The Kremlin diet

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Flour products, cereals
Wheat bread 50 Rye 34
Pita 56 buns 51
Flour 68 Flour rye 64
Macaroni 69 Buckwheat 62
Semolina 67 Groats oat 49
Millet 66 Figure 71
meat, eggs, seafood
boiled meat( in tonnes.h. poultry meat) 0 Pork sausages 2
Frankfurters 1,5 Sausages 0
Salo 0 Fish boiled 0
Oysters 7 Squids 4
Caviar 0 Sea kale 1
Shrimps 0 Eggs in the lumpbomb form, 1 pc. 0,5
Dairy Milk
4,7 3
Sour Cream Cheese Curd 2 15
sweet curd glazed 32 kefir, yogurt 3
sweet yoghurt 8,5 Butter 1,3
1 Margarine Vegetable oil 0
Vegetablesfruits, berries
9 Apricot Watermelon Pineapple 9
Melon 9 11,5
Orange Banana 8 21
10 Cherry Pear Lemon 9,5
3 Mandarin 8
Peach 9,5 Apples 9,5
VinogHell 15 Strawberry 6,5
4 Cranberry Raspberry Gooseberry 9
8 Currant 8
5 Cabbage Carrot Tomatoes 7
4 cucumber 3
4 Radish Beetroot Potatoes 9
16 66
Raisins Dried apricots Prunes 55 58
49 Dried Pears Dried apples 45
99 Sugar Honey Candy 75
80 55
Halva cake sponge cake with cream 50 62
Butter Cookies Ice Cream 75 20-25
Chocolate, chocolates 50-55 76
Marmalade Caramel with filling 92 condensed milk 56
Jam, jam, jam 65-71 Lollipops 70
Mineral water 0 Tea, coffee, sugar-free 0
Apple juice 7,5 Orange juice 12
Grape juice 14 Tomato juice 3,5
Compote apricot 21 Apple compote 19
Dry wine 1 Beer 5
Liquor 30 Vodka, whiskey, cognac, brandy 0

The Kremlin diet , still called diet of American astronauts , is a low-carbohydrate diet. According to the developers of the Kremlin diet, carbohydrates are our main enemies, and it is the minimization of their consumption that will help to lose weight.

By the way, and who are its developers?:) Some sources believe that they invented this diet in a certain closed Kremlin medical center and kept until recently in a terrible secret. Hence the name: the Kremlin diet. Others categorically disagree with them and assure that the authors of this diet are American nutrition experts from NASA, and it should be called only this: the diet of American astronauts. Well, or shorter: the astronauts diet. Maybe all the same, those who use the neutral name are correct: a glasses diet, or a diet on points?

However, this is a lyrical digression. Let's return to the basic principles of the Kremlin diet. And they consist in the following: each food corresponds to a certain number of glasses( hence the name "spectacle diet"), and for weight loss( keeping weight) it is necessary that your daily diet does not exceed:

  • for weight loss - 40 points;
  • to save weight - 60 points.

If you exceed the limit of 60 points, weight begins to increase.

Here is the point estimate, according to the Kremlin diet, the main, most frequently consumed products( for 100 grams, unless indicated otherwise):

As you can see, "the main enemies" in terms of the Kremlin diet are cereals, flour products, dried fruits and, of coursesugar and sweets. But meat, fish, unsweetened dairy products can be used almost without restrictions.

An interesting feature: the Kremlin diet practically does not limit alcohol consumption( except liqueurs and sweet wines).Apparently, its developers were confident that neither high-ranking Kremlin leaders nor American astronauts would abuse alcohol;).

Contraindications to the Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet( also called the "astronaut diet"), as, indeed, almost all diets for weight loss, is not useful to everyone. This diet is strictly contraindicated for people with kidney disease, pregnant and lactating women. It is not recommended to sit down on the Kremlin diet suffering from chronic diseases, especially the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract.

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