Procurement of white mushrooms for the winter

Mushrooms from time immemorial were one of the favorite dishes on the table along with meat and vegetables. After all, they are interesting not only for their taste, but also for their production, which can be compared to real hunting. But, unfortunately, the mushroom season is not so long. And I want to eat fresh mushrooms, as long as possible, especially if it's a white fungus( or boletus) - the king in the realm of mushrooms.

Thanks to the large number of amino acids and carbohydrates, it is a very useful product, which even is recommended at least occasionally to replace meat. Therefore, each self-respecting mistress will not miss the opportunity to harvest white mushrooms for the winter.


  1. Methods of harvesting white mushrooms for the winter
    • Drying
    • Freezing
    • Pickling and pickling
  2. Recipes for baking mushrooms for the winter
    • Drying mushrooms in the oven
    • Frozen mushrooms
    • Pickling boroviks cold
    • Pickled ceps with mustard
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There are a lot of ways to prepare mushrooms: it's marinating, pickling, freezing, drying, etc. Each of them has its own subtleties and advantages. But later in the cold winter evenings the family can be pleased with pies with mushroom filling, tasty mushroom sauce, unusual salad and other dishes.

The general rules for the preparation of ceps for all baking recipes for the winter are as follows:

  • fresh mushrooms can not be stored for a long time;
  • soaking mushrooms in water should be avoided, enough washing with running water;
  • must be thoroughly cleaned of debris before processing, cut off spoiled parts and check for worms;
  • can be harvested as large or small copies.

Drying of white mushrooms

Dried boletus has the strongest flavor in comparison with those prepared in other ways. And the process itself is quite simple. Dry them with an oven, a special dryer, sunlight or a fire.

It is not necessary to rinse the mushrooms before drying, as they will dry long after they have been saturated with water. Usually for drying large mushrooms are cut into large slices, and small ones are left whole. The drying time depends on the selected method.

It is recommended to store dried white mushrooms in tissue pouches or glass jars. In winter, before using, you need to soak them in water, and then add them to dishes such as pizza, borsch, buckwheat, etc.

Freezing of white mushrooms

This method of harvesting allows you to maximally preserve the taste and useful properties of mushrooms. At the same time, they last more than six months.

The only drawback: after defrosting and cooking, the fungi significantly decrease in volume. Therefore, before freezing it is recommended to boil them or fry them( but you can use raw ones).

Fold them in packages and send to the freezer mushrooms only after they have dried. It is better to count so that in one package there was a portion at a time, since repeated freezing can lead to poisoning.

When cooking frozen mushrooms are thrown directly into boiling water or into a frying pan, so that they remain beautiful and do not turn into gruel. Frozen mushrooms are widely used for cooking first courses and side dishes.

Pickling and marinating of white mushrooms

Pickled or pickled mushrooms will be very crispy and spicy. This is the perfect appetizer or salad ingredient on the festive table. There are a lot of recipes for cooking mushrooms in these ways, and each of them will allow you to get absolutely different taste.

In general, the methods of salting are divided into two types: cold and hot. In the first case, pickling will take longer, but you can store mushrooms longer.

Ideal containers for pickling are oak barrels, but enameled, glass or ceramic dishes are also suitable. Marinated mushrooms are rolled into well-sterilized jars, while the lids are also boiled.

When pickling and pickling mushrooms, it is very important to adhere to all the rules and processes. This will help minimize the risks of infection with botulism, an infectious disease that is very common when using these methods of harvesting.

Recipes for baking mushrooms for the winter

Drying mushrooms in the oven

Very convenient and easy way, especially if there is no suburban area where it could be done in the fresh air. Of the ingredients, only fresh, clean white mushrooms will be needed.


  1. Prepared mushrooms are cut into thin plates, legs 3-4 cm long and 2 cm thick.
  2. We spread them in one layer on a grate.
  3. Mushrooms put in preheated to 65-70gr. S oven.
  4. The door must be left ajar for good air circulation and evaporation of water from the mushrooms.
  5. They will dry for about two days, but during the drying process, you need to take breaks to mix, ventilate and allow the mushrooms to cool.
  6. Dry mushrooms are put in containers prepared for storage.

Frozen boar

This method of harvesting is not labor-consuming, but very effective, since the useful substances and natural taste during the freezing are completely preserved.


  1. Mushrooms are cleaned and wiped with a damp cloth.
  2. Large copies of the regime on slices or cubes.
  3. We spread mushrooms on a tray in one layer, so that they do not stick together, and put them in the freezer.
  4. Solid, well-frozen mushrooms are packed in bags or plastic containers, tied up and stored in the freezer.
  5. Also before freezing, mushrooms can be boiled in salted water.

Picking boroviki cold way

Picking mushrooms in barrels - one of the oldest traditional methods of harvesting. At the same time, their taste will turn out to be simply unrepeatable.


  • 1 kg of ceps;
  • 1 tbsp.salts;
  • 1 head of garlic;
  • for 10 cherry and oak leaflets;
  • dried dill seeds.


  1. Remove debris and washed mushrooms in cold water for 2-3 days so that they lose bitterness and corrosive juice. Water should be changed twice a day, while mixing mushrooms.
  2. Drain the water and let the fruit drain off well, after which all components are scalded with boiling water.
  3. In turn, we put the leaves in the prepared container first, then the mushrooms with the caps down, sprinkle them with salt, put the garlic and dill seeds. So lay out the layers until the ingredients run out.
  4. Cover mushrooms with oppression and leave it for 40 days at a temperature of 6-8gr. S.
  5. During this period, it is necessary to check the brine. If it evaporates, you need to top up the salted water. In case of appearance of mold, we remove it with a wooden spoon. To avoid the appearance of mold, you can put another layer of leaves of oak and cherry.
  6. Ready mushrooms are stored in a cool place( at a temperature of 0-4gr. S).
  7. Salted mushrooms before serving are washed and seasoned with onion and sunflower oil.

Pickled ceps with mustard

Mushrooms prepared according to this recipe will have a rather unusual taste.


  • 1 kg of ceps;
  • 15 g of sugar;
  • 6 peas of black pepper;
  • 10 grams of dried dill;
  • 0.5 tsp.citric acid;
  • 3 pcs.dried cloves;
  • 4 laurel leaves;
  • 4 g of mustard seed;
  • 30 g of salt;
  • 1 liter of water.


  1. The cleaned and washed mushrooms( more often use only hats) are boiled in salt water for 30 minutes.
  2. Drain and dry a little.
  3. Cooking marinade: bring to a boil 4 glasses of water with spices, cook this mixture for 10 minutes.
  4. We sterilize jars and lids.
  5. We put mushrooms in a container, pour marinade and roll.
  6. Turn the jars with the neck down and wrap it in a warm blanket until it cools down completely.

Cooked white mushrooms will please you all winter. Bon Appetit!

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