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In recent years it has become fashionable to monitor your health and appearance. To do this, many began to adhere to a certain diet and exercise grueling training. However, relatively recently dieticians have developed a new diet for weight loss, which does not require constant counting of calories and serious physical exertion.

Principles of paleodieta

A new diet, called paleodieta, involves a return to the diet of primitive people, when food was possible only in the event of a feeling of hunger. In addition, the ancestors of all mankind consumed only natural products, as well as products that had not been heat treated, with the exception of meat and seafood. It is for this reason that the rock paintings convey the image of a person without excess fat in strategically important parts of the body.

It is proven that people at the level of genes are suitable vegetables, plants, fruits, lean meat and fish. These products will never cause obesity or diseases of the cardiovascular system, a catalyst for allergic reactions and a malfunction in the endocrine system. Also paleodieta keeps hormones under control.

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Paleodiote rules

If people return to the ancient diet of their ancestors, it will affect not only their health, but also affect the appearance, which will become much better. To follow the paleodiet, you need to adhere to some simple rules:

  • should lead a mobile lifestyle, as well as the ancient people who performed a lot of physical work;
  • it is desirable to eat only natural products( berries, plants and even roots), in which there are much more vitamins than in pharmacy pills. And in order to tame your appetite, you need to consume vegetables and fruits, a source of fiber;
  • meat can only be dietary and boiled or paired;
  • people from the point of view of genetics are absolutely counter-indicative of semifinished products and sugar, which is better replaced by honey;
  • food can be taken in small portions several times during the day, but only because of the feeling of hunger.

Pros and cons of the paleodieta

What are the pluses of the paleodiet? The answer is simple: improving the hormonal background of the body, reducing weight by an average of 2 kg during the week, reducing the number of cholesterol plaques, and, consequently, the level of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, paleodieta can help in the prevention of cancer. You can also restore the psycho-emotional balance.

Of course, the paleodieta, like many other diets, also has negative aspects. It is not suitable for vegetarians, since it allows eating meat. Also, with such a diet you can feel a deficiency of calcium, because under the ban milk and dairy products. And, finally, palaeodite is a rather expensive pleasure that only well-off people can afford.

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