We prepare condiments for the winter

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Homemade blanks take an important place in any hostess. Jams and pickles, tomatoes and cucumbers, mushrooms and berries. .. But not everyone knows what you can prepare for the winter and very tasty seasonings, which until next summer will decorate your culinary masterpieces and give them a unique taste. Let's get acquainted with a few simple and delicious recipes.

Spicy seasoning for winter
  • Spicy seasoning
  • Green seasoning
  • Seasoning from apples and mustard
  • Fruit and vegetable seasoning
  • Sharp seasoning from horseradish
  • Spicy seasoning for the winter

    To prepare it, you need a kilogram of dill, 200 grams of parsley, 50grams of tarragon and celery and a bunch of basil. These proportions, however, can be changed to their own taste in a very wide range.

    You need to carefully sort through all the greens, wash and dry it, finely chopped.

    The resulting salad is spread over the cans. It is necessary to lay it in layers no more than 2-3 cm, alternating greens and salt. For one hundred grams of greens, you should leave one tablespoon of salt. It is necessary to close the jars with lids with a twist. To store it is necessary in a cellar or in a refrigerator, then this fragrant seasoning is quite worthy up to a spring.

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    Burning seasoning

    This recipe is especially good for food lovers sharper. To cook it, you need 300 grams of hot red peppers and 2.5 kilograms of very ripe tomatoes. In addition, it will take a half kilogram of paprika, four heads of garlic, five teaspoons of coriander, five tablespoons of salt and one glass of table vinegar, and half a cup of vegetable oil.

    All vegetables should be washed and cleaned. Torsion them through a meat grinder and put into a saucepan. On top, cover with gauze and leave for 9-10 days for fermentation. You need to stir the mass twice a day.

    After fermentation is completed, spill the seasoning in small jars, a couple of centimeters without topping up, and add the vegetable oil, filling all the remaining space. Close the lid with a twist and store in a cool place.

    Green seasoning

    Another version of the unique seasoning, for which you need a half kilogram of green tomatoes and a kilogram of ripe, green apples, 300-400 grams of onion, 100 grams of prunes, one and a half cups of honey, one glass of vinegar( table, not essences!), six tablespoons of salt. In addition, to give the spice and a unique flavor, you need two teaspoons of ground black and fragrant pepper, as well as five teaspoons of white mustard in the seeds.

    Tomatoes and apples with the harvested core are washed and peeled. Onions are cleaned and, together with other ingredients, are passed through a meat grinder. The resulting mixture should be put in a saucepan, season with salt and leave overnight.

    Soak prunes before you go to bed, and in the morning remove the bones from it. Add it to the vegetable purée together with honey and black pepper, and put the remaining spices in a gauze sachet, which is lowered into the mixture. Cook on low heat until the seasoning thickens. After the end of cooking, add the vinegar.

    The mixture is rolled up in a hot state. In a dark, cool place it can be stored until the middle of winter.

    Seasoning from apples and mustard

    This seasoning, which has a sweet and sour taste, is perfect for second courses. For its preparation you need two kilograms of apples, two tablespoons of dry mustard, a half kilo of garlic, a glass of vegetable oil and five to six tablespoons of salt.

    The apples must be peeled, the core removed and boiled in a small volume of water, and then wiped through a sieve. Garlic crush and put in apple puree. Then add there oil and spices, how to mix and roll in cans. The seasoning can be stored until the spring comes in a cold dark place.

    Fruit and Vegetable

    Another very tasty seasoning based on zucchini, tomatoes and apples. For its preparation you will need a little less than a kilo of zucchini or patisson, as much onions, 1.3 kilograms of tomatoes and one and a half kilograms of apples of acidic varieties, the best of antonovki. Spices should be taken with red pepper( four teaspoons), mustard seeds( two tablespoons), sugar( 80 grams), salt( 120 grams) and table vinegar( two glasses).

    Vegetables brush and rinse. Onion and garlic cut into thin plates. Zucchini or scallops peel and cut into small slices. Tomatoes peel and cut into cubes.

    Put the vegetables in a large container and pour the spices: salt, sugar and red pepper. Leave it for 10 hours in a cool place.

    Peel apples and cut them into slices. Put in a vegetable mixture and pour into it the same vinegar. Spices put in a bag of gauze, which is placed in the mixture. Cook everything on a small fire, until thickening( this will take about two and a half hours).Prepare the seasoning in cans.

    Sharp seasoning from horseradish

    Another version of seasoning for lovers of sharp. For its preparation you need 3 kilograms of horseradish roots, about one and a half kilograms of tomatoes and 250 grams of salt.

    Roots of horseradish should be cleaned and rinsed well. Cut them into small pieces. Wash tomatoes, peel( to get off easily and quickly, to lower the fruit in boiling water for a few seconds), cut into pieces. Skip all ingredients through a meat grinder and season with spices. Pour over small cans and tighten with lids.

    Delicious and unusual homemade seasonings, prepared in a generous autumn, will please you all winter. And your relatives and guests at the festive table will be simply struck by your culinary talent and unusual flavors of dishes!

    Blanks for the winter
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