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Every girl dreams to look perfect at such a responsible event as a graduates' evening. Important is not only the outfit and hairstyle, but also make-up. He should write well in the chosen image and approach the schoolgirl.

What features does makeup for the brown eyes on the graduation, and how to apply it correctly? Read on.

Basic rules of the evening make-up of

There are general rules on which a festive make-up is applied:

  • Attention should be focused on the eyes. Carrying out the selection of shadows, you need to take into account not only the shade of the eyes, but also the coloring of the outfit.
  • The skin tone of the face should be very even, using the base and powder for this.
  • For smart make-up you can use the liner. Arrows should be the only bright touch in make-up for a solemn ball.
  • In case of problematic skin, it is recommended to use light shades and lipstick, which will distract attention from the shortcomings.
  • Young people are better to use more gentle shades of blush, suitable for a romantic image. Ideal beige, pink and peach colors.
Lips should be tinted with nude or pink lipstick, but it is better to use shine instead.

Recommendations for brown eyes from make-up artists

Make-up for blue and green eyes is significantly different from the make-up for the brown with its own color scheme. A feature of brown-eyed girls is that they do not need a bright make-up, because their appearance is already bright enough. It is enough for them to emphasize their natural beauty.

  • Effectively will look contrasting combinations of dark shadows with light. At the same time, light shades are applied under the eyebrow, while the dark ones are closer to the outer corner of the eye. Brown-eyed light brown and beige shades will suit.
  • Ideal for those with brown eyes, there will be green and violet shade colors, emphasizing the depth of view. Blue and blue shadows in makeup of brown-eyed can be present as an exception.
  • Looks beautiful black contour, applied to the mobile eyelid. Together with black ink, he will make the look more piercing and emphasizes the brown eye color.
  • The golden shade of shadows on the inner edge of the eyelids looks great. Additionally, on the same edge of the century, a black outline is drawn. The finishing touch is charcoal black ink. A similar effect can be achieved if you hold a black cosmetic pencil along the line of eyelash growth.

How to prepare a face for applying makeup?

Before starting to visage, the face should be prepared. The skin needs to be cleaned and moistened. To this end, use tonic, milk and moisturizer. All means are applied on massage lines. Surplus remedy should always remove with a napkin, otherwise makeup can "swim".

  • Now you can go to the base application - the basis for make-up. Its main function is to level the skin tone and eliminate possible imperfections. With the existing pimples and redness, you can apply a green tint to hide them. The base helps prevent clogging of the pores of the skin with a tonal tool.
  • The tonal cream is picked up in daylight, correlating its shade with the shade of the skin. You can apply it with both hands and a special sponge.
  • The final stage of preparation is the application of powder. It will eliminate unnecessary shine and will make the skin look dull.

Step-by-step makeup

Graduation make-up is easy to create by following the detailed instructions:

  1. In order for to prevent the rolling of shadows, it is necessary to put a base.
  2. To the outer corner of the eye, dark shadows are applied and well-shaded.
  3. Light shadows are applied to the inner corner of the upper eyelid.
  4. Pencil stains the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Shadows of light shade should be put under the eyebrow, carefully shading them.
  6. For this makeup, it is best to use waterproof mascara so as not to worry that it will smear or flow at the most inopportune moment.
  7. Now you can make lip gloss or lipstick.
  8. The last step is blush, the color of which should be selected, focusing on the skin tone. If it is cold, then pink blush will fit, and if warm - peach or beige.

Restrained version of make-up

Young people will get an easy make-up on the graduation, which does not imply the use of bright shadows or lipstick. The romantic image is easy to create with the help of natural beige and sand tints. If there is not enough brightness, then you can use chocolate or terracotta shadows.

Lipstick can be shades of "caramel" or "coral".These colors will suit young girls. Brown-eyed with a light shade of hair should be applied a gray or brown pencil or eyeliner. Brunettes can use a black pencil.

Evening makeup for brown eyes - video

Bright makeup

Not all girls prefer romantic and gentle images. Many like the look of a fatal beauty. If the schoolgirl wants to create a more vivid and memorable image for the graduation ball, then he can choose to make-up in the style of a fig-ice, which beautifully emphasizes the eyes.

