Tasty ways to prepare a pumpkin for the winter

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Prepare a pumpkin, folding it entirely, for example, on the balcony, as many do, you can. But boring. There are other ways to preserve and even increase the pumpkin taste, besides the pumpkin with a damaged skin for a long time still will not lie.



  • Drying
  • Pumpkin powder
  • Pumpkin candies
  • Pickled pumpkin
  • So, pumpkin harvesting methods for the winter:


    When dried, the taste of the pumpkin is completely preserved, moreover, it turns out to be concentrated. Also all its useful properties are saved.

    Use: instead of the usual dried fruits, chips or sweets, you can and as a road meal.

    Recipe: to release the pumpkin from seeds and peel, cut into small thin slices, dry. If dried in the oven, the temperature should be 60 degrees, the time - until drying, usually ten hours. For the last 2 hours, the temperature can be raised to 80 degrees.

    Store in closed containers.


    A slightly different way from drought, there are fans of just such a taste.

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    Recipe: cut pumpkin cubes 3 by 3 centimeters, hold in air until lethargic, then dry in oven at 60 degrees and with the door open until cooked. Sprinkle the resulting pieces with powdered sugar.

    Keep in bags, preferably from paper.

    Make powder

    Pumpkin powder is manufactured industrially as a biologically active additive, it can be made by yourself. This powder is used to improve the functioning of the intestines, lower cholesterol levels, to improve the condition in chronic kidney diseases, as a fortifying and vitaminizing agent.

    Use: add to food, and also dilute with water to make pumpkin puree.

    Recipe: cook pumpkin without seeds and peel, cut into pieces, 20 minutes. Then wipe through a sieve, the smaller, the better, and dry it at high temperature( 130-135 degrees).Drying takes about five minutes, resulting in a sweetish yellow powder of varying intensity.

    Store in a tightly closed container in a dry place.

    Make Candied Fruits

    It's delicious, but the benefits of pumpkin candied fruit are already less. But very tasty!

    Recipe: chopped pumpkin flesh with sugar syrup from sugar( 1200 g), water( 200 g), and juice of one lemon. Then step by step: 5 minutes to cook, 12 hours to insist, again 5 minutes to cook, again 12 hours to insist. Transfer to a sieve, dry and sprinkle with powder.

    Store in glass jars, tightly closing them.


    For pumpkin, there are many recipes for pickling. In any case, you need jars, pumpkin slices, spices in different varieties and marinade from water, vinegar, salt and sugar. Pumpkins and spices are laid out on cans and poured with marinade. It turns out very similar to pickled cucumbers, and can be stored all winter.

    For any method of harvesting it is desirable that the fruit is ripe, otherwise it will not be so delicious. These recipes take time, but they are not complex. And the result is an interesting, useful and tasty harvest for the winter. Blanks for the winter

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