How to prepare tomatoes for the winter

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Tomatoes are a very common and affordable vegetable with a unique taste and aroma. They not only decorate dishes with bright colors, but also contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients. In the summer season they can be enjoyed at least every day, and in winter tomatoes are not very available, and the taste of greenhouse fruits is not the same.


  1. Ways of harvesting tomatoes for the winter
  2. What is the best way to harvest?
  3. The subtleties of tomato blanks for the winter

But still in the winter season I want to diversify the diet with useful light snacks with summer flavor. It is for this to prepare tomatoes for the winter. Such conservation can not only refresh the everyday menu, but also decorate the festive table.

Methods for harvesting tomatoes for the winter

Regardless of the way of harvesting, it is necessary to use high quality tomatoes. Tomatoes should be elastic, free from stains and damage. It is better to harvest fruits grown on the open ground.

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Basic procurement methods:

  • Drying.
  • Freezing.
  • Marinating.
  • Quasitude.
  • Pickle.
  • Tomato juice.
  • Tomato paste.
  • Ketchup.
  • Jam.
  • Tomato sauce.

Brown, green and red fruits are suitable for preparation of seasonal blanks from tomatoes. Everything depends on taste preferences.

Tomatoes are well combined with various spices. In classic recipes - it's black and sweet peas, bay leaves, dill greens and parsley, garlic. Spicy taste is given with cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. The original blanks will make such spices as ginger, fennel, anise, cumin. Any preservation from tomatoes is easily prepared at home and does not require professional culinary knowledge.

What kind of procurement is better?

So that each person could choose the best way for himself to prepare tomatoes for the winter, you need to know their pros and cons.

  • Dried tomatoes do not require constant monitoring and presence in the kitchen. Less procurement is that such tomatoes are used only as an ingredient in various dishes.
  • Frozen tomatoes have many advantages. They can be frozen whole, slices or in the form of mashed potatoes. Such tomatoes retain the taste and aroma of fresh tomatoes. Used for cooking hot dishes and salads. By cons of the billet can be attributed high energy intensity, since the storage of tomatoes is necessary in freezers.
  • Marinating is the most common type of tomato conservation. In this form, tomatoes can be stored for a long time at room temperature. They are used as a ready-made snack or added to different dishes. Disadvantage - it takes a long time to prepare.
  • Quail tomatoes are the simplest way of billet, do not require heat treatment. Such tomatoes should be stored in a dark cool place: in the cellar or in the cellar. This can be indicated by the lack of procurement, since it is impossible to cook and, most importantly, keep this delicacy for a whole winter in a city apartment.
  • Salted tomatoes are prepared from early fresh fruits. Such tomatoes can be called salted. They have a pleasant taste and fresh aroma, the preparation method is very light. The disadvantage is storage in the refrigerator, which is not always convenient.
  • Tomato juice from fresh tomatoes is a vitamin, flavored drink. To taste very different from the store and can be used in the children's menu. The cons of this preparation include the duration of cooking, a large amount of waste in the form of cake.
  • Tomato paste and ketchup are prepared from tomato juice with spices. The advantage of this product is its naturalness, aroma and delicate taste. The main minus - cooking takes place in several stages, takes a long time, and the amount of the product is small.
  • Tomato sauce, prepared independently, has a wonderful aroma, color and taste. The main advantage is the opportunity to experiment. The sauce can be prepared according to your recipe, adding to the tomatoes various vegetables, fruits, berries and spices. This preparation is used not only as an independent seasoning, but also as an ingredient of cold and hot snacks. Tomato jam is the most mysterious tomato billet. The advantage of this preservation is the originality and simplicity of the recipe. The disadvantage is the duration of cooking. It has an unusual taste. Of course, as a dessert it is rarely consumed, but it is quite possible to emphasize the taste of meat and fish dishes with its help.

Tomatoes for tomato preparation for the winter

Before preparing any preservations, tomatoes should be thoroughly rinsed under running water and removed stems.

  • For the drying of tomatoes it is better to use fleshy varieties with thin skin. Such tomatoes are recommended to be cooked in cabinets for drying or in the oven, pre-cut into slices. In this case, the process of fermentation is excluded and the fruits evenly lose moisture.
  • Any kind of tomatoes is suitable for freezing. If the fruits are frozen by pieces, you must remove the skin from them. After defrosting, such a blank will be more tender and homogeneous.
  • To peel on whole tomatoes during marinating does not burst, the fruit must be pricked with a needle or toothpick near the stem. The classic recipe includes greens, spices and marinade from vinegar, salt and sugar. Preserves such tomatoes in two ways: sterilization and simple pouring. To banks did not burst during sterilization, a tissue napkin should be put on the bottom of the pan and the water heated on low heat.
  • You can use brown and green tomatoes for the starter. To ensure that the brine does not become moldy, add a few tablespoons of mustard powder to the container.
  • Freshly salted and salted tomatoes are prepared using ripe red fruits. For their preparation use a solution of salt, garlic and greens. Tomatoes are simply poured with brine and kept for several days in a cold place. For refreshing sharpness, you can add grated horseradish root.
  • For the preparation of tomato juice it is recommended to use juicy varieties with thin skin. A special flavor of the juice will add the addition of sweet pepper and cloves.
  • Tomato paste is prepared from the juice of fleshy tomatoes. A classic recipe: add sugar and salt to taste and boil until juice is 4-6 times smaller. Sterilization is mandatory.
  • Ketchup can be prepared from pure tomato juice or with apples and onions. This will give a spicy flavor and a delicate taste. The volume is boiled 3-4 times. It is not necessary to sterilize. Jam is prepared from red and green tomatoes. Tomatoes are mixed with Bulgarian pepper, sugar and vinegar. They last for several hours. Jam is prepared in three stages. Each time it should completely cool down. Only in this case will you get an appetizing rich color and a delicate texture. For its preparation it is better to use wine or apple cider vinegar.

There are many recipes and options for blanks from tomatoes for the winter. Of course, you can cook something one favorite, but do not be afraid of new tastes. Experiment, prepare several types of preserves from tomatoes according to different recipes and surprise your relatives with your culinary talent!

Blanks for the winter
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