Creating such a makeup on the graduation, you should take as a basis a gray range of shades. So, for make-up you will need:

  • Black cosmetic pencil.
  • Shadows of two dark shades.
  • Light shades with pearlescent shine.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. First, the draws a bold black arrow on the upper eyelid.
  2. Using a brush with a beveled bristle, a pencil line is shaded over the entire surface of the eyelid to avoid sharp contrast.
  3. To all the eyelid, apply shadows of the color of wet asphalt with a flat brush. This fixes the pencil line.
  4. On the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow impose light pearly shadows. This will give the glow to the gaze.
  5. On the usual brush a few silvery gray shadows are collected. With the help of them, all the boundaries between light and dark shadows are shaded. Movements with a brush should be directed from the outer corner of the eye to the inside.
  6. To make the look even more expressive you can use a black soft pencil if you dye the lower eyelid mucosa. The outline is drawn from the inner to the outer corner. On the lower eyelid, you can put a few shadows of coal color. It is more convenient to make a beveled brush. The thinner line should lead to the inner corner of the eye. This will help to "open" the eye.
  7. In conclusion, apply black mascara.

To work, you need different types of brushes. So it will be more convenient to apply and shade shadows and a pencil.

Smoky eyes

If the make-up for the eyes is very bright, such as an ice-cream, the lipstick should not be a flash. Suitable natural shades - beige and peach. It will be appropriate to use a pale pink lip gloss.

Creating an evening image for the prom, you can try using false eyelashes. But in the case of a fig-ice, it is better to refuse them, so as not to overweight the look unnecessarily.

Make-up in Greek style

For graduates with swarthy skin, there is a version of make-up suitable for a festive evening. Preparing the skin for him, except for foundation and powder, you can use a bronzer.

  1. For the Greek make-up, the eyebrows should be made more dense and well-traced. To do this, use a pencil to apply strokes. Having given eyebrows the ideal form, they should be fixed with gel.
  2. Shadows choose a pearl, golden or matte chocolate shade. Light shades are applied to the upper eyelid. A little closer to the eyebrows impose dark shadows of matte texture, carefully shading the boundaries.
  3. On the lower eyelid, apply eyeliner or draw a line with a pencil. In the upper eyelid, use a straight line to draw a clear arrow. Its tip should be raised.
  4. Eyelashes color voluminous ink.

    Step-by-step execution of eye make-up in Greek style

Lipstick for make-up in Greek style should be coral or other muted red shade.

Makeup for girls

Not only high school students can have a graduation party. In kindergartens also hold a similar holiday. Kids love to dress up. On release in the garden or in junior school they want to be beautiful. Mom can impose a delicate make-up on her daughter. To do this, use the easiest means, suitable for children's skin.

  1. The face is slightly dusted, and the blush is blush.
  2. You can select your eyes by applying a drop of light translucent shadows on the upper eyelid.
For hypodermic mascara use mascara. On the lips impose a small amount of lipstick or shine.

Make-up for the outfit

When choosing a make-up for the prom, you need to consider the shade of the dress. So, if the color of the attire:

  • Blue - use shadows of sand or golden hues. Blush should be a cold pink shade. Lipstick can choose a more saturated, any shade, except lilac.
  • Green - shades should be warm, for example pink or golden.
  • Pink - for a dress of cold shade, pink shades with silver shine, and for warm ones - sand or peach are suitable. With it also will be combined a golden lipstick.

    Stepping through the peach eye make-up

  • White or beige - use the lightest shades that are only possible. Beige and pink tones will be perfect.
  • Red - muted shades of lipstick, blush and shadows. The tone of the face should be perfect. Eyes can be distinguished by applying black arrows. Lipstick can be red, but its shade should exactly match the color of the dress.
  • Brown - perfect bronze and golden shades. Powder and blush with sparkles complete the image.
  • Black - red lipstick or shine and eyeliner on the upper eyelid will look best.

Makeup for brown eyes with arrows and red lipstick - video

Make-up artists say that in 2017, they will use shades of lipstick and shadows for maximum make-up for the prom.

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