs are added( 2 pcs.) And mixed well. Oat flakes( 1.5 items), flour( 170 gr.) And baking powder( 2 tsp) are added here and knead the dough, which should not turn out to be too steep. A bowl of dough is covered and put in refrigerators, where for an hour the flakes should become softer. Meanwhile, the pan is lubricated with oil, the oven is heated to 180 degrees. Cookies bake for 15-20 minutes.

How many calories are in oatmeal cookies?

For those who are a fan of the diet, but very fond of oatmeal cookies, the calorie content of this product is of great importance. It makes it easy to calculate the allowable rate of your favorite treat. One shop round oatmeal cookies weighs about 19-20 grams, which in terms of calories is 84 calories. Homemade oatmeal cookies can be less caloric if you choose a suitable recipe. Dietary oatmeal cookies should not contain oil, eggs, sugar, flour.

To count calories is for certain useful employment, however it is necessary to remember, that more often those who eat much, and those who does not move enough often grow fat.
To summarize, I want to emphasize the variety of recipes for oatmeal cookies. It is hardly possible to find any more pastries, for the preparation of which there were so many options. Each recipe for oatmeal cookies is interesting and unique in its own way. It remains only to choose the option you like and enjoy a tasty and very useful treat! Related Videos:
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