How to apply the diet correctly

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Any diet is a serious test for the body. Many doctors believe that harmless diets do not exist.

Than the dangerous diets

Among the dangers that await those who decided to lose weight with the help of diets, we note the following:

Individual intolerance to .The organism of any of us has its own, individual characteristics, the reasons for the appearance of excess weight are also different. Therefore, the same diet can perfectly help one person and harm the other.

Adaptation of the body .When one diet is used too long, the body gets used to a new diet, as a result, the rate of weight loss is seriously reduced or even the process of losing weight ceases altogether.

Potential health hazards to .Many diets for losing weight suggest the use of products containing very little vital substances: proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber. .. Too long "sitting" on such a diet will inevitably harm your health.

It is strongly recommended not to lose weight, "dieting"

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to pregnant, nursing women and adolescents , especially during puberty. It can cause irreparable damage to health!(we emphasize, we are not talking about therapeutic diets, which in some cases are necessary, but about diets for weight loss).

Note: the diet, in its overwhelming majority, does not form the skills of rational nutrition. Almost always after the completion of the diet there is a desire to eat up to the heap, and not once. In addition, the body, after experiencing a calorie shortage during a diet and finally getting enough of it, begins to "make reserves" - in the form of new fat deposits. Therefore, when you stop "dieting", overweight returns in 90-95% of cases. And very often a person who has lost weight has not just quickly gained the same weight and size, but also significantly adds to what was before this attempt to lose weight.

Rules for the use of diets

You have not been scared yet? The desire to go on a diet has not disappeared yet? Well, good luck! But we recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

  • Before you go on a diet, consult a dietitian. It will help you choose the diet that is most effective for you.
  • If you suffer from any chronic illness, be sure to consult your doctor - some diets may be strictly forbidden to you. In no case do not start to apply diet for weight loss during any acute illness or exacerbation of chronic.
  • Try to choose a diet based on products that you like - this diet is much easier to sustain.
  • Do not overdo it. Do not use a diet, especially "hard", longer and more often than recommended. It is not necessary to reduce too much caloric content( it is not recommended to use less than 1000-1200 kilocalories per day for women, 1700-2000 for men).
  • If you have a marked deterioration in your well-being, not to mention the appearance( exacerbation) of any diseases when applying any diet for weight loss, immediately stop using this diet: for the sake of losing weight, do not harm your health.
  • While on a diet, do not reduce( at least, but rather increase) your physical activity. It is necessary not only to reduce the intake of calories in the body, but also to stimulate the burning of fat.
  • It's easier to lose weight than to keep the result. After the end of the diet, do not "tear off", do not eat everything until you lose weight, but smoothly, gradually move to a normal balanced diet, the volume and caloric content of which try to keep at a level slightly lower than before the start of the diet.
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