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  • Nuances of wedding greetings. Where to draw inspiration?
  • Touching poetic congratulations from the mother of the bride
  • Humorous congratulations on the wedding of the daughter
  • Congratulations in prose: features of writing and presentation

Wedding of your daughter is a very important holiday for any woman. Usually the bride's mother carefully prepares for the celebration, thinks through the gift and congratulations. Just write an ideal rhyme, fully consistent with the mood of the holiday, and even to the extent of funny, it is not easy. What kind of congratulations for the wedding from the mother of the bride are touched to the depths of everyone who will be present at the celebration?

Nuances of wedding greetings. Where to draw inspiration?

Congratulations on the wedding are rarely created on their own. Guests of the holiday prefer to find on the Internet a cute rhyme and read it at the celebration, giving out for their own. However, the mother of the bride can not follow this path, because her poetic work should ideally fit into the framework of the holiday, emphasizing the touching and importance of this day. Where is the inspiration to write congratulations on the wedding?

  • A woman can safely use the works from the Internet, slightly reworking them to her liking.
  • It is possible to dedicate a rhyme to both newlyweds or only a son-in-law, having issued a congratulation in a humorous way.
  • It's great if as an inspiration the mother of the bride uses the main theme of the holiday itself.
  • As an inspiration, you can use your personal experience of married life, emphasizing how many bright moments the couple expects in the future.

Than the original will be wedding greetings, the better, because then they will be able to attract everyone's attention.

The first thing to do is determine the mood of the solemn wish. Should it be touching or, conversely, ridiculous - it's up to the mother of the bride to decide. If a woman prefers humorous lines, then it is better to devote them not to the bride, but to the son-in-law, having described her feelings for him with numerous jokes.

If the bride and groom choose a specific theme for their wedding, it can also be used as a full-fledged source of inspiration.
For example, if the celebration is arranged in the style of Halloween, you can make the greeting a bit gloomy and gothic. If the wedding is autumn, then you can mention all the stages of the relationship in pairs according to the seasons of the year( spring is the flowering of love, summer is a time full of romance, and so on).This poem will be easier to write, because the mother of the culprit of the celebration will have her own source of inspiration. In addition, the very structure of the work will be at least original.

Touching poetic congratulations from the mother of the bride

As the wedding is almost the most significant holiday in the life of every woman, caring parents usually prefer a touching greetings, which best illustrates this joyful day. Creating such verses, it is worth including in them the following details:

  • names of the perpetrators of the celebration;
  • date of wedding or date of birth of both newlyweds;
  • touching details from the past of the bride who will make the verse more expressive and personal;
  • various details from the life of the couple, the nuances of their dates and relationships.

All these details will turn the standard poetic lines into a truly sincere congratulation. It is not worth pursuing a beautiful, rhymed rhyme, because if the mother of the culprit of the celebration can express her sincere thoughts, the poem will already turn out to be a bright part of the holiday. There are many examples of good congratulations, and here is just one of them:

"Daughter dear, today you

Suddenly fulfilled your cherished dreams,

You created your family,

And brought your husband to our house.

Fill with tenderness every day,

Forget about grief, doubt shadow.

Love each other today, always,

And let them proceed slowly.

Let the children's laughter fill the house,

Love there is a place in it.

We, the children, really appreciate you,

Yesterday and tomorrow, and now! "

If you can not create a congratulation on your wedding day yourself, you can use the sources from the Internet. It is enough only to rework at least part of these works in order to get their own, extremely personal and touching congratulations.
In a poem written from a pure heart, there is always so much sincerity and tenderness that it is possible for a rare visitor to keep tears while reading it.

Of course, a wedding greeting from your mother should not be too voluminous, otherwise guests will simply get bored.8-10 lines - this will be enough to express your emotions, and all around to strike to the depths of the soul.

Humorous congratulations on the wedding of the daughter

Congratulation on the wedding of the mother does not necessarily have to be touching, because a woman can quite use her own imagination, creating a bright humorous work. What are the main themes usually addressed in such ridiculous lines?

  1. The relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law, to whom a good hundred anecdotes are dedicated.
  2. You can make a joke about the tests ahead of the pair.
  3. A funny poem can be created by comparing the marriage of a mother and father with the union of a daughter and her chosen one.
  4. In your humorous poem, you can just talk about the main traditions of the wedding celebration, but with humor.

Usually, the bride's parents try to joke on the boundless subject of the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law. For example, you can present the following verse to the perpetrators of the celebration:

"Well, lad, you got,

My mother-in-law you found out today.

For many years the family will now,

And you and I will not forget about you.

You'll be at the dacha and work at home,

Straight until the grandson is born.

We'll love you with all our heart,

By the order, advice to bring you.

But seriously, love save,

Please appreciate each other, always take care.

Let the years bond your beautiful union,

And let the emotions do not go in vain! »

. No matter how ridiculous the congratulation may seem, it should in no case offend the perpetrators of the celebration. Even if the bride and groom smile, they can harbor resentment on an abusive word. That's why the rhymes need to be formed in such a way that the congratulations sound funny, but they do not concern the possible shortcomings of the spouses.

Experienced authors advise always to complete a poem on a lyric note. It should not be extremely ridiculous, because a wedding is a very touching holiday, which means that the poem must end with words of tenderness and love.

Usually a humorous wedding greeting from the mother of the bride is directly related to her attitude to the groom.
Even if in her verse a woman emphasizes the specifics of love between mother-in-law and son-in-law, the groom should understand that all this is nothing more than humor. If a woman manages to do without unnecessary negativity, the poetic work will certainly amuse everyone around and defuse the atmosphere at the wedding.

Congratulations in prose: features of writing and presentation

Traditionally the congratulation of the mother of the bride is presented in verse, but this does not mean that prosaic works should not be paid attention. Often congratulations in prose looks even more creative than standard rhymes.

The laws of creating such a congratulation are the same as for the verses: one should not sin in large volumes and one should not pay attention to secondary details. The ideal duration of such a congratulation is 3-4 lines, which tell about the significance of this celebration.

In prose it is much easier to express your attitude to the celebration, because the mother of the bride is not limited to the need to invent rhymes.

Usually prose greetings help to create a vivid image in the imagination due to the numerous metaphors and epithets used. The more beautiful and brighter these lines are, the more they will affect each person at the festival.

A prose congratulation on a wedding day can also be humorous, funny or even philosophical. The main thing is that the mother of the bride should write it herself, with the support of the overwhelming feelings. Such a congratulation can be written on a homemade card or engraved on a cute bauble for the house. In this case, the touching words spoken by the mother will always be in front of the daughter.

An example of an ideal prosaic congratulation

"Dear( you can insert the names of the newlyweds here), this wonderful day will be remembered not only for you, but for all the guests without exception. It seems that just recently my beloved daughter has appeared, and today she is already trying on a wedding dress and creating her own family.

I sincerely hope that those tender feelings that exist between you will survive numerous tests, and after 20-30 years you will feel all the same love for each other. Take care of the beautiful flower of love, because it fades so quickly from the drought of feelings and cold impulses of jealousy. I bless you for a long and fascinating family journey! "

To give a daughter in marriage is a real test for any woman, because on this bright day the heart is filled with sadness over the past years of happy motherhood. With the help of thoughtful and sincere congratulations, the bride's mother will be able to express all her feelings connected with this day, impressing the guests and the perpetrators of the celebration with the profundity of their own reasoning.

